Requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia: Everything you need to know

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Are you interested in what are the Requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia, You just entered the correct port.

We will clarify all your doubts on this subject. Keep reading and find out everything!

Requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia

The necessary requirements that you must have to travel to Japan from Colombia are the following:

In order to obtain the visa, the most recommended thing is to go to the embassy of your country or you can also go to the Japanese consulate.

  • You must have the documents below.
  • Passport (own)
  • Two passport-type photographs
  • Entry forms (two) these are at the embassy or consulate of your country.
  • Documents that justify the purpose of said visit.

Visa application form to go to Japan

In order to fill out the Form correctly, you must do the following:

1-This must be filled out digitally

2-Do not leave any empty space.

3-Paste the photo in the application (correctly)

4-In the event that minors must fill out this application, it must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian of the minor.

5-Print in A4 size.

6-This must be printed on a single sheet (side and side)

Form: Click here

How to fill out the invitation letter

In order to fill out the invitation letter, you must do the following:

1-Use an A4 sheet

2-Specifically detail what is the reason for said invitation.

3-If a company or entity located in Japan is the one that makes this invitation, they should write the address of this.

In addition to the name, cell phone or loca. Next to the name they must place the seal of this company or in the case of not having the seal of it, it would be the representative seal.

Personal stamps are not accepted, be careful with this.

In the event that the invitation is a personal title, a university professor for the purpose of some cultural exchange.

You must present the work certificate of the person who is inviting you.

4-If the applicants are 2 or more, they must attach a list with the names of those people.

Also, the nationality, their date of birth, what is their occupation, and the relationship they have with the invitee.

This should be in the request of each of the guests.

5-If you need a multiple entry visa, usually this is requested for business, a letter of invitation from said company in Japan must be presented.

This to specify the reasons for which they are to have the multiple visa.

Why choose Japan to go on vacation

Why choose Japan to go on vacation? It is easy, there are many reasons to go to Japan.

This is one of the countries of the Far East that has been in charge of exploiting all its wonderful culture.

In addition, they are very famous for their gastronomy in all parts of the planet.

As well as their famous sumo fights, the Japanese cartoons are a boom, the baseball leagues they have.

And above all its technological development, it is the best in the world.

Japan it has geishas and samurai. It provides each of its inhabitants with a quality standard of living, to the point that life in Japan is the most recognized and highest in the world.

JAPAN it has beautiful landscapes, incredible places WHAT MATS TO VISIT!

What is the cost of traveling to Japan

Before I can clarify the doubt of the cost to a trip to JapanYou must know what the precise time you will stay in these lands.

The trip from Colombia to Japan, a stay of 15 days is enough to see this beautiful globally.

Now, we will give you a budget for a 2-week stay, so that you can have an idea of ​​the prices and expenses you may have.

The first thing you should know is that accommodation is quite expensive.

60% of the budget planned for the trip will go to them.

On the other hand, the cheapest food is the cafeterias, which you will find in all parts of this land.

There are also crazy costs of moving in Japan.

The most advisable thing is to buy the Jrpass To move around on trains and subways, in addition to being cheaper, you will be able to know this great experience.

Be careful, you can only buy it outside of Japan, since it is only for foreigners.

You must bear in mind that the cost of the places you go as attractions or museums with varied.

To conclude you must take some 2,600 USD for 15 days.

Remember that this is only the cost of the trip, we are not including the plane ticket.

What places can I visit in Japan

Now we will give you some places to visit in Japanese lands, you can have fun and know a little more about this beautiful country.

The first one we bring for you is the TOKYO CITY

It is totally unavoidable to go through this place if you travel from Colombia.

It is a beautiful city full of neon signs. Easy access places to buy your credit card.

It has futuristic images and many more impressive things that will impress you.


This place is located in the south ofKyoto.

This is in temple TODAIJI. Inside is the statue of the great Buddha of Nara.

This city is full of all the history of Japan.

Also, they can find the beautiful nara park. It is a charming place, where each of the visitors can meet deer and typical Japanese landscapes.

The third place you can visit in Japan is the KYOTE CITY

Another of these very special cities.

It has many beautiful temples, as well as eye-catching shrines for tourists.

The fourth but not least that we bring you the MOUNT FUJI

When people go to Japan and want extreme fun, the best thing to do is go to this volcano.

If you want to know about more places to travel to Japan you can visit this site: Click here

Success on your journey!

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