Requirements to obtain the Colombian ID

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Before contacting the Registrar, it is necessary to know the Requirements to obtain the Colombian ID.

The National Registry of the Civil State is in charge of issuing identity documents in the country.

The citizenship card allows citizens of Colombian nationality to participate in civic events.

Take into account that the request and withdrawal of this particular document is a duty of citizens.

In this sense, the procedure is carried out in person and in person, so it is necessary to go to a Registrar’s office.

Requirements to obtain the ID

In the same vein, acquiring the Colombian citizenship card can only be achieved through two options; by birth in that country or by adoption.

In the first case, the right to process the birth certificate is granted when:

  • The father or mother of the applicant is Colombian by birth.
  • Being the child of foreigners who have been residents of the country during their birth.
  • That they are children of Colombian parents who were born in foreign lands, but whose parents have subsequently settled in Colombia; or register in a consult office of the republic.

In the latter case (by adoption) they must comply with the following:

  • To grant nationality under this concept, applicants are required to be residents of the country for a certain period of time, which varies according to the country of origin.

The time periods for each country are detailed below:

  • Latin America and the caribbean; be domiciled in Colombia for one year.
  • For Spaniards; be domiciled in Colombia for two years.
  • For the rest of the countries, be domiciled in Colombia for five years.
  • If you do not belong to Latin America or Spain and you are married to a Colombian by birth; two years.
  • For people who are not Latin American or Spanish, but have Colombian children; two years.

Keep in mind that when you indicate that you must «be domiciled», you must be living in Colombia with a resident visa, and only if you have it can you start the process to request nationality.

What documents should I bring to get the Cédula?

In case of being Colombian or Colombian by birth, the requirements are the following:

  • You must present a copy of the birth certificate or identity card.
  • Three (03) 4xr5 centimeter photographs.

The pictures:

They should be in front of color, white or blue background if you have very light colored hair, or have alopecia.

They must not be older than six (06) months.

The length of the head must be twenty-seven millimeters (27mm)

The distance from the top edge of the photo to the beginning of the head must not exceed nine millimeters (9mm).

  • Copy of any document that certifies the blood group and RH factor.
  • Proof of the request for the appointment before the Registrar’s Office.

On the other hand, in case of being a nationalized foreigner, the precautions are the following:

  • Present the letter of nature or resolution of registration.
  • Three (03) 4xr5 centimeter photographs.
  • Consign temporary visa with a validity equal to or greater than one year.

The visa must be presented in original and copy.

  • Original passport, valid and in good condition, together with a copy of the holder’s biographical data.
  • Photocopy of the last stamp placed in the passport after entering Colombia.
  • Check which is the office of the Registrar closest to your home to carry out the procedure.

It is important to point out that if the headquarters to which you are going has available the electronic system to capture data no it is necessary to bring photos.

Steps to get the ID

  1. Enter the official page of the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Request the appointment in the tab «See registries with scheduling here».
  3. Go personally to the headquarters of the selected Registrar.
  4. Consign the documents indicated above.
  5. Make the payment corresponding to the procedure.
  6. Wait the stipulated time for the withdrawal of the document.
  7. Follow up on the process.
  8. Finally, claim your identity card.

It is important to bear in mind that the time ranges between four (04) months for nationals, and for foreigners the minimum is three (03) business days.

For the withdrawal of the citizenship card, you must bear in mind that:

Nationals only have to bring their password to the selected venue.

On the other hand, foreigners must carry their password and their passport.

In the same vein, the follow-up of the process can be carried out as follows:

  • Nationals can verify it on the official page of the Registrar’s Office.
  • Foreigners must verify it through the official page of the Colombian consulate.

What is the cost to obtain the Cédula?

For people who are Colombian by birth, the process to obtain the ID has no cost, however, for people who acquire nationality the cost is $ 153,000 pesos.

In the latter case, the identity card must be processed solely and exclusively at the immigration office in Colombia.

In this sense, there are various concerns in the Colombian population about the citizenship card of that country; Among them we have:

How to know if the ID is already ready?

You must enter the official page of the Registrar’s Office and by placing the document number, it indicates the progress of your procedure, you can also verify it through the 3578240 if you are in Bogota, and on the line 01 8000 52 1112 for him rest of the country, or verify it in person at any of the offices in the country.

What do I do if when I withdraw the ID I find an error?

It is extremely important that when receiving any document issued by the Registrar, the printed biographical data is reviewed, verifying that they are correct.

In case of finding an error in any of the data, the Registrar’s Office is obliged to reprint the document free of charge with the respective correction.

How do I do if I cannot personally go to pick up the identity card?

In this case, a letter must be signed with a signature and fingerprint of the holder’s right index (it is not necessary that it be notarized) in which another citizen is authorized, who must have a yellow card with holograms, to claim the document .

It is essential that the letter is accompanied by a copy of the license of the authorized person.

Can the identity card be withdrawn if I lost the password?

The answer is yes, because in the National Registry the identity can be verified through a fingerprint matching based on biometric data, which will allow the user to obtain their yellow card with holograms without inconvenience.

What do I do if I made the application for the citizenship card and I still have not been able to withdraw it?

The first thing to do is to check the status of the procedure on the website of the Registrar, and according to what is indicated, you must go back to the headquarters to which I send the documents to validate the information.

Can the identification process be rejected?

Yes, any procedure, application can be rejected by the entity in charge.

The most common case is due to the defective quality of the fingerprint, the photo, or the inconsistency in the owner’s personal information, including a discrepancy between names and surnames, date or place of birth, among others.

Can the citizenship card be processed the same day that the age of majority is reached?

No, it must be done one or two days after the birthday date, as the system automatically rejects your request.

In summary, the Colombian citizenship card is requested after reaching eighteen years of age, it is necessary to effectively monitor the process to know when to pick up the document.

In the same way, it is important to verify the biographical data of the holder because if they are wrong, the Registrar’s Office is in the obligation to reprint the document, if they verify this later, they must cancel for data rectification, which entails an additional procedure.

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