Requirements to have an ICBF community home: Everything you need to know

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If you want to form an ICBF community home, here we will tell you everything you need to know so that you can get it as soon as possible. In addition, according to this, you can even collect the requirements that are necessary for it.

What Integral Community Homes are about

The ICBF It carries through the front different modalities corresponding to early childhood care and education services. One of these modalities is community, is responsible for strengthening the responsibility, obligations and duties of the family.

Especially by parents, in the care, protection and training of their children as well as in the self-management and participation of the community. For what the warranty of all the rights of children, to guide resources and solidarity work in this way.

All for the right one benefit which corresponds to their integral development. In these they can highlight the community welfare homes traditional and grouped.

There the mothers will be the ones who constitute themselves as the agents educational of the community and are responsible for the care of the children there. The welfare community homes Traditional are those that are in charge of being able to promote the care or development of children who are less than 5 years old.

That they are also in terms vulnerable, through actions that help promote the exercise of rights. Helping each other with the active participation that organize the family, its community and other entities of the territory.

In this modality attention, protection, care, nutrition, health are observed in addition to psychosocial development. This in the same way is provided by the so-called mother community, who take care of an average of 13 children in their home.

On journeys which can be 8 hours (full) or 4 hours (average) for approximately 200 days each year.

The wellness community homes of grouped character, consists of two or seven grouped households, this conformation may depend.

Of the capacity that is installed in its infrastructure, which operates in accordance with the guidelines, standards or circulars that is responsible for issuing the ICBF.

To regulate welfare community homesThese are made up of a team of community mothers.

In addition to a pedagogical coordinator, and some assistants of the services in general, this depends on the number of Community Homes.

That they are grouped and in the number of children that are cared for, works the same time as the previous case.

They are the educational agents here called as fathers and mothers community, who are in charge of developing their own activities.

For comprehensive care in early childhood, which are described in the guidelines in the ICBF.

With their respective group of kids that are in your care.

Who benefits

They are aimed at those people in the community who are interested in working with children.

That are part of the services they provide community homes belonging to ICBF.

And therefore it benefits only the children and adolescents of this country, so that service of wellness for the family is adequately monitored by the state.

Who can submit it

This can be submitted by any natural person who is fully interested in being a father or mother community.

Requirements to have an ICBF community home

There are various requirements that will be requested from you so that you can be selected as a father or mother community.

Mainly you have to present the respective application in addition to the certificates or documents that we indicate here:

The degree certificate or diploma confirming schooling.

its certificate doctor who can confirm your health conditions.

A letter from commitment that endorses the time that will be dedicated to children.

The letter of acceptance from the head of your family nucleus, so that the home can function as a community home.

The background judicial by the educational agent, his partner, children who are of legal age and also.

On the part of the other people who are living in the home, regardless of whether they are family members or not.

In addition, on the other hand, the applicant has to be in charge of fulfilling the following requirements:

He must have lived in the sector in which he functions. wellness community home at least for a year.

Have as a minimum schooling, at least the high school already complete or the normalista.

Possess between twenty or forty and five years of age by the time you enter.

Be fully fit so that you can develop this work, this must be certified by a doctor.

That they recognize you in your community mainly for coexistence, solidarity or civic values.

A letter from commitment that endorses the time that will be dedicated to children.

The letter of acceptance from the head of your family nucleus, so that the home can function as a community home.

The background judicial by the educational agent, his partner, children who are of legal age and also.

By the other people who are inhabiting home regardless of whether they are related or not.

Where should i go

You have to go to community home that is closer to your residence or to the offices of the ICBF.

Other requirements for establishing a group home

On the part of the Financial Requirements

In order for you to register, you have to present the documents that we present below:

It must have those financial resources or sources to be able to sustain for the benefit of this service.

If it is any Foundation then the certification of all the affected goods must be attached.

You need to wear the accounting either through the program or the modality. When the legal entity develops.

In various locations of this modality or of the program and are administered individually, you have to keep separate accounts at each location.

You can submit commitments that are established in all the resources that are committed and generated thanks to this activity.

They will be destined to the adequate development of all its statutes, standards and the guidelines presented in the ICBF.


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