Requirements to travel to Argentina: Everything they haven’t told you

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Argentina is one of those countries that Latin Americans have always been amazed at. From Patagonia to the coast, every corner offers you an incredible experience as a tourist.

So that you finally decide to embark on the adventure, we will tell you everything that you have not been told about the requirements to travel to Argentina.

Requirements to travel to Argentina

The requirements to travel to Argentina if you are Colombian they are very simple. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to visit the country only with your preferred identity document. This includes from your citizenship card to your identity card, only with the exception of password entry.

In the same way, you are presented with the possibility of traveling to Argentina from Colombia using your passport. It must be valid for at least six months to ensure your entry into the country.

If you intend to stay in this country for a period of less than ninety days, you should have no problem presenting the requirements to travel to Argentina that we already mentioned to you.

However, if you extend your stay, you will have to contact a consular office. They will be in charge of assisting you in the corresponding process so that an extension of a maximum of another ninety days can be requested.

Also, if you want to insure your requirements to travel to Argentina For cultural, work, study, sports, religious reasons, among others, you should seek to contact a consulate from Argentina on Colombia to be assisted.

There are also various elements that, without being mandatory, are quite convenient to ensure your entry into the country. They are not sufficient reasons for you to be denied admission, but it is always good to have them for different emergencies. These include:

  • Your ticket back to Colombia or another destination, so that the authorities have some insurance that you do not plan to stay permanently.
  • Travel insurance. In general, and almost regardless of the destination, it is important that you have the security of a backup in the event of an accident, delay, illness or loss of luggage.
  • A certificate of income. With this document, the country’s authorities can request that you demonstrate the capital with which you are going to stay in Argentina during your stay.
  • The reservation voucher for your accommodation. A bit obvious, but this way you can ensure that you have a safe and sustainable place to stay.
  • Your vaccination certificate, mainly against yellow fever. In many countries this is a very important and mandatory travel requirement to protect your health and that of citizens.


The documentation that you are going to be taken into account as requirements to travel to Argentina is the next:

  • An identity document issued by the Colombian State that is current and valid.
  • Your electronic or automated reading passport. It must be valid for at least six months from the moment of your entry.
  • The ticket back to Colombia or traveling to another destination.
  • Your recent vaccination card.

As you can see, there are not many documents that are counted as requirements to travel to Argentina. Thus Don’t waste time and gather them soon!

Important! Unlike many countries, citizens with Colombian nationality do not need to have a Tourist Visa to enter Argentina.

The processing of this requirement will only be necessary when you plan that your stay in the country is for a period greater than the established ninety days.

How can I travel by car

For those who have already decided to undertake a car trip to Argentina, the documents and requirements mentioned above must be met. In addition to the information that we already gave you, you must comply with the documents that we will show you below:

  • Your certificate or a document that proves the insurance that the car or motorcycle has. It must have coverage for partial losses, total losses and any damage to third parties.
  • The most recent possible certificate of technical and mechanical inspection.
  • Your driver’s license and the vehicle ownership document, also including the green card for its holders.
  • In case of traveling in the vehicle of a third party, you must present the exit authorization issued by the original owner. In this way, you will be authorized through the blue card to go through customs when you travel.

In addition to these documents and requirements to travel to Argentina by car, we will give you a few recommendations for when you start your way:

  1. Keep your money and documents in a safe and secure place. Preferably, try not to separate yourself from them at any time.
  2. Every time you go through a migration office or a border, make sure they check your entry and exit stamp on your documents.
  3. Keep an up-to-date budget for everything you are going to invest during the journey. In this way, if there is any eventuality, you can solve it, even if the time on the road extends.
  4. Know your route well. This way you can avoid losses and delays along the way, stay safer and even visit different places that a plane trip cannot offer you.

The route that can take you from Bogotá (for example) to Argentina it could be the following. Remember that this will always depend on the stops you want to make and the time you want to invest in the entire journey.

  1. You must go from Bogotá to Ipiales Nariño, right on the border with Ecuador. From there it continues towards the capital, Quito, which is about eight hours away.
  2. After passing Quito, go to the border with Peru, towards the city of Lima. This is going to take a little over a whole day.
  3. From Lima you go to Arequipa, in a trip of approximately twelve hours. After leaving there you must go to Puno, which will be another half day on the road.
  4. Once in Puno, you will go to La Paz, in Bolivia, which takes about six or seven more hours.
  5. Finally, after another full day of travel, you will find yourself at the Bolivian border with Argentina.

From there you will decide where you want to go, taking into account the previous travel time and adding it to what it takes you to reach your final destination. All this will also be affected by your stops at the immigration entities of each country and other factors, such as the state of the vehicles or eventualities beyond your control.

Although the option of traveling by car is not the cheapest, it may be the one that best suits you.

However, air travel has many benefits as well. Among them you find that it is safer in every way, there are very good discounts depending on the season and it is a thousand times faster.

Therefore, you should think very well about the method you want to use and organize yourself according to your decision.

Necessary vaccinations

One of the essential requirements to travel to Argentina (and almost anywhere else in the world) is to have your up-to-date vaccination card. To enter this country, vaccines are classified into three categories: mandatory, advisable, and highly recommended.

  1. Mandatory: Currently, the only mandatory vaccine is that of yellow fever, not only in Argentinabut around the entire planet. This is mainly if you plan to travel a wooded area, or the borders with Paraguay and Brazil. You must have been vaccinated at least two weeks before the trip.
  2. Highly Recommended: measles and seasonal influenza.
  3. Advisable: hepatitis B and A, whooping cough, diphtheria, chickenpox, enteric fever, and tetanus.

Be aware that you must apply the above vaccines always considering the characteristics of the traveler and where you decide to go.

This includes ages, gender, previous vaccinations, diseases suffered, possible allergies to vaccines or their components, current health status, among other factors.

Note: Remember that it is to ask if you can get vaccinated if you are pregnant, have HIV positive, it is an infant under six months, you have low defenses, hypersensitivity to eggs or you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Entry to Argentina as a tourist

The I entered Argentina as Tourist is a right that all Colombians have. In this case, you have the advantage of not needing a Visa. It will be enough for you to have your passport or valid citizenship card at the time of entering the country, with a validity of at least six months.

Your stay as a tourist in the country cannot be longer than ninety days, so make sure you have your ticket back to Colombia or output at hand.

Also remember to have enough resources to justify your stay. Said amount should not exceed 10,000 US dollars without traveling as a tourist, and you must be able to prove it in case a consular or customs authority requests it.

This money can be exchanged for the local currency, which is the Argentine peso.

Having your Colombian nationality gives you other benefits in Argentina, such as the possibility of using your driver’s license issued by the Colombian State without any problem. In the same way, you are allowed to enter domestic animals into the country, as long as you meet the requirements that are requested.

With all this clarified, we hope that seeing the simplicity of the requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia you are encouraged to embark on this journey.

What are you waiting for, then, to collect your bags and leave your pets with your neighbors? !Argentina awaits you!

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