Requirements to travel to Europe from Colombia: Here you can find out what you should know

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You want to know how to travel to Europe from Colombia, and the requirements you need for that trip!Do not worry! You have just entered the correct page.

Keep reading, all the information is below!

What are the requirements to travel to Europe from Colombia

The necessary requirements that you must have to be able to travel to Europe from Colombia are the following:

  • They must have the round trip ticket
  • The passport must be updated, in addition to having a very important 6-month validity.

Remember that the date you start your trip will be counted with the validity of your passport.

  • You must have proof of accommodation
  • Have enough money to pay for your trip, of all the time you stay.
  • You must have documents stating what the reason for said trip is.

As of 2021, they will need authorization ETIAS to be able to make your trip to Europe.

This permission will be mandatory.

For a little more information you can enter

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What currency should I bring to the trip

If you go to beautiful Europe, you must be clear that the currency used there is the Euro.

So the most recommended is that you bring Euros.

Several people always ask if they can carry Dollars, but the reality of that is that you will have to change them to Euros.

The fact is that nobody is going to accept them or it will be quite difficult for this to happen.

Better avoid for double commission, and take your Euros ready!

Always try to keep it simple, such as 20 bills, which are the ones that are handled the most and the change is faster.

What are the costs of air tickets

The costs for an airline ticket are between 700 and 1000 euros, which more or less about 3 million pesos and 3.5 million.

This of course is going to depend on the season in which you decide to travel and also the arrangement you can count on.

It is best to look for those travel offers online, it is what is recommended.

You should look for the one that best suits your pocket and your needs.

Without leaving aside the time which you want to go.

You also have the opportunity to make reservations, remember that it is well in advance.

It is better that you verify your needs, the time you want to go, or week, or month, and all the best decision for your travel adventure.

What tourist attractions does Europe offer

Every year people get to know how beautiful it is Europe, but they don’t know what tourist attractions they can visit, don’t worry! Several sections for you.

In Italy


The city of romance is called one of the places they recommend the most, for its natural beauty, apart from all the old buildings it has.

Verona one of the most recommended destinations in Italy.

In France

Notre Dame de Paris

The heart of the beautiful capital of France.

Made famous by the famous movie The Hunchback, we are sure you remember it, a classic.

Do not miss the opportunity to know this great place, and remember the beautiful movie that you carry in your heart.

Louve Museum, Paris.

An old museum, which is everyone’s interest, once you get to know it.

It is one of the most popular in all social networks, and of course, it is a total dream.

People love to visit them and more to tourists.

In Spain

The alhambre, Granada

The beautiful palaces of Alhambre, a shocking place full of incredible Islamic stories.

The courtyard of the lions is one of them, its beauty, all the gardens they have, the arts that it possesses with a dream.

It is a great tourist magnet for all the people who visit Spain.

In Holland


Mostly known for all its tranquility and the peaceful environment that it offers.

A relaxed vacation so you don’t think, this is the right place for you.

It has many beautiful attractions which will make you fall in love once you meet them.

In Germany

Cologne Cathedral, Germany.

This beautiful cathedral is located on the bank of the River Rhine.

It is known as one of the tallest buildings in the world, in addition to being beautiful, it is a dream.

Per year it is visited by more than seven million people. Besides, it is a UNESCO heritage site.

If you have the opportunity to meet it, do not miss it, it is a true dream.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.

As King Louis II wished for a fairytale castle, it was just as he envisioned it, too bad I can’t see when it was finished.

It is one of the biggest attractions in Germany, its beauty has everyone shocked, a great place to meet.

Success on your journey!

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