Requirements to register for the RUNT: Registration

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One of the things that vehicle owners have to do is carry out all the procedures required by the transit entity in Colombia, so if you have a car it is better to read these requirements to enroll in the RUNT.

What is the RUNT?

The Unique National Transit Registry what is the meaning of the acronym RUNT, in the Colombian entity that is in charge of registering all the vehicles that circulate on the streets of Colombia, in addition to the vehicular information that is on the roads.

The important thing about this registry is that it is in charge of storing the entire transitory file of a driver, since at the time of a traffic accident or simply want to know the information that a driver has for police reasons, this entity can be used .

So for all that has just been mentioned, it is mandatory that everyone who has a vehicle is registered with this entity to avoid bad times on the road and just enjoy the trip.

RUNT functions

After knowing what it really is RUNT, it has to be clarified which are the main functions, although apart from being an entity governed by Ministry of Transport you already have an idea of ​​what their functions are, but to clarify they are the following:

  • Analyze driver information: This information can be obtained thanks to what the Civil registration, so the driver only has to add the data of his vehicle so that the registration is complete.
  • Be the entity where the transit procedures are carried out: Already known is the RUNT It is the entity that is in charge of all traffic procedures, therefore when you have a car you have to resort to this entity you have to make a document for the car.
  • Record updates to the other records: In the case of other traffic records, the Unique National Traffic Registry, it also stores the information of this entity.

Enroll in the RUNT

Now that you are informed about what the Unique National Transit Registry, it is processed to explain what has to be done to be part of the database of this great traffic registry, thus avoiding the payment of fines that are not necessary for the pocket. These are the steps:

  1. You have to go to the office of the RUNT that is closer to where you reside.
  2. Locate the box where this type of registration is made.
  3. Indicate that the registration of the RUNT and deliver the requirements that will be mentioned later.
  4. As soon as the person doing the care tells you, place your fingers on the fingerprint pickup.
  5. Then you have to digitize your signature, signing on the device intended for it.
  6. Lastly, you are expected to indicate your new phone number. RUNT and thus the process would end.

As you can see, they are simple steps that do not require much time, you only have to at the time and day of care with the requirements to enroll in the RUNT, which will already be indicated.


So far you already have an idea of ​​what the RUNT and what has to be done to be able to do the registration, but there is something very important that has to be done before doing the registration and that is to gather the requirements to enroll in the RUNT.

The good thing is that any Colombian driver must have, in addition there are many like those that are required in another type of procedure. These are the requirements:

  • Identity card.
  • Know how to drive a car or motorcycle.
  • The deposit slip that the bank delivers after making the payment of the procedure.

What is the legal support?

Something that can never be ignored is that things always have to be done according to what the law establishes and as this registry has to be, it does not get rid of this, so it is better to be aware of these laws:

  • General Provisions for Modes of Transport, Law 336.
  • Sector and National Transport System Principles and General Provisions, Law 105 of 1993.

In addition, there are also general laws that govern the entire country and which must be complied with and the most important is the Political Constitution of Colombia.

Contact channels

In the case of having any type of doubt that is not clarified here, make a complaint or anything else regarding what the Unique National Transit Registry, you can communicate with this transit entity using these means of communication:

To call you have to dial these numbers:

  • In Bogota (1) 423 22 21.
  • For the rest of the country you have to dial the number of 018000930060.


  • contact

In case you want to make contact in person:

  • Av. Calle 26 No. 59 – 41/65. Bogota Colombia
    Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure Building (CCI) of. 405.

Cost to process the RUNT

As one of the requirements to enroll in the RUNT, is to pay for the service to carry out the procedure, you have to know its value to be able to pay it, so no more or less is deposited at the time of making the payment.

The processing fee is:

  • To register for the first time 13,700.00 pesos.
  • In case what you want is to update the value of the service 1,900.00 pesos.

Depending on what you are going to do, you only have to make the deposit in the bank that corresponds to the Unique National Transit Registry to do the procedure without inconvenience.

Importance of registering to purchase

The Unique National Transit Registry Apart from being mandatory, it is necessary so that other procedures can be carried out, which are the following:

  • Have in one place all the information of a driver.
  • To be able to do any procedure that the car or driver’s license requires.
  • Follow up on everything that happens on the road, as long as they are reported.
  • Locate quickly and easily for the data of a driver since everything is under a registration number.

Who should participate in RUNT?

As it is a main traffic entity, it has both people and entities involved and to find out which they are, they will be mentioned here:

  • Citizens.
  • Transit agency.
  • Territorial addresses.
  • Ministry of transport.
  • Transport companies.
  • Other actors.

Now the important thing is to make this record to avoid unnecessary fines, so it is best to do what it says here and always comply with the law.

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