Requirements to obtain the Professional Accountant Card: Find out what you need to know

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All professionals need to prove their training and good work in the area they perform. Because of this the “Professional card” which issues information about the professional, in order to prove their good performance.

Accountants are no exception, they need a professional card for accountants to practice. Because of this Procedures and requirements brings you an article that contains everything you need to know if you want to obtain this professional card, its importance and various information that will surely interest you.

What is the Professional Accountant Card?

The professional card for accountants, consists of a document that allows the accountant to be accredited, so that he can exercise. Public accountants need to obtain this card, which they must present throughout their working career.

The professional card for accountants It is an instrument that provides support to be able to demonstrate to companies that the accountant has the necessary preparation and training to perform any work as an accountant, guaranteeing quality work.

What is the Purpose of the Professional Accountant Card?

The goal of professional accountant card It is based on being able to accredit the training, preparation and qualification that the accountant has, in order to be able to carry out the activities corresponding to the position. With this document, companies can have advance information on the accountant to be hired and know if this is going to work with the required quality.

What are the requirements to apply for the Professional Accountant Card?

To obtain this professional card, it is necessary to fulfill a series of established requirements. Next we will present the requirements:

  • A photograph of the applicant, it must measure 3 × 4 cm and must be taken from the front with a white background. The photo must be in JPG. 32X387 and cannot be scanned.
  • You must present the citizen or immigration card, it must be enlarged to 150% and both sides of the document must be found in the same file.
  • Possess the amount corresponding to the payment of the required deposit of $ 321,000. A receipt must be presented, where the name of the applicant must appear with its respective identification number.
  • Degree certificate or, in the case of a foreign degree, the validation resolution.
  • Document that serves as proof of technical experience in the accounting area. In accordance with the provisions of Resolution 973 of 2018.
  • Present at least two supporting documents that certify at least two activities expressed in the proof of technical-accounting experience,
  • Contract signed with the entity or natural person that issues the certificate.

How to apply for the Professional Accountant Card?

Evolution goes hand in hand with technology, procedures are now much easier and simpler, and you can do them from the comfort of your home.

To obtain the professional accountant card, you must comply with the steps presented below:

  1. To start you must enter the official web portal of the procedure. You can access this by clicking here.
  2. Once inside the website, go to “Procedures and services” and select “1st time”.
  3. The next step to obtain this professional card is to click on the electronic form.
  4. Once this form is completed, you must proceed to send it along with the required documentation through the steps indicated by the system.
  5. Then, the corresponding registration will be made before the professional registry of the requesting public accountant.
  6. At the end of the registration process, the JCC has one month to issue the professional accountant card.

You must ensure that you comply with all the steps and requirements requested to avoid future delays and inconveniences in the process of obtaining the professional card.

How to renew the data of the professional card for accountants?

Based on the resolution 973 issued in 2015, public accountants and entities that provide this type of service, which have the corresponding professional card, must update or renew their data annually, every March 1 of each year.

Next, we will proceed to explain the steps you must follow to renew your data, if it is a natural person, or an entity that provides these services:

Natural person

  1. To begin you must enter the web portal in charge of the process. To do this click here.
  2. Once inside the web system, you must enter your identification number.
  3. Then you must provide the number of your file, which is at the bottom of the card. If the corresponding number has leading zeros (0) you must omit them.
  4. You must validate your date of birth.
  5. The next step is to accept the established terms and conditions.
  6. Verify that the data provided is valid and does not contain errors.
  7. In case your data has not changed, you must click where it says “Agree”, and if there have been some changes in the data, click where it says “Update your information”.
  8. You should also update your information regarding studies and address.

Accounting service provider

  1. Enter the indicated web system by clicking here.
  2. When you are inside the page, you must enter the NIT number.
  3. Then proceed to enter the corresponding file number, which has the registration card.
  4. You must validate the date on which the entity was constituted.
  5. The next step is to accept the terms and conditions.
  6. If applicable, update the details of the partners and the address of your company.

What is the importance of having the Professional Accountant Card?

Taking into account that hea professional card for accountants, It is an official document, by means of which the intellectual competitiveness of the accountant is accredited, so that it can perform its corresponding work. We can then assume that this document is of utmost importance for the accountant, because without this card the accountant cannot work.

The professional card for accountants, is an important instrument, because it allows to endorse the signature of the accountant to give public faith about his professional training.

This document, by containing data on the professional training of the accountant, serves as motivation for students in this area, since they must strive for good performance so that the professional card offers the world of work a good concept of the future accountant.

Without the professional card, it cannot be guaranteed that the professional, in this case an accountant, can do a good job, and that it is of quality. That is why obtaining and using it throughout the accountant’s career is necessary.

Follow all the steps in this article and get your professional card for accountants.

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