Requirements to open a Liquor Store in Colombia: Everything you need to know

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Today, there are many businesses that can bear good fruit if you have good administration, but of all of them I will only explain the requirements to open a Liquor Store in ColombiaLet’s see if you do well in this type of business.

What is a Liquor Store?

It is an establishment that sells liquors and winesWith this, it can be concluded is that one of the places that people go when they have a celebration or want to drown their sorrows, in itself is a place where people who want to drink alcoholic beverages or any other beverage that an establishment offers to meet. public.

In many parts of the world, this type of business is successful if it is managed well, although it will never lack a customer since there is always a celebration or someone who wants to have a few drinks.

So if this business has something of interest to people it is better to get down to work, since things should not take a long time to start doing them since then it is late.

Requirements to open a decanter

As it is a good idea for a business, it is necessary to mention the requirements to open a Liquor Store in ColombiaBecause alcohol is harmful to health, it does not mean that it is a bad business, it is more, there are many profits in times of celebration and holidays. These are requirements that are needed:

  1. Have the commercial register.
  2. Land use certificate.
  3. Sanitary permit.
  4. Single Tax Registry.
  5. Permission to open by the police force in the area.
  6. License to sell liquors.

It should be mentioned that these requirements are documents that each has its own procedure and is not something that natural persons have, so it is recommended that you investigate what you have to do to acquire them, although several of them are explained in this place.

VAT collection

VAT collections will be based on a calculation that the Treasury With Ministry of Health, they carry out to know what is the number of people that each department had, which should be registered before January 31, a figure that the System also has to know General of Health Security (Adres).

At the same time that the National Census, transfers of money acquired by VAT are made at the end of each fiscal year, something that is included in the plans of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN). The destination of this money goes to public works and expenses that any country has.

Due to the last thing that was just mentioned, on June 30 of each year the DIANIt must have the real value of the VAT collection, which derives from all purchases made in a year and that includes the sale of liquors and other snacks.

In short, according to the amount of the Colombian population and the sale of products, it is possible to know how much the VAT will be collected each year approximately, something that does not stop unnoticed with liquors since all the marketing of the same is done by charging VAT.

What should I know before opening a liquor store?

Like any business, any person who had the idea of ​​starting a business, has to investigate everything related to it, to see if they have the ability to start with it or abandon it since it is not profitable.

The truth to open a liquor store not only has to know what the product you are selling is like, you also have to know how the financing, regulations, demands and who are the suppliers for the premises will be, something that can be considered as requirements to open a Liquor Store in Colombia, since nobody can start doing something if they have no idea what it is about.

To clear up doubts and decide if it is a good idea to set up a liquor store or not, in the analyzes carried out regarding the financing you need, the regulations, the demands and the suppliers, something necessary in any business.


Financing will depend on what the budget dictates to establish the premises, since depending on what is going to be done in it is what will define the cost of this project.

The first thing that has to be defined is how the liquor store will be, which may be a kind of bar where people can drink or it will only be a small place where people go shopping and then leave. This must be clear because it forces the owner to hire employees to serve customers.

In addition, the expenses that this type of business also carries to be able to install it, which are both administrative and commercial, since the liquor store needs several things apart from drinks. For this and more, a good budget analysis has to be put together, in order to have financing, which can be by a bank loan or by an investor.


In the case of regulations, everything will depend on the place where the liquor store is going to be installed, although it is normal that you have to process the liquor license, which allows you to sell this product for human consumption. There are things that a liquor store cannot do and therefore you have to be aware of the regulations of the place where you are going to be in the establishment.

One of the things that a liquor store cannot do is be established near a church, hospital, school or libraries but it is only in some cities. Something that also has to Verify are the service hours that a liquor store must have, in addition to the days in which it can offer the service to the public.

The truth is that each city has its own restrictions, but what It will not stop being a restriction is to sell liquor to minors, a restriction that is established worldwide, this due to the damage that this drink can cause if it is consumed from an early age.


The demand has to do more than everything with what the place where the liquor store is to be established, since it cannot be in a place where there is little population, but rather in places that are run and the laws of the state allow it, so you don’t lose the business.

For this reason, it is better to make a study of where the establishment can be placed, weighing not only in places that are crowded, but also in places where suppliers can easily reach with the merchandise, that is, places where trucks can access, as well. it has no problem to supply the premises.

The truth is that it is best to locate the best for the liquor store where you do not have problems with the law or with sales.


In the case of suppliers, it has to do more than everything with price and quality, but above all, how is the service they have, since it will influence first-hand the prices that they are going to have in the liquor store. . The selection of suppliers must be made based on the convenience of the premises itself.

Finding the best suppliers is not complicated, because the vast majority of them arrive knocking on the doors of the establishment, offering in the best way the products that can generate profits for both parties.

Choosing a good supplier can be said to be part of the requirements to open a Liquor Store in Colombia, since depending on what they offer to the new liquor store and of course what is bought from them will make the business succeed or not.

After all that has just been mentioned, the idea of ​​opening a liquor store is still latent. Not to mention more! Complete the procedures to obtain the Requirements to open a Liquor Store in Colombia, so as not to miss the opportunity to get a good deal.

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