Requirements to renew DIAN billing resolution: Validity

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You want to know what they are the requirements to renew DIAN billing resolution Keep reading this portal and find out everything you need for it!

The DIAN billing resolution it is an invoice that has the same legal effects as a paper one. This is received and issued electronically.

In short, it is a document that operationally has a place in computerized systems. Which allows them to comply with all the characteristics and conditions in relation to the expedition, the receipts, the rejection and conservation of this.

Requirements to renew DIAN billing resolution

DIAN has a series of online services, in which you can authorize, enable and disable large amounts of invoices.

It has many invoice modalities, which are: paper, by computer which must be requested through Alegra, and it also has a POS cash register machine.

The Necessary requirements for the renewal of the DIAN billing resolution, are the following:

  • You must have a user in DIAN, this must be enabled.
  • In the case of not having it, you can request it here.
  • Have the signature mechanism fully in force.
  • You must be sure that the information of RUT it is fully up-to-date.

Especially those of obligation to invoice and representative.

How to request the billing resolution

Below we will show you the steps for a new billing:


  • Now you must enter the registered account
  • In the DIAN page menu, you should now select the invoice number option.
  • Now select again where it says billing number.
  • Once you select the aforementioned option, the page will show you an image that will tell you “Remember to have the RUT updated to avoid penalties”
  • Click on the accept button, all the company information will appear, these cannot be modified.
  • You must now “log in.” This will show you the resolution that the company is about to expire.
  • Depending on the procedure that the company requires, you must select one of these options:

Range authorization: you must select this option when the company needs a billing range, which it could not make the request in the Administration with a prior range.

Enabling ranges: this will be chosen when the unused billing ranges must be enabled.

This is when the resolution is overdue.

Disabling billing: this is for the cancellation of a billing range, which is not to be used by the company.

  • Once you select the one you need, the requested information will be filled out.

Very well, now choose the option that says “draft” and the “final” option, in which you have to sign.

  • Once this process is finished, you must sign, a message will be displayed, where it says that the document was saved successfully.
  • When the PDF file is generated, click “accept”.

How to process the resolution online

Follow the steps to obtain the DIAN resolution online:

1- Enter the official page of the DIAN

2- Locate the option that says “Registered Users” and click on it.

3- Complete the form with the access data (type, company document number, username and password) and click where it says “Enterokay”

4- Go to the number on the left. Choose the option that says “Billing Numbering” and again “Billing Numbering”

5- Now click on “Request Billing numbering”

6- The system will confirm your data, and you will click on “Pay in”

7- To request a new numbering or to extend the current one, click “Authorize ranges.”

The system will ask you to inform or update the details of a bank account.

Enter the related data for each range and click on “Add”, generates the draft to review the request.

Click option “Definitive” and then in “sign”

8- To enable previously authorized ranges that are about to expire and have not been used. Click on “Enable range.”

Edit the range “from”, generate the draft to review the application, review it and sign it.

9- To disable ranges, click “Enable ranges”.

Edit the range “from”, and choose the cause of disqualification, generate the draft to review the request, review it and sign it.

10- Click on “Sign exit documents” This step is essential to formalize the application and generate the 1876 document that contains the numbering decision to enter Alegra.

Validity of the billing resolution

Once the range of a taxpayer’s billing issues, which has a maximum life of 2 years.

As stated in article 3 of resolution 055 of 2016.

The validity of this as mentioned is 2 years maximum. But DIAN in some particular cases give it a shorter term.

This figure in the respective authorization resolution.

The validity of this document begins from the date on which it is issued. Which is written in the same resolution.

Resolution of authorization of numbering for sales invoices

In the year 2018, to be more specific on April 16 of this year. The national customs and tax address.

He elaborated concept 479, where he was in charge of studying the obligation to inform the resolution of authorization and qualification of ranges in the sales invoices, which is issued by each of the sellers.

Which are known as income generators and in the sales invoices that are cost supports.

In this, what is mentioned below is highlighted:

The requirements that the sales invoice must meet, which is issued by all sellers of goods and services, are those provided for by Article 617 of ET

In addition to this cited in article 5 of resolution 55 of the year 2016.

If any of these invoices is issued by a seller does not comply with the necessary requirements, it will be sanctioned as indicated in article 657 of TO BE.

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