RUNT Certificate: Everything you need to know

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If you need to know the RUNT Certificate: Everything you need to know you will find in this article

There are currently thousands and thousands of drivers who register their cars and need to execute traffic documents

Regarding the legal components of the traffic laws, the certificates issued by the RUNT comprise a series of very important information.

Many Colombian citizens need the Certificate issued by the RUNT to carry out procedures related to their vehicle.

If you have wondered what are the requirements and procedures to manage this certificate? and you don’t know it, don’t worry anymore

Keep reading this article for more information!

What is the RUNT?

In every country in the world they have local authorities which register and supervise the records, administrative and transit resources of a country, in Colombia the governing body in charge is the RUNT

Based on its legal systems the Unique National Transit Registry manages the authorization of documents and approves requests for verification, license, among other requests for traffic records

RUNT Single National Transit RegistryIt is a closely concentrated and important emanation of data, there are the drivers of all vehicles, the traffic violations that have made occupation, their insurance, traffic accidents, which form the public transportation companies, among others.

The data supplied by the RUNT are awarded and registered in the different offices of the ministerial cabinet of national transport

Its duties

The RUNT category was based on several aspects that have to warn with its operation, these are:

  • Confirm all inquiries that are associated with the records in the transit agencies.
  • Approve the freedom to execute a procedure of member of a transit corporation.
  • Recognize and smooth the updates that correspond after making a transit service.
  • Verify the legal status of the Colombian transit documents
  • Supervise the performance of police officers in transit areas
  • Provide information about the RUNT Certificate

All these characteristics of the RUNT make the inspection in which Colombians can refer with all these respective data to the traffic in their nation.

We can indicate that the form to register in the RUNT is closely essential to carry out traffic procedures, such as a vehicle transfer.

There are other situations in which the RUNT is made mandatory, it is related to the people who are vehicle owners or if a license or approval to transport is going to be achieved. In these cases, remaining registered in the RUNT is infallible to certify that the process is carried out satisfactorily.

How to do to issue the digital Certificate

In order to issue the digital certificate we must carry out a series of online procedures, which are not so complicated

Below we will show you the steps to follow to carry out these procedures

  1. It initial you have to proceed it is specify the specimen from qualification What does he want manage, (Manager Judicial, Dependence to the company or mutual)
  2. Have a attendance all the revelation requested depending on the prototype from documentation what is going to to procure
  3. Cancel the costs issued and corresponding to the process, these prices must be quoted according to the form of payment indicated by the system
  4. A notification will appear in the registered email, which you must read and follow the corresponding steps to download the document.

As we could see, the steps to follow are very simple and make the process manage quickly


For the first time registration of a user the cost is 13,700.00 pesos, but if a registry update is to be carried out, it must be canceled 1,900.00 Colombian pesos

Clearly the issuance procedures by certificate have a cost which are issued by the returning entity. Unique National Transit Registry (RUN)

It is important to mention that the costs are determined according to the validity capsule and the certificate to be processed

The costs of the certificates most processed by users are:

  • Token Certificate – $ 115,000
  • Token Certificate (renewal) – from $ 136,850 to $ 218,000

The certificates mentioned above are the most managed, since these documents allow multiple legal procedures to be carried out.

Payment methods

Now that we know the costs, it is time to indicate which are the payment methods to be able to quote these documents

Transfers are allowed to be made in the following banking entities in Colombia


BBVA (outside Bogotá) or CURRENT ACCOUNT COLLECTION 834015877 BBVA.

Note: The prices indicated are for a unit value and support 19% VAT each

How long does the process take

This question is asked by many people when processing the RUNT Certificate, since many of them urgently need their certificate

Fortunately, waiting for a certificate does not take long, since once the necessary process has been carried out and the system has verified the system will issue the request for the document.

The applicant will have to wait a period of around 24 hours, in this period the citizen will have to be attentive to his email to know when he will be able to obtain the document

Although the application system is implemented so that the process does not last long and is carried out easily, the registration time will depend on the type of internet signal that the computer has

If I am abroad, can I request the RUNT?

The answer to the question is whether, if you are a foreign citizen residing in Colombia, you will have the right to request the RUNT as long as you comply with all the necessary procedures

Now, in the event that a trip abroad is to be made, the RUNT holder must leave a legal representative to be able to carry out the necessary procedures

Advantages of being registered in the RUNT

The advantages of being registered in the RUNT Single Transit Registry are many due to the immensity that this state entity links

Among the advantages of being associated with the Unique National Transit Registry they find each other:

  • Registered users in the system have traffic insurance in the event of an accident or other derivative
  • If there is a traffic accident in your vehicle, the authorities will be able to analyze it and carry out the corresponding technical review
  • Legalizes the car within the single national registry, bringing the vehicle to legality within the national territory
  • In case of loss or misplacement of legal documents related to the registration of the car or the driver’s license, these documents can be requested at any of the offices of the Runt

To know the offices of the Unique National Traffic Registry at the national level Click here

We hope that this process has been very helpful to you to manage your RUNT Certificate quickly and efficiently

Thanks for reading!

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