Requirements to travel to China from Colombia: Everything you need to know

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China, a great world power, with great tourist places, impressive stories and much more, if you want to travel to this incredible Asian country; find out here about the requirements to travel to China from Colombia and many more things to help you with your trip.

Requirements to travel to China from Colombia

Next, we will name you the requirements you must have to travel to China from Colombia:

  • Make sure your passport for mechanical or electronic interpretation has tiny 6-month validity from the moment of entry to the Asian country.
  • Get the international document from la fever vaccine yellow.
  • Apply for a transit visa if you do not comply with the following steps:
  • You have a return ticket and requested documents to enter the country.
  • Make sure that the complete path this on the same ticket.
  • Do not change from airport.
  • Do not abandon or leave the transit area in any moment.
  • Your bags must be checked until the desired destination.
  • If you have planned your trip with a better price airline, you must confirm if you need the visa; In some low-cost airlines they do not check the bags during the desired destination.
  • You will need extra documents that ensure the departure from the Asian country and the stay in it.

Very important

You must be 100% sure of having travel assistance, since it is a fundamental tool when traveling abroad; This backup will be your best ally if an accident occurs, a flight delay, a loss of luggage, among other inconveniences that may occur during the trip.

Apply for the Chinese visa for Colombians

You will only need to present these documents:

A copy or photocopy of the first page of your passport, where you can appreciate your personal information.

As we mentioned earlier, your passport valid for 6 months minimum.

If you already have one outdated chinese visa, you must display it.

Get tickets from round trip.

Possess a document where you ensure the place where you will stay, either the payment receipt where you made the hotel reservation, or, if it is the case, an invitation letter.

A bank summary of the final month.

A work letter is necessary, if you are a dependent employee; in case of being a independent worker, you will need a monthly earnings document.

Depending on the case, obtain a document where show your pensions.

How much does the Chinese visa for Colombians cost?

Here you can find out about the visa costs and much more. Don’t stop reading us!

You must be very clear what are your goals in the Asian country so that you can choose the correct visa, according to its value and validity.

If your plans are, go visit and know a little about the culture and tourist places of this country, you can opt for the single entry visa; Its price is $ 114,000 and it is valid for 3 months.

Are you determined to seek something more than a simple visit, learn much more about culture, visit places of tourist attraction; but consider that in a single opportunity you will not be able to do all this, choose the two entry visa, for only $ 171,000 including 6 months of validity.

If the previous visas did not convince you, and you are decided to visit every corner of China, dwhere each visit is a new and different learning, select the multiple visa with a cost of $ 342,000 with 1 year of validity.

We hope you choose the visa that suits your aspirations in the Asian country and you can enjoy your trip.

What vaccines do I need to travel to China

Mandatory, you must register the yellow fever vaccine, and obtain the vaccination record; is a mandatory requirement to travel to China, and not only take it into account for the trip, it also protects your health.

What is the duration of the Chinese Visa

The visa to travel to China has a validity period from the moment it is issued, which can vary between 3 and 6 months; this will depend on the visa you want.

The 3-month visa he offers you 1 ticket plus 30 days of stay.

The 6-month visa includes 2 entries and a maximum of 30 days of stay in each of the entrances.

And finally, you can opt for the multi-entry visa; With it you can enter and leave the country from the date it is issued, up to 6 months, which is the maximum duration of said visa.


In case of choosing the three-month visa or the six-month visa, your duration in the Asian country is 30 days maximum.

Tourist attractions in China

In China, you can find beauty in every corner you visit, but here, We will tell you about the 10 most visited places in recent years. Keep reading!

The Great Wall at Jiankou in Beijing

Created for defend the northern borders; it is based on a kind of architectural work of stones and earth. Its length is 8852 km.

View of the Forbidden City in Jingshan

Also known as the Imperial Palace and the Palace Museum, where it is spread wealth and greatness. This place was closed to everyone for more than 400 years, currently it is one of the historical places most visited and known worldwide.

The Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an

It is a very sensational place, revealed in 1974; You will be delighted to be able to observe and know all the life-size figures with different styles and armor.

Karst Mountains in Guangxi

Formed by columns of karst mountains, completing the essence of the Chinese panorama. You will be able to admire these mountains in Chinese money, specifically in the banknote of 20 Chinese yuan.

Yangtze River in Qinghai

It is third river longest in the world and the largest in China. It is recommended choose a cruise tour, where you can appreciate each of the landscapes that complete this river; Throughout the tour you will be able to appreciate each of the landscapes and historical places that complete this river.

Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang

Here you can find the best and largest collection of Buddhist artwork, they offer you incredible murals, paintings and statues of Buddha. The first caves were drilled in 366 BC.

Potala Palace in Lhasa

Created with stones and woods, is known today as a museum. It was inhabited by the Dalai Lamas, in the museum remains of the Dalai Lamas are kept, specifically in the Red Palace.

Jiuzhaigou Panoramic Ensemble in Sichuan

It is a set of wonderful landscapes never seen elsewhere, with beautiful waters and crystalline blue waterfalls; You will also be able to appreciate a beautiful amount of mountains and forests, around them small Tibetan peoples.

The Yellow Mountain in Anhui

If you like sunsets and you don’t really know which place to visit to be able to enjoy one where you can fully appreciate it, you must visit the yellow mountain, where you can not only enjoy its beautiful sunsets, but also you will be able to admire and enjoy a set of clouds that surrounds the mountains and peaks.

The Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou

It’s a beautiful classic garden, is one of the best known in Suzhou; at the time it was built, there were more than 200 gardens ready.

Tips for traveling to China

  • Do not forget to bring adapters of the electronic devices that you want to take with you during the trip.
  • Chinese food may not be to your liking, do not despairYou can also find fast food outlets like KFC and McDonalds.
  • Although it is mandatory, it is a good gesture to tip, in some places they request it, in others they don’t

  • You must change your money before leaving or when you arrive at china airport.
  • It is advisable buy bottled wateras the tap water may be contaminated.
  • Never forget to wear toilet paper in your backpack when you leave the place where you are staying.

We hope that such information it has been to your likingTake into account all the requirements to travel to China from Colombia and enjoy your trip. We read later!

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