Requirements to scrap a public service vehicle: Steps to follow

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What is scrapping a vehicle about?

Now we will clarify a little about this process of scrapping, keep reading.

Process of physical disintegration or scrapping, how much with two ways.

The first is the one carried out with the buses, which is done because they meet their stipulated life time.

The law has it set as 20 years of service, from the moment of registration.

This is a totally mandatory process, any service that goes through this term in the collective public service must go to physical disintegration total.

On the other hand is the physical disintegration or scrapping of taxis.

This has other types of causes, one of them is when they suffer damage and cannot continue to provide the service, such as when they collide and there is no worthwhile repair.

In that case you have to do the physical disintegration.

This must also be done on a mandatory basis when you change vehicles and wish to continue with the same service within the city.

They should scrap it for a healthier environment.

Requirements for natural person

For natural persons, the Necessary Requirements for scrapping are the following:

  • Disintegration Certificate issued by a Disintegration Center authorized by the Disintegration Center Ministries authorized by the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Check certificate issued by Sajín.
  • Peace and safe for the concept of traffic tickets
  • Processing request form filled out with the owner’s data.
  • Certificate of peace and save for rolling tax.

Steps to follow

Within 3 business days the user must present himself to communicate the resolution through which the cancellation procedure is approved.

Remember that the vehicle must be registered in the RUNT, up to date in the payment of tax and free of any legal affectation.

Requirements for taxis and buses

The requirements for both taxis and buses are as follows:

  • Show that the vehicle has been working properly
  • That is linked to a city transport line
  • Cause for which you want to carry out this process of physical disintegration or scrapping

Steps to follow

This process is very simple, you must bring a letter or request to the department of secretary of transportation and traffic.

Explain why you want to carry out this process.

When you have the necessary requirements, this will immediately be sent to disintegrating entity next to an authorization.

This entity is free.

Keep in mind that it does not have a recovery value, since it hardly covers, which implies carrying out the destruction of said vehicle.

In which vehicles the scrapping is applied

Vehicles that are authorized and apply to the process of scrapping are all those who have successfully completed their 25 years of use.

In addition to these vehicles, they must have a load of 10.5 tons, either equal to or greater than it.

In the same way, each of the trucks that meet these characteristics must have a process of scrapping.

In some cases, the owner of the vehicle may receive about 90 million pesos, as replacement for said vehicle.

Can a vehicle with garments, liens or others be disintegrated?


If the vehicle that you now have has legal processes, it cannot be disintegrated.

Said vehicle to be able to access the process of cachatarization, it is mandatory that it is free from any legal limitation.

Is it necessary to have the papers up to date to be able to access the process of physical disintegration or scrap?


Do not worry if you do not have the mandatory insurance, or the technical review. You can go through your process with peace of mind without it.

Scrapping benefits

For each of the transportation drivers, there are many benefits associated with the transportation process. scrapping.

One of them is the VAT exemption, if a car is taken to the scrapping for a new one.

Also for cargo vehicles, with the main objective being their replacement.

Be careful, you can also facilitate access to an amount of money in order to invest in a new truck.

The process of physical disintegration or scrapping It has a very clear objective which is to renew the automotive fleet of beautiful Colombia.

In addition to improving the environment, managing to remove all the cars that pollute the city.

Avoid leaving vehicles on the streets (this has a lot of impact on the environment).

You don’t owe what you can do today for tomorrow, and take care of the environment and your city.


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