Requirements to travel to Chile from Colombia: Required documentation

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If you wish travel to Chile from Colombia, then here we will be giving you information about all the necessary documents.

Requirements to travel to Chile from Colombia

Thanks to the fact that it is known that there are good diplomatic relations between these countries, the number of requirements requested.

Therefore it is easier to make trips to chili, so we will explain the requirements necessary to make this trip

You must bear in mind that colombians We do not need a tourist visa for entry.

It is only necessary to present your document of ID that is in force.

At the time of admission you must be able to demonstrate a good solvency economical.

Show the ticket that certifies their return to the country of origin.

A letter from your invitation given by a person from the country or from a company.

The reservation at the hotel of stay

At the time of their admission, the international police belonging to chili will give you a tourist card, it is valid for ninety days

That is the maximum time in which you can remain in the country, you must take care of it since you must present it when leaving the country.

Request a safe travel, this requirement is not mandatory, however it would be good to present it.

Since that way you will have the confidence that you are making a safe trip.

If you have to travel with children you must present the documentation theirs and their medicines if necessary

Required documentation

Between the documents you have to submit you can find the following:

Submit your passport current and valid

That he has not previously participated in any Program to present the host status

You have to be able to demonstrate adequate solvency economical

You must have your passage back and forth.

Comply with all the requirements demanded by the Health in the corresponding country

You need to own your safe doctor

What is allowed to take to Chile and what is not allowed

It’s not just the food what have some restrictions, there are also some cosmetic products.

That should not be brought to chili.

The elements that cannot be carried those that have an origin of the type vegetable, such as corks.

Charcoal vegetable and its derivatives, also the boards, boards, wood that are against veneered.

Or those boards that have particles or some type of fiber

For the case you want to take pets who need medication will not be able to carry: psychotropic narcotics.

Ketamine, sodium thiopental, propofol, euthanasia solutions, ivermectin, nor anabolics.

Nor can it be the cosmetics or the medicines containing propolis, honey, royal jelly, wax are not authorized.

This is because according to the SAG, some of the products biological, chemical or drugs for animals as well as certain foods.

They can cause spread diseases that no longer exist in Chile, thus bringing invasive species or quarantines

Does Colombia have diplomatic agreements with Chile?

The relationships between Colombia and chili currently they are quite good.

Both countries of South America At the moment it belongs to the community of the Latin and Caribbean states, also in the organization of the American states.

In the group of Rio and they are in the union of the nations of South America, in addition to both having some diplomatic ties with MERCOSUR.

This is an instance in which both meet associatesIn this same way these countries were in charge of promoting.

The proper creation of the alliance in the peaceful in conjunction with Mexico and Peru

About the Embassy of chili in Bogota

The trade relationship between these two countries is very significant.

This thanks to the release of the total tariffs that explain the free trade agreement, within the framework of the alliance in the Pacific.

Colombia was transformed according to the order in the second of the Destinations that are the most important of all Chileans in the world.

It is from the year 2016 that in the exchange trade that both countries have between them was in charge of ascending, to 1,540 million US dollars.

Among the main products that were exported are: cigars, copper wire,

What vaccines do I need to have to enter Chile

Vaccines Recommendation Comments
Tetanus-diphtheria or Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis Recommended It is generally recommended independently of taking a trip.
Triple Viral containing Measles, Rubella, Mumps Recommended It is generally recommended regardless of whether you are going on a trip.
Hepatitis A Recommended Generally recommended.
Hepatitis B Only for special situations Special situations, which may vary according to the characteristics of the trip or traveler.
Typhoid fever Situations specials Special situations, according travel’s characteristics.
Rage Special situations Situations specials, depending on the characteristics of the trip.
Flu Special situations Special situations, according to the clinic characteristics of the traveler.
Pneumococcal Situations specials Special situations, according to the clinic characteristics of the traveler.

You have to remember that you must take care of going to one of the vaccination specialized so that vaccines are prescribed.

Places to visit in Chile

Valparaiso, the main port of Chile

It is an emblematic port of Chile that has a fairly intense life that is to the Vanguard design.

Gastronomy and beautiful boutique hotels. Going down and up the hills is considered a true experience of being outdoors.

Which you will be able to feel in all areas, due to the forms that the architectures and that is built on some slopes.

They gave him in 2003 his category as the heritage cultural heritage of humanity given by Unesco.

Santiago From Chile

In a silent way the capital of chili has been in charge of occupying the first places that are in the rankings of the best quality of life

It is the urban character that was responsible for identify to all the people of the south which has given it a high quality in an unbeatable way.

Because it is a town clean, orderly and safe, having the majestic mountain range of the Andes this city has known how to modernize.

Without losing his charm province, thus preserving its colonial charm.

This city has many neighborhoods that were formed through different modes of their social interaction.

What has given him life to more than the simple set of trees, houses and streets.

Many of these neighborhoods have a large quality in their architecture, which has made them the icons of this city.

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