Requirements to travel to Mexico from Colombia

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Have you decided to travel to Mexico? This is a country with endless activities. You can know the Mayan ruins, be among volcanoes, canyons and waterfalls. Try the tacos and margaritas that are a specialty. If you are organizing your next trip to this destination, you must be clear about what you are going to see or do, as well as inform yourself about the Requirements to travel to Mexico from Colombia.

The history of Mexico is always extraordinary and sometimes hardly credible. Practically, it is a living museum.

It has a diversity of awesome stories. Likewise, it is known as “the Aztec country.” It is a recovery of the estate after a colonial period in which it indigenous was denied.

An interesting fact is that it is part of both North America and Central America. It is located just to the north and south of the fault that constitutes the physical limit between the two.

However, it is part of Latin America. It limits to the north with the United States and to the southeast with Guatemala and Belize.

Now, to enter Mexico, all immigration procedures must be completed.

All people must have a valid and current passport.

Documentation necessary to travel

To travel to any country, you must have:

  • The valid and current passport.
  • Round trip tickets.
  • Valid and current accommodation reservation or original invitation letter.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.
  • Document that justifies the trip.

Now, apart from these, what are the requirements that Mexico demands for your stay? In addition to the passport:

  1. Passport or identity and travel document
  2. Multiple Immigration Form, format that will be documented for up to 180 days of
  3. Check and prove the reason for the trip

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Economic resources

As in any country, a minimum of $ 500 is required to enter the territory.

Most of the time they will ask you to justify your resources. That is, you must show your account statement or cash.

Do you need a Visa to enter?

The best thing about traveling to Mexico is that you don’t need a Visa to enter.

The National Migration Institute of Mexico, in conjunction with the Migration Law and its Regulations, establishes that Colombians do not require a visa to travel to Mexico.

Only if they are for tourism, transit, business or any unpaid activity.

In addition, they may enter as visitors without permission to carry out paid activities.

Nor, the citizens of these countries they don’t need a visa:

Germany. Andorra. Argentina. Aruba. Australia. Austria. Belgium. Bahamas. Bulgaria. Canada. Cyprus. South Korea. Costa Rica. Denmark. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. USA. France. Greece. Ireland. Iceland. Israel. Italy. Japan. Norway. New Zealand. Holland. Panama. Poland. Portugal. Puerto Rico. Singapore. Sweden. Switzerland. Uruguay and Venezuela.

Recommendations for traveling to Mexico

Are you going to travel to Mexico or do you want to do it but have doubts about undertaking this trip?


There is no mandatory vaccination among the requirements to travel to Mexico. However, it is advisable to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B and Typhus.

In general, sanitary conditions in Mexico are quite good.

It is recommended to drink bottled water, avoid food in street stalls or clean vegetables and fruits that are consumed raw or without peeling well.


  • Try to let a family member or trusted person know the travel itinerary.

Which places you will visit. Where you will be staying. What is the reason for the trip.

All kinds of information that can be useful in case of any emergency is valuable.

  • Make sure you have international health insurance.

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  • If you are traveling for tourism, at the airport you must present:

Place or places where you will stay:

In case of being a hotel, take printed reservations.

If you are going to stay at the house of a friend or relative, you must know the exact address, you must state it on the immigration form.

  • Economic solvency. That is, you must be able to prove, if required upon entry, that you have sufficient financial means to cover your expenses during the time you will be within Mexican territory.
  • Outbound plane ticket from Mexico, either back to Colombia or to another country.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Mexico?

It is not. Mexico does not require travel insurance for visitors. However, it is recommended that you have travel insurance in case of an emergency.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Now, as anywhere, there is insecurity. It is better that you be careful to have a bad time in a country that is not yours.

  • Avoid displaying objects or making comments that denote financial ability.
  • Carry the essential documents, cards and money distributed in different pockets or wallets.
  • Try to use ATMs in guarded areas, such as shopping malls.
  • In the case of making payments with credit cards, check the movements of your account.
  • On air travel, carry valuables in your hand luggage.

Now that we solve your doubts, do not forget to collect the Necessary requirements to travel to Mexico. You will not regret. Organize your trip in good time and with great success.

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