Steps and Requirements for Civil Marriage in Colombia

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Well … Are you thinking of giving the YES most but MOST important of your life? or Have you already done it?

In some way or another allow us CONGRATULATE YOU… You are next or next to live the greatest adventure of your lives. GET MARRIED!

Getting married represents complete security for the couple who made the decision, both individually and together. It is an act of courage, trust and of course a lot of LOVE,

that if you read between letters, a series of codes are broken down that are nothing more than the thoughts found out of fear of the unknown. That is why it should not be taken lightly, we are talking about a life together.

But beyond being a gesture of feelings and something spiritual, marriage means an act of legality. Regardless of the church where the wedding will take place, it must be registered.

That is why in this article we will tell you everything about the subject of Marrying civilly. Requirements and steps that will make this part of the paperwork easy for you. So that you continue in the funniest part and what else are you enjoying. THE PREPARATIONS.

Keep reading it, and take advantage of it …

What documents are needed for a Civil Marriage?

To carry out this type of procedure, a series of documents will be needed that will be broken down according to your marital status, that is, if you have never married before and obviously it is your first time, if you were previously married or married, if you had children in that union If you didn’t have them, or if you and your partner have never married but have children in common.

Each of those cases have their own steps to take. You can read them below:

For the first time

The data of both will be needed, and the confirmation of their absolute mental responsibility that they are not getting married out of obligation. For validity this decision is that they must gather these documents:

  • Birth certificates of the bride and groom that do not have more than 90 days of issue and that say valid for marriage.
  • Photocopy of the identity card of each of the couple.

Once the collections are gathered, they will tell you the date of the civil marriage. (They must both go personally or grant a special power of attorney before a public notary)

With minor children from a previous union

If this is your case, you should gather the following documents from you or your little ones:

  • Birth registry of minors.
  • Public deed of solemn inventory of goods. (That it seeks to protect the assets of minors in case you are in charge of managing them).

With children in common

In the application they must show their interest in legitimizing them and for that same purpose it is necessary that you present the following:

  • Birth certificate of the couple who do not have more than 90 days of issue and who say valid for marriage.
  • Copy of the ID of each of the bride and groom.
  • Authentic copy of Birth certificate of the children regardless of their age in order to be legitimized by the marriage of their parents.

Divorced without children

In case of having been married or married and during the marriage you had no children, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Birth certificate of the couple who do not have more than 90 days of issue and who say valid for marriage.
  • Photocopy of the citizenship cards of each of the future spouses.
  • The future partner who is divorced must provide his Civil registration of the previous marriage with the marginal notes of cessation of civil effects of the Catholic marriage by divorce, or of divorce and dissolution and liquidation of the conjugal partnership

Divorced with minor children from previous unions

To formalize the union between your partner and your little ones you must start search of the documents that we give you below:

  • Birth certificate of the couple who do not have more than 90 days of issue and who say valid for marriage.
  • Photocopy of the citizenship cards of each of the future spouses.
  • The future spouse who is divorced must provide their Civil registry of previous marriage with the marginal notes of cessation of civil effects of the Catholic marriage by divorce, or of divorce and dissolution and liquidation of the conjugal partnership.
  • Public deed of solemn inventory of goods.

You must also think for them, if they are minors it is important that they know your partner so that their relationship begins in a healthy and respectful way.

Remember! Now they will be more family members, make sure everyone has a nice experience with your wedding.

Where to go to get married in a civil way?

Very wellBefore you run wildly to the notary, I recommend that you take your cell phone (or in that case that of your future wife or husband) and call whichever one you prefer, definitely one call can save many laps. Check what are the current procedures and how is the process to be carried out with said notary.

But how we are here to make your life easier, we will give you the list of all the documents that you will need to collect, those that will guide you towards the big day.

Read them with a magnifying glass and pay attention!

  1. A couple! They must go to the notary in person and appear before the notary.
  2. Once there they must write a document, which is usually provided by the notary’s office, in which the full names of the couple, identity documents, age, occupation, address and the name of the parents are indicated.
  3. They must indicate whether or not they have legal impediments to celebrate the marriage and certify that it is a union in freedom and spontaneous will.
  4. Bring the documents corresponding to your scivil situationFor example, if it is the first marriage of both, one of them is divorced, if there are children involved, if either of them is a widower.
  5. When the notary has the application signed with the complete documents the process is complete to receive all the necessary information from the marriage and the contracting parties.

If it is a Catholic marriage

The marriage act for the Catholic thing must be registered in the RNational Civil Registry Office otherwise, the marriage will not be valid before the Colombian State. They must present the following:

  • Marriage certificate issued by the religious authority, (certified by the curia).
  • Photocopy of the citizenship card of each of the members of the couple.

It is important that you know that before the catholic church, you are only allowed to marry once because the marriage is “forever”, (Canon 1012)

Marriage by another creed

There are other entities of a religious nature where you can marry if you do not want to do it for the catholic. Everything will be legal and valid as long as they comply with the provisions of the law of the country.

Otherwise, the legality of the act you carry out will be unjustified to government entities. It will only remain as a symbolic event.

The requirements that you must collect are given below:

  • The congregation must have legal personality.
  • The marriage certificate issued by the religious authority must be presented.
  • Photocopy of the identity cards of the two members of the couple.

Ready! We hope we have been of great help in the legal planning of your wedding.


At this point, we have talked about wedding and more, the word We are going to try! it should not be anywhere. And if it is, it must have the appropriate meaning, which is that a path will be sought over and over again on which to take it. Don’t think about Divorce please!

We have to guide you and show you an easier way and without so many entanglements, here you will know what requirements you need, what steps you must do and what options there are in any procedure that you are going to carry out.

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