Requirements to present the ICFES: Everything they have not told you

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Are you interested in knowing which ones with the Requirements to present the ICFES, you have just entered the portal indicated for you. Keep reading and find out everything!

ICFES is the acronym for Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education of Colombia.

What is the ICFES test to know

First of all you should know what the ICFES tests are These are known as evaluations that each and every student must present at the end of the course.

According to pre-established tests.

This is a national test, that is, each of the students at the national level must present it.

Which are studying the corresponding levels for the tests.

In short, it is an alternative that is presented to evaluate the performance of students and education in Colombia on a regular basis.

The form of evaluation of this is consists of answering questions in a multiple way.

Each subject that will be evaluated will depend on the type of evaluation that is being taken.

In the same way, the duration of it, this will be between 4 hours or 5 hours, everything will depend.

Requirements to present the ICFES

The necessary requirements to be able to present the ICFES test are the following:

For people who are minors:

-Original identity card

For people of legal age:

-Citizenship card

For foreigners:

-Foreigner ID


In the case that they have the citizenship card in process, they must present the original of the password or the certification of the registry.

Where it is evidenced that the identity document is in process.

In addition to these they must have Downloaded the summons (where the place to present said proof will be confirmed).

This summons is not sent by mail, it should be downloaded from the ICFES

Click here

Now that you have clear the necessary requirements for present ICFES, let’s continue …

What is the ICFES test for knowing

Next we will mention what is the purpose of performing this ICFES test

The ICFES is specialized in offering services to evaluate education at different levels in Colombia.

The try to know pro it is completely mandatory and official.

The main function of this is to check the competencies that exist among students who are in their final year.

Of the academic programs in a propagated way in the institutes of higher education.

When we talk about ICFES, We refer to ICFES as in charge of the State Exams of Middle Education Saber 11 ° and also of the higher equation with Saber Pro exam.

On the other hand the ICFES assesses basic education, which are the exams of knowing 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th.

In addition the INCFES participates in international evaluations and regional comparative studies.

What is evaluated in the ICFES test to know

Those who will be evaluated in the tests ICFES, is the next:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Interpretive
  • Argumentative
  • Propositional competence

Who is evaluated by the ICFES test

ICFES It consists of tests which will be detailed below:

ICFES tests know 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th

These assessment tests are given each year to improve education and are given to students in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9.

ICFES tests know 11 °

Students who complete secondary education must take the state exam tests saber 11th. ICFES to be able to enter higher education.

ICFES tests know PRO

Students who are in the process of finishing technical, technological and university careers, must take the tests KNOW PRO.

This is a mandatory state exam.

Other services offered by the ICFES is that it creates opportunities to validate the baccalaureate in a single exam.

Suitable for people over 18 years of age.

It also has exams PRE KNOW 11th which is for those people who are interested and can learn more about the SABER 11 state exam

How do I pre-register ICFES

To be able to pre-register in ICFES, follow these steps:

1-Enter the page of ICFES

2-Now enter the registration module

3-Very good, once there select the pre-register button

4-Select the application or call to participate, once selected click on “to accept”

5-Confirm the information that comes out and continue.

6Consult the information related to the academic program

7-See the generic tests that students will take in the first session on the day of the exam.

8-Confirm the tests your students will take in a second session on the day of the test.

9-Select the option “No”

10-Now, save the information and finish the process.

Step by step for individual registration namely 11th

  • Now click on the option “Registration”
  • Select option “Know 11”
  • Now you must create your user, you must accept the terms that the system will ask you
  • Very good, once you agree, click on “continue”
  • Fill out the fields that are requested and click “continue” again.
  • Remember to check if all the data you are entering is correct and confirm your identity
  • Fill out the email in which you will receive all the information and click on register user

To present the test, they can only enter, pencil, pencil cutter, eraser and identity documents.

You should always keep that in mind, before leaving your home to take the test.

If you want to know what recommendations ICFES offers you, you can see the following video, here we leave you the link and visit their page

Success in your process

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