Requirements to obtain Colombian Nationality: Find out the information you need to know

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You need the Requirements to obtain Colombian Nationality, You entered the right place! We bring all that information and many more things in which you may have any questions.

Keep reading and find out everything you want to know, in addition to clarifying the doubts you already have.

What is the Foreign Ministry of Colombia

Let’s talk a little about what the Foreign Ministry in ColombiaThis is an entity in charge of directing and coordinating everything that refers to foreign policy.

In addition to all the diplomatic relations that this entails in Colombia.

What are the functions of the Foreign Ministry of Colombia

Some of the main functions of the Colombian Foreign Ministry are the following:

Together with the president of the republic, they are in charge of the formulation and proposals of foreign policy in the state of Colombia.

Through different entities, agencies and others of the State, they directly execute all the policies that are corresponded outside of Colombia.

They must correctly evaluate all of Colombia’s foreign policies. In addition to adjusting them and making the necessary modifications as appropriate.

It must have an order with all the other countries, thus maintaining all the corresponding needs and interests.

To help promote and safeguard the entire interest of Colombia and of each of its nations before the other States.

If you want to know a little more about these functions you can enter the following portal

Click here

What are the requirements to apply for Colombian Nationality

The requirements you need to apply for Colombian Nationality are the following:

The requirements for Latin Americans by births and the Caribbean are the following:

-They must be domiciled in Colombia, for 1 year or so.

This term of “Domicile” will be counted from the issuance of the RESIDENT VISA.

If you are Spanish by birth you will need:

-Domiciano must be in the city of Colombia for at least two years.

This term of “Domicile” will be counted from the issuance of the RESIDENT VISA.

For foreigners who are not Latin American, you will need:

-Domiciano must be in the city of Colombia for at least 5 years.

In the event that he is married, this term will be 2 years, with a Colombian.

Or if a permanent partner of a Colombian woman, she has children with Colombian nationality.

This term of “Domicile” will be counted from the issuance of the RESIDENT VISA.

For more information go to

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Remember that you must carry out this procedure through the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You just have to enter and go to the form that is in the link that says “List here your online nationality process”.

According to the page you must send all the documents that are necessary through inter.

Remember to visit the page that we recommend so that your procedure has the best of success.

Who can apply for Colombian Nationality

Those interested in who are the people who can apply for Colombian nationality, then we will clarify that doubt.

In article 96 of the political construction of the great Colombia, it is established who are the people who can request Colombian nationality.

In recent years, several events have happened in the world, most of all insecurity, it should be due to the economic crises in several countries and radical jihadism.

Also in various policies of different countries, such as Venezuela, France. Which has caused people from those countries to stay to live in Colombia.

On the other hand, many Spaniards, Mexicans, among others, come in search of better jobs and economic stability.

Also to have better studies. The number of people who come to live in Colombia has increased by more or less 85%.

We must mention that nationality is not only acquired through consanguinity, but it is not clear that it is by birth. In addition, it can also be due to adoption.

How to apply for Colombian Nationality

Next let’s talk a little about how you can Apply for Colombian Nationality

Currently the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an online procedure, where this entity receives applications online.

Not only must you have the necessary documents to carry out said naturalization, if not, you must have a user first of all in the system.

This must be on the platform called SITAC via the Internet.

Here you can make the request you want for yourself or minor children, which you are responsible for.

It must have a power of minors that justifies that corresponding right.

In your email you will be sent the approval of said procedure, in addition to that you will be sent a list of documents that are necessary for this process to come to an end.

The documents are as follows:

  • Certificate which must justify that you have basic, technical or professional studies. (in case you have them).
  • Civil marriage registration
  • Income statement
  • Presentation letter
  • Civil registration of children born in Colombia
  • Commitment to define your military situation.

How much does the procedure

This procedure has a cost of $ 367,000 pesos.

This payment can be made in different ways, one of them is the GNB Sudameris Bank.

Or just do it virtually, through their platforms.

Once you have the nationality, and you belong to this beautiful country.

You will have the right to exercise whatever you want, such as public office freely, to participate in the votes that Colombia has, both to choose and to be elected if that is one of your wishes.

Not only you, if not all your family which is accompanying you in this new stage of your life, must comply with all the established laws, honor the beautiful Colombia.

It is now your home and you must make it all yours.

Success in your process!

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