Requirements to retire in Colpensiones: Read us and find out what you should know

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You need to know what the Requirements to retire in Colpensiones in Colombia, don’t worry! You have just entered the correct portal.

Keep reading and find out everything.

Every contribution that you made in Colpensions It is not only for your old age, but also to protect your family in the event that you suffer a disability or die.

What is Colpensiones

What is the general pension system about and what are the obsessions like working Colombian has to retire

It is very important to know that the pension system in Colombia is not only designed to give a pension to the elderly.

By contributing you are protecting your family from a possible eventuality during your working life.

Here the contributions are managed by a private entity that invests its money to obtain profitability.

On Colpensions you have the backing of the state.

Private fund: These contributions are money that is added to your individual account

On colpensions pension contributions are converted into weeks and each week counts.

In either of the two alternatives, quoting the pension is the best way to prepare to enjoy a dignified and peaceful old age.

What services does Colpensiones offer

Colombia there are two pension regimes: the public regime and the private regime

Public regime: This is managed by colpensions (average premium scheme with defined benefit)

Private repression: It is administered by private pension funds (individual savings scheme with solidarity)

These regimens have their features and regular benefits.

Discover all the services it has for you Colpensions through your page

What is the Pension

It is known as pension to the savings that each individual makes in their working life to guarantee minimum conditions, when the time comes to retire.

Or to protect yourself and your family in the event of disability or death.

In Colombia, dependent and independent workers are required to join the general pension system.

Created by law 100 of 1993.

Joining ensures that people are ensuring their right to recognition and payment of their disability, old-age and survivor pensions.

Did you know that if you are affiliated with the system, it requires payment or contributions corresponding to 16% of salary or fees.

If it’s workers independent they will be responsible for 25% of the amount.

Meanwhile he employer it will do so for the remaining 75%.

That 16% will be fully assumed by the independent worker.

As of Law 100 of 1993, two Pension schemes

  • The average premium solidarity with defined pensions or the traditional system of the reformed ISS Colpensions
  • Individual savings scheme with solidarity or the well-known private pension funds

The contributor can choose the scheme of his preference freely.

What are the requirements to retire in Colpensiones

In order to obtain the requirements to retire in Colpensions, read the following:

On Colombia To obtain a pension in either option, you must be 57 years old if you are a woman or 62 years old if you are a man.

The difference is that the private funds you must accumulate sufficient capital to finance your pension.

On Colpensions you must add 1,300 weeks.

When you already obtain your pension, the value of your thought personal will always be between 65.5% and 80% of the salary earned in the last 10 years and at today’s value.

In no case will the value of your pension be less than the current minimum wage.

CHow to retire in Colpensiones

The easiest way to pension in Colpensions is the next:

Remember that Colpensions It has three insurances, old age for when they reach a certain age they have income.

The second disability, in the case of having a disease of common origin, you can have coverage and continue to have income since they cannot work.

And finally in case they die, this is so that their beneficiaries can have an income from that affiliate who is no longer there.

Steps to follow

1-Go with your citizenship card

2-Periodically review work history (individual account)

3-Fill out one of the forms

About two months and 1 week, they will be granting you this benefit if you have the right.

What are the benefits of being a pensioner in Colpensiones

The benefits of Colpensiones pensions are the following:

  • It is a regime of solidarity regime
  • You can retire with the age and the weeks, you do not have to think that you have a capital.
  • People can decide what is best for them.
  • It is a state company (social)

On Colpensions Colombians who live or work abroad will be able to contribute or receive their pension in the country they are in, through the Colombians abroad program.

If for any reason you cannot contribute to your pension in Colpensions people belonging to levels 1 and 2 of the SISBEN may subsidize their contributions, through the program Greater Colombia.

Thanks for trusting us!

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