Requirements to obtain the professional card: Everything you need to know

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Do not procrastinate! Check the Requirements to obtain the professional card: Everything you need to know. Get up to date with the necessary documents to apply your professional knowledge.

What is the professional card

Based on art. 26 of the Constitution of Colombia, all individuals enjoy the freedom to choose the profession or trade of your choice. And the respective authorities have the function of inspecting and monitoring the exercise of these professionals in accordance with the requirements for each of them. Like the obligation to demand the titles that certify them.

While they will be able to exercise freely, the trades that do not require an academic formation. As long as its exercise does not imply a risk to society. Also by constitutional provision, legally recognized professions can be organized into colleges, which must operate democratically.

In view of this, each professional association has the function of endorsing or certifying the academic training and the values ​​necessary to carry out any activity of their profession, through a public document known as a Professional Card.

Currently there are more than 60 professions, which require compulsory registration issuance of this document in order to exercise your profession.

Therefore, the graduate student must appear before the competent authorities, such as unions and councils. Associates by the professional field in which they work and request their issuance. Previous fulfillment of some requirements, among them the presentation of the respective title

There are different types of institutions in Colombia that are responsible for accrediting academic training and professional suitability, finding the most common careers in the country, the following:

  • The Collegiate Nursing Organization OCE
  • Colombian College of Psychologists COLPSIC
  • National Council of Professionals in Economics CONALPE
  • Business Administration Professional CPAE
  • The Professional Council of Chemical Engineering of Colombia CPIQ
  • National Engineering COPNIA
  • International and Related Professions CONPIA
  • Professional Council of Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Related Professions – Professional Council of Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Related Professions
  • JCC the Central Board of Accountants
  • CPNT the National Professional Council of Topography
  • CNB National Council of Library Science
  • COMVEZCOL Professional Council of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of Colombia
  • National Council of Electrical Technicians COUNT
  • The Colombian Professional Commission of Industrial Design CPCDI
  • CSJ o Superior Council of the Judiciary

Requirements to obtain the professional card

In our country, The issuance and presentation of the professional card is mandatory for the exercise of professions that involve social risk.

The more than 60 professions mentioned above are regulated by the National Accreditation Council

Requirements vary from guild to guild, taking into consideration the elements requested by the accreditation policy for each of the competent authorities.

Even so, there are three documents of common request between all professional associations and government institutions, as they are:

  • The Professional Titlel, issued by an institution of higher education authorized by the national executive.
  • The corresponding Registration of the Professional Title.
  • The Professional Tuition issued by the Council

Steps to follow

The application for the professional card must be made very close to obtaining the university degree, since it will formalize the ability to practice the profession, although there are unions that request experience of up to one year.

The steps to obtain it may be different between each school, but there are common steps between them:

  1. Locate the specific requirements of the union of your interest, check the official websites.
  2. Gather the requested documentation, such as the professional title, the degree certificate, the copy of the identity document, a photograph and the proof of payment of the procedure.
  3. Complete the electronic forms for the application
  4. Make the payment of the corresponding fee according to each union.
  5. Comply with the application process established by each professional association.

What is the cost of a professional card

Just as the requirements vary from profession to profession, it also happens with the costs of issuing the cards.

Next we will comment the rates of the JCC o Central Board of Accountants and the National Professional Council of Engineering o COPNIA.

In the case of Public Accountants, we find that annually the Central Board of Accountants or JCC, informs its members of the fees associated with the procedures under their responsibility that will be in effect next year.

Therefore, in December 2018, through Resolution 0001148, they set the amounts of the procedures under their responsibility that will be applied in 2019.

Setting the rate for the issuance of the professional card of public accountant for the first time in $ 321,000, doubled at $ 32,000. While the professional registration card for the first time was $ 4,141,000 and the modifications and / or duplicates in $ 414,000.

We then have that in 2019 for the Engineering and related professions, the fee for the first-time professional registration process is $ 417,100.

With an issuance time of 20 business days, counted from when the payment has been received. It should be noted that both the Professional Cards, as well as the Registration Certificates, the duplicates and the replacements will be sent to the address that the applicant chooses at the national level.

What is COPNIA

The COPNIA is how he is known National Professional Council of Engineering. It’s a public body responsible for the surveillance, inspection and control of the exercise of engineering and related and auxiliary professions, at the national level.

It began its operation in 1937, protected by Law 94.

COPNIA is hereby authorized, on behalf of the State and fulfilling its responsibilities, to certify or suspend the professional practice of engineering, as a profession that involves social risk.

Based on constitutional provisions, specifically in its art. 26 and Law 842/2003, in addition to other complementary and supplementary regulations.

Of course, complying with the application of due process in both situations, in the case of suspension, the breach of the Code of Ethics or the incorrect exercise of the authorized profession must be evidenced.

In view of this, the COPNIA applies its function relying on four legal documents, known as:

  1. The engineer is entitled to the Professional Registration Card.
  2. To the related and auxiliary professionals, the Professional Registration Certificate.
  3. For master builders, the Certificate of Enrollment,.
  4. Temporary Permits, in the case of graduated professionals, residing abroad and requiring to temporarily exercise Colombian soil, according to Law 842/2003 in its article 23.

Professional registration for Engineers and the like

For the graduate in engineering or some other related profession, It is mandatory and essential to have a professional registration or card to be able to exercise and apply your professional knowledge.

The procedure to obtain the registration or professional card, takes into account the location of obtaining the academic title:

  1. In Colombia, at a university or institution, must be recognized by the relevant bodies for this purpose in the country.
  2. Graduated from another country with which Colombia has a valid degree reciprocity treaty, this option must be recognized by ICFES or authorized institution

If none of the above situations occur, you must proceed with an homologation or validation of the title before the competent bodies.

When it comes to postgraduate degrees, it is not necessary to register them in any institution. It is enough with a degree granted by the institution.

If it was issued abroad, it must have an apostille or other certificates according to the laws established on the matter.

Among the advantages or benefits that the issuance of the professional license represents, we find that:

  1. From the date of issue, the professional experience will be recorded.
  2. Legal practice of engineering throughout the national geography.
  3. Trained to assume positions in public or private areas, issue technical engineering reports, participate in bids and sign engineering contracts.

Do not stop reviewing the requirements of your college or union of interest and comply with the issuance of the professional card.

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