Requirements to Open a Savings Account in BanColombia

When we finally get tired of playing bank with our mattress (which was the first safe in the history of mattresses), we realize that it is necessary to go to the experts, so in this article we will give you the steps, the requirements and a little more of all the benefits in savings tools that Banco de Colombia offers and makes available to us.

Requirements to Open a Savings Account

To get off to a good start this article we will give you the fundamental requirements that you will need on the day of opening your account:

  • You must have between 18 and 25 years old.
  • 2 copies enlarged to 150% of the ID of identity.
  • Unique Form of Linking of Natural Person.
  • Co-owners and persons with authorized signatures, when applicable, they must present an identity document.
  • Carry the minimum amount of money required to open the account. (This is an amount that varies according to justifications from the bank, we recommend that you take this into account).

Benefits and Features of a Savings Account

Take a look at the benefits what gives you to save with BanColombia:

  • Savings account with immediate liquidity.
  • Generate interest daily on the available balance.
  • This account is intended for people between 18 and 25 years.
  • You only pay 50% of the debit card handling fee.
  • The interest rate increases with the balance.
  • Free withdrawals by BanColombia ATMs.
  • You have at your disposal a wide variety of channels to have immediate access to your resources: Mobile Banking, Virtual Branch (Internet), Telephone Branch, Traditional Branch, Electronic PAC and ATMs.
  • Through the Virtual Branch, make free consultations and transfers to the same owner.
  • Make your payments in POS free of charge.
  • Withdraw at no cost, through non-bank correspondents (CNB).
  • Refund of 2 VAT points to be made payments with your card at affiliated establishments.

Types of Savings Accounts

Among its benefits we can highlight that in BanColombia is interested in your needsThat is why they have taken care to generate tools that adapt to each one of them, in fact one of their mottos is In BanColombia it is possible to make your dreams come true!

Within the savings framework, they are characterized by 3 types of tools that break down the accounts that you can use for your convenience, they are: Transactional, With a Specific Purpose and for Colombians Abroad.

Transactional: Through transactional accounts you can mobilize and protect your money in a safe way. The types of accounts it offers are the following:

Banconautas: Characterized by addressing children up to 13 years of age, the purpose of this program is to encourage the habit of saving from their young age, this so that they see that their goals are met as long as they set their mind to it.

Plan BASICor :This account is the most basic of savings accounts, it does not have any particular characteristics, its function is to support you in your savings, some of its benefits are: $ 2,950 for each withdrawal at BanColombia ATMs, Unlimited withdrawals at Correspondent Bank, 1 withdrawal free in Physical Branch per month.

The plan standard: The standard plan varies very little from the basic plan, but within its benefits are: Unlimited withdrawals at BanColombia ATMs, No withdrawals at Correspondent Bank, 1 free withdrawal at Physical Branch per month.

Premium plan: Designed to help you make your life easier, with this plan the word is not erased, its benefits are: Unlimited withdrawals at BanColombia ATMs, Unlimited withdrawals at Bank Correspondent, 1 free withdrawal at Physical Branch per month.

Plan payroll: With the payroll plan you can now obtain benefits provided by the company, that is: Withdrawals at BanColombia ATMs. According to an agreement with your company, unlimited withdrawals in Banking Correspondent, 2 free withdrawals in Physical Branch per month.

CuPreferential entails: Receive a part of the gratitude that BanColombia gives you by being a preferred client, this plan is designed for you, it gives you automatic overdraft coverage, by using the funds from your savings account or the coupon of your creadiágile. You get convenience by having your money available without having to perform transactions manually.

Savings at Hand: Now recharging, paying your bills, checking the balance and sending or receiving money is much easier with Savings at Hand!

Pension Account: An account aimed at the spoiled of the house, how can we achieve their comfort? is the question that BanColombia asked itself, that is why I created this plan that makes you free to go to an office or branch to withdraw.

TOincome apportion: Payment day has not yet arrived and you have to make purchases that you did not expect? At BanColombia we know that you would like to have part of your money before payday. Therefore, if you receive your salary or pension in a BanColombia Savings Account, you can access a quota that allows you to advance your income. It is easy, flexible and safe!

On the other hand, in savings accounts titled Con Specific Purpose, BanColombia offers its clients the following tools:

Savings on hand: An account that was already mentioned before, but that meets the parameters of a specific activity such as paying for your services from your cell phone, you just have to open the app and manage your savings account without consuming minutes or data .

AFC Account: A plan based on helping you build your dreams and materialize them, by saving with the AFC account you will be able to obtain tax benefits and acquire the house of your dreams or the payment of your mortgage loan or housing leasing.

Scheduled Savings: CWith the Programmed Savings you have the opportunity to apply for a housing subsidy granted by the National Government through the compensation funds or Fonvivienda.

The following two tools are included in a package to which BanColombia has given the name of Colombians abroadr, they have already been named before but for you and so that you have complete information we will tell you again, they are: Bill pension and plan standard

BanColombia: Savings Account.

Make your dreams, don’t throw them in the trash for not having the required amount, in BanColombia and its Saving Plan you offer an attractive rate which you can not refuse.

Their characteristics are:

The opening amount is $ 200,000

You must have $ 200,000 in the account

It is covered by the Fogafin Insurance.

BanColombia: Savings On Hand

Savings at hand is that dream accountCan you imagine being able to manage your account from your cell phone? With Savings at Hand it is possible to make it happen; You open it easily, quickly and from anywhere you are using the Savings App on hand or the menu of your SIM. It works from any cell phone, be it Smartphone or traditional cell phone, you can access it easily in case you lose your cell phone since your money will continue to be safe in the bank and best of all, you can use your account with or without data.

Its characteristics are given below:

  • You can open it from any cell phone.
  • You get very good rate of interest.
  • You can have in the maximum account $ 6´171.811 and withdraw in the month $ 2´265.602
  • Your account number is your cell phone number plus one digit that the bank will provide you with.
  • You can make transfers, cell phone recharge, bill payment and balance inquiries, at no cost.
  • It is protected by the Fogafín insurance.
  • You have the possibility to receive payroll payments and payments from third parties.

BanColombia: Scheduled Savings

For everything there is a solution, and for each saving a tool.

With the programmed savings plan you can comply to apply for family housing suicide. Can you believe it? You can also make consignments to your account through any office.

AND Every six months you can transfer your resources between entities, as long as the application for the subsidy is not valid. The transfers do not interrupt the stay.

Its characteristics are as follows:

  • You can apply to this product if you are of legal age, single, or married and you must not be a homeowner.
  • Your family income must be lower than four legal monthly minimum wages.
  • You can open it in any of the offices nationwide.
  • You can only have a Scheduled Savings Account at BanColombia.
  • For the Scheduled Savings Account a debit card is not generated, as this is not a transactional account.
  • The account will be immobilized at the time of opening: that is, you cannot make withdrawals.
  • It is protected by the Fogafin insurance.
  • Your savings account can be exempt GMF (4 × 1,000) as defined by the Law.

Steps to Open a Savings Account in BanColombia

The steps they are extremely simple, keep reading so you can see for yourself.

  1. Collect each document that is detailed at the beginning of this article.
  2. Once collected you must go to the branch nearest or your preference of BanColombia.
  3. Carries copy and original of each document, if possible 2 to be supported
  4. Follow the steps provided by the bank and !Ready!

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