Requirements to Legalize a Property: Find out what you should know

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All the Procedures and Requirements to Legalize a Property They must be fully and legally complied with in order to be successful. Keep reading!

In our country there are millions and millions of properties which belong to some property due to the large magnitude of buildings or properties that exist today

Each citizen must be aware of their property number and what is the type of property in which their property is located to manage many legal procedures

Have you ever wondered what kind of properties exist in our country? Or what are the requirements to legitimize one? Don’t worry anymore

Keep reading to rule out doubts!

What is a Property?

As we mentioned previously, in the national territory thousands and thousands of properties are registered per year in the property systems.

Colombia is a very large country which has various locations, municipalities, neighborhoods, farms, properties, among other spaces.

To learn more about the meaning of the property we must be aware of the meaning of the word “Estate”.

When we refer to the word property, we are making the meaning of some real estate, farm, property or a field which belong to a limited space

The properties are used by their owners to expedite many procedures, among these are:

  • Install a domestic service
  • Identify the property in the cadastre
  • Register the property in a fixed service with a telephone company
  • Locate the property in the Cadastre System
  • Register the property in a cadastral appraisal (which are established according to the residential strata)
  • Legalize a natural or legal person of any property located in the national territory with all legal status

Note: Requirements to legalize are generalized, but depending on the location or stratum, some extra requirements will be requested from citizens

What are the types of properties

Housing laws are dedicated to combating rental scams and adjudication of plots, farms or real estate in a false and illegal way, for this reason it is important to know the types of property

There are different types of properties which handle information in a particular way.

Among the types of properties in our country are:

  • Residential properties: those residences, urban complexes, or residential housing complexes are characterized by their residential property
  • Commercial premises: the commercial sector (businesses, parcels or commercialized farms,) presides over their properties
  • Financial and industrial: The financial properties belong to financial entities, banks and industrial institutions
  • Rural: rural areas of the country manage their property administratively and judicially
  • Warehouses and warehouses: warehouses and warehouses which are run by marketing industries manage their property system
  • Non-development sectors: Zones without inhabitants or non-habitable sectors must be registered in the property system
  • Farms: Farms are managed in rural areas the same as fiefdoms and commercialized rural management lands

It should be noted that the properties are adapted according to the type of location and state in which the property to be evaluated is located.

What are the requirements to Legalize a Property

All certificates and legalizations must attach original requirements and copies to register an application backup in the system.

Legalizing real estate or goodwill is a primary management for the owners of these properties to register said property in the Municipal Government

In order to legalize a property, of course, the citizen must be led to attach a series of requirements which must be fully met.

The requirements that individuals who wish to legalize a property are the following:

  • Letter of statement of motive in which the request for legalization is exposed
  • Original and copy of the Identity Card of the owner of the property
  • In the event that the holders are spouses, both must attach a copy of the identity card
  • Certificate of proper land use (this document is granted by the state entity)
  • Copy and original of bills for electricity, water, gas, internet or other domestic service
  • A plan which must contain the measurements and the area of ​​the terrain
  • Property possession (original and copy)
  • Email (preferably gmail)
  • Personal and landline telephone number (in case of not having any of these, the user can register a number of a person in a family)
  • Proof of residence

These announced documents are rigid by the larger entity The Territorial Ordering Scheme (EOT), which are legalized by the Municipal Government

How to Legalize a Property

Among the areas of legalization of a property, it must be agreed what type of legalization is going to be carried out, either the change of an owner or the conscious transfer of an owner

The government entities in charge of carrying out this procedure are:

  • Municipal Governments
  • The Territorial Ordering Scheme (EOT)
  • Secretary of Planning of Colombia

The entities named above are those that carry out the work of legally certifying the properties at the national level.

The legalization of a property plays a very important role for the destination of the main owner of the property or space to be legalized.

To legalize a property it is necessary that the owner previously attach the requirements to legalize a property

Steps to follow

When we have already met the requirements to legalize a property, we must now carry out the following steps:

  1. In a folder (preferably legal size in brown), attach the requirements in an orderly manner
  2. Verify receipts and documents of the property
  3. Go to the state office closest to your locality to verify all the documents
  4. Once the documents have been verified, the application for legalization must be registered in the Planning Office.

The main objective of the authorities when it comes to legalizing and requesting the requirements to Legalize a property is to terminate a title to those properties in the name of the state

How much does the procedure

This question is asked by many citizens when it comes to legalizing a property due to the costs that this management has, the individual must start to quote

It is important to clarify that the fees established to legalize a property are obeying according to the following parameters:

  • Complete characteristics of said property
  • Property size and length
  • Holder stratum
  • Fixed services that this property has at the time of carrying out the cost study
  • According to the category that occupies the property in the Digital Cadastre of Colombia more information click here
  • The location and property area

The costs must be quoted according to the payment circumstances that are awarded to the property, these costs do not usually exceed the $ 839,703,000 (in some ranges yes)

It is worth mentioning that once the payment amount has been granted, the individual will have to request a proof of payment from the competent authority in order to register a contribution receipt.

What is the importance of Legalizing a Property

The importance of legalizing a property is many, since this is a very important procedure for many Colombian citizens.

Among the most important characteristics of legalizing a property are:

  • Grant legal title to real estate
  • End ownership forgeries
  • Legitimize the entitlements correctly
  • Register civil information of the properties in the Digital Cadastre

The most important importance of those mentioned above is the main purpose of legalization is to culminate with the falsification of both holders and documentation

See you in another article!

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