Requirements to travel to Cuba from Colombia: Visa, accommodation and transportation

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Everything Colombian citizen who wishes to travel to Cuba For tourism, you will not need to have a visa at the time of entering the island. You want to know more? Keep reading!

Requirements to travel to Cuba from Colombia

The requirements to enter Cuba from Colombia, are:

  • Own electronic passport with a minimum of three months of validity.
  • Airplane ticket back and forth to Colombia.
  • It must also be purchased, prior to the trip, in travel agencies, in the Consulate of Cuba or in the authorized airlines, the tourist card.
  • Every traveler must have a travel policy.
  • In turn, you must declare in Customs, which must be done if and only if, the traveler carries merchandise to trade, apart from your personal luggage.

In addition, Cuban immigration authorities, They may request the following upon entering the country:

  • Demonstrate financial resources for the stay during the relevant period.
  • Hotel reservation or copy of the invitation letter.

Visa to travel to Cuba

In the case of Colombians it is not required to have a visa, On the other hand, any other citizen of another country who wishes to travel to Cuba will have to acquire a tourist visa or, failing that, a tourist card that can be acquired at the Cuban Consulate.

At the Travel Agency Wherever you purchase the tickets or at the authorized Airline, you can also request the visa, all of this prior to the trip.

Visa cost

The visa has a cost of $ 25 that can be canceled on the island directly, if there is no embassy or consulate in the country of origin, the rest will be paid where the request is made.

Can I acquire a visa to travel to Cuba at any airport?

On previous occasions, we have mentioned that you can process the tourist card from the airline offices with which to travel to Cuba. That is, this procedure for the visa from Venezuela, Mexico, Chile or any other country, can be done quickly and easily, as long as the prerequisites are met.

Which currency to take to Cuba and where to change it

For change the coins There is the CADECA exchange house. Many tourists choose to withdraw money from hotels and ATMs. But there is also the option of Western Union or change in the Black Market (although these options are not highly recommended, and in the case of the latter it is not allowed).

The Exchange Houses (CADECA) It is the legal and official exchange house allowed in Cuba. The currencies that can be changed are those that we will mention below:

  • (JPY) Japanese Yen.
  • (CAD) Canadian dollar.
  • (EUR) Euro.
  • (USD) American dollar (+ 10% tax)
  • (CHF) Swiss franc.
  • (GBP) Pound sterling.
  • (MXN) Mexican peso.

Likewise, on the island other types of currencies cannot be exchanged. However, to know a little more about the exchange rates and everything related to the currencies that are allowed here, you can visit the following link and you will be able to clarify all your doubts.

Accommodation in Cuba

Congratulations! A good way to start organizing your trip is choosing the place where you will stay during the trip, where you will sleep during your stay in Cuba.

Cuba is one of the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean. And for this we can move away in Havana or Santiago de Cuba, these being the main cities, they offer a variety of hotels up to three or four stars.

The restored colonial buildings, are part of the state patrimony, they are the most original of Cuba. These are basically found in Old Havana, as well as in large cities and in some towns as well.

If, on the other hand, you want to find a place to sleep, in a somewhat more economical way, private houses you can become the best option for those who are looking for economy in accommodation.

That is to say, this alternative, besides being interesting It is a custom that is rooted even in the smallest towns.

It is the opportunity that tourists will have to know thoroughly and closely as is the day to day of Cubans seen from the smallest of the family bosom. You just have to make sure that this lodging house has a license for it.

Public transport

Transportation services in Cuba work well, they have reasonable prices, they have indicative and variable hours, which amounts to a drawback, if we do not know in advance.

These transport services are:

1.- The Havana Metrobus or bus-train: also called Cuban camel or simply camels, it is made up of two buses on a trailer of an 18-wheeler. they have the capacity to transport up to 300 people.

2.-Urban buses or guaguas: Its cost ranges from 40 cents to 1 CUC. It is recommended to always have your wallet in view and when entering these buses go to the back as far as possible. Give more opportunity to the rest of the people to also address the unit.

3.- Provincial buses: They are charged in Cuban pesos. They are cheaper and go from the stations of each city. The schedules vary, so it is recommended to check the schedules at the terminals.

4.-Coco-taxi: They are tricycles that work with pedals, it can be recognized because it is shaped like a coconut, they are yellow, they have three seats, the driver’s seat and a double seat behind it. It is characteristic of Havana.

5.- Taxis: They travel extremely fast, they are commonly found in the day, they are hardly seen at night. The taximeter works for one CUC per kilometer.

6.- Train: There is a variety of trains: special (they are fast, make few stops and have air conditioning and are comfortable) regular (with several daily departures, they are old trains) French train (many services (coffee, air conditioning), it is fast).

The line that runs from Santiago de Cuba to Havana or vice versa it has special and regular trains.

In another order of ideas, non-Cuban citizensThey must pay the tickets in cash and in CUC, although it should be noted that the costs are accessible.

Apart from the means of transport that we have mentioned before, there is also the possibility from Rent a car in Cuba, with which you can go from one place to another without being aware of the schedules or how much you have to pay.

As well as the Horse carriages they are a good option for a short trip in the city. You can also rent a bicycle and venture to know the island on your own in a very fun way.

And in the last option we have the hitchhiking or making bottlesIn other words, sharing a vehicle can cost between 5 and 20 CUC depending on the distance.

Once the government started the transport reorganization project and with the inclusion of 600 units of Yutong articulated buses (two buses linked by an accordion), replacing these to the camels that were transferred to areas where the transportation problem is more strong.

Is there Internet in Cuba?

If the internet exists in Cuba, for a much cheaper cost than in previous years. For those who travel to Cuba, the internet represents a problem since there is no free Wi-Fi.

Currently there are three ways to connect to the internet in Cuba, which we mention below:

  • Expensive hotels state.
  • In public places, using ETECSA national telephone company network.
  • Some private houses who own the service.

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