Steps and Requirements for the Military Registry in Colombia

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In Colombia the law decrees that men are obliged to define their military situation when they reach the age of majority, 18 years to be clear.

That is why when defining it, it will be granted the Reservist card, or rather the «Military card» which is an irreplaceable document that certifies the veracity that the military situation in the Colombian country has been defined.

In this article, our goal is to give you the necessary information to process said book. You will be able to obtain the Steps and Requirements for the Military Book in Colombia.

Why should you have the Military Notebook?

  • The military notebook is the document that certifies that the person you have already resolved your military situation and is required by public or private entities for a labor relationship; In higher education institutions, the military passbook should no longer be required as a degree requirement according to Law 1738 of December 18, 2014.
  • The military book or reservist card It is also necessary to enter into contracts with any public entity, to take possession of public office and to enter the administrative career.

NOTE: Even if you have not served in the military, they will request this credential. You must remove it to avoid fines.

Requirements for the Military Book

These procedures tend to take time, so we give you all the necessary help, take a look at the requirements that you have to request.

The recent law 1861 It enters as a change and modification to the military service regime, we can see that it has some advantages, however it remains just as strict. Let’s be clear that eMilitary service will remain compulsory for the Colombian country. The main modifications were as follows:

The first What we notice in this law is that there are two modalities, one for twelve (12) months and the other for eighteen (18).

In the mode of one year or 12 months, only military service will be rendered.

On the other hand, the second modality, which is 18 months, will also be a stage where labor production will be taken into account, that is, the focus on work or some learning activity with SENA.(Se can assume that the purpose is to attract your attention)

It maintains the four (4) stages:

  1. Inscription
  2. first and second exam, and final aptitude test
  3. Giveaway for the fit
  4. Classification if they were unsuitable, in other words

What documents must be brought?

Do not leave until tomorrow what you can do today, collect each of the documents from the following list:

  • Civil registry of the applicant
  • Photocopy of ID
  • Income certificate, proof of salary or income statement of the parents
  • Two photos 3 x 3.5 blue background front

Types of Military Notebook

– There are two kinds of military notebook, first and second class. The first class military passbook is obtained by those who remain in service for nine or more months, contrary to the second class military passbook that is delivered to citizens exempt from military service for reasons established by law.

To process the First Class Military Notebook

Once the documents mentioned above have been submitted, You will be given a medical exam. This examination may have to be performed twice in case you claim a disability that was not found in said medical requirement.

Yes on the first try Throw the result in the required way, you will be able to continue with the process that you undertook and for which you are taking that exam. PROVIDE MILITARY SERVICE, for nine or more months either in the armed, the police, the Inpec or the army.

If it is not favorable for your health, you will be given a settlement that must be canceled in order to receive the second class book without impediments and safely.

Second Class Military Notebook:

Follow the first step mentioned in the process of the first class booklet.

Submit claims or exemptions with legal evidence that certify that the person cannot perform military service.

Civil registration authenticated.

Salary certificate, income statement or employment certificate of the parents.

If you are independent certificate issued by a public accountant with a copy of the accountant’s professional card.

Cadastre certificate and cadastral bulletin (issued by Agustín Codazzi) of the parents.

• If about any of the parents’ properties there is a mortgage, attach proof of the bank and registration of the original property.

Extra trial statement to demonstrate the economic dependence of one of the parents and the applicant, attaching an authenticated photocopy of the citizenship card of the witnesses.

• Copy and Authenticated Original of extended citizenship card 50% of the applicant and parents.

High school diploma and certified degree certificate.

If the parents are separated attach a certificate of separation or divorce. If one of the parents is deceased, attach a certified death certificate.

• Then you will get a receipt of payment that you must pay in the bank account that indicates which you will have a value calculated according to the value of income and the assets of the parents.

Depending on what is established, it is possible that the first time you pay for a provisional military passbook that you will then have to renew again following a similar process.

Does the Military Book have any cost?

To calculate the value of the military notebook or known as military compensation, the following parameters must be taken into account:

1% of Familiar patrimony.

60% of the total monthly income.

The result of the sum of the two previous parameters must be divided by the number of younger siblings who are studying (max. 2).

15% of the minimum wage for preparation of the document.

20% of the minimum wage if you have fine for not being registered.

2 minimum wages for each year as fine in case of being remiss.

The current law dictates that the percentage With which the cost of the military booklet should be calculated between 20 to 60 percent, this will depend on the income that is generated monthly.

In this way, minority compensation for the citizen who did not perform military service, which previously resulted in 485,000 pesos, will be in 147,543 pesos. This on the side of the lowest, in case of the highest, is established in 29.508.000 pesos.

This rate applies to assets equal to or greater than 1,032 million pesos.

The youth that is affiliated with Sisbén 1, 2 and 3 and members of indigenous communitiesas they will only pay the issuance fees, which are 111,000 pesos. This is of the utmost importance, because families from the middle and lower classes could previously pay up to two million pesos to carry out this procedure.

People who are helped by the United Network, that is, those who are in extreme poverty, who are displaced, demobilized and young people from Family Welfare they will not make any payment, not even for issuance rights.

There are also gavels for the remiss, who are the Colombian men who took his body from the military service. There are more than 940,000 between the ages of 18 and 28 and now they will have the opportunity to normalize their situation just by approaching the military units and paying $ 114,000 for their notebook. With this procedure, there is amnesty for both default interest and the trouble for evading an obligation legal.

Where should one go to get the Military Notebook?

The first step you must take is to declare your military situation, make the registration.

The registration process must be done from the portal and when entering you must select from the menu «Sign up» and fill in the form with the information requested there, at the end of this step you will receive an email to activate the account.

Once the account is active, you must log in to the portal aforementioned website, then access the «Register» section and fill out the form with your personal, academic, work and family information. You must also attach the requested documents, if you do not have them at that time, you can save the data that you already have written. When the system detects that at least 60% of the form is completed, it will be able to send the registration record.

The information submitted for enrollment will be verified by the assigned military district, which will then email the steps to follow.

A DATA: You must do it in the period of the year end of the previous year, that is, the 17 years, close to reaching the age of majority. Commonly in schools, this process begins with the final grade students and then they are summoned on a specific date.

An important point To emphasize it would be that if the registration is not made as it was suggested at the beginning of the article, it will be unblocked is a fine.

This would be all regarding the issue of the Military Book, we hope it will help you in your procedures.

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