Steps and Requirements to enter the Colombian Air Force

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Although it is a highly debated topic, many people are very interested in the topic of being in the military. To other people not so much, they see it as something that is not interesting and is of no use. However, we are here to support you. If being in the military is what you like, and you still don’t know which branch to go to, we let you know the Requirements to enter the Air Force.

What is the Air Force?

The Colombian Air Force has had the service of numerous aircraft for a long time since the origins of Military Aviation in Colombia. That is, they typically consist of a combination of fighter jets, bombers, transport jets, helicopters, and other aircraft.

It has the first satellite launched by the air force of this country, which gives Colombia a tactical advantage and increases its experience for the construction and launch of other satellites ready to be developed.

It serves to combat national emergencies and receives people who wish to be part of the military registry.

I want to do Military Service, can I choose the Air Force?

Of course you can!

Providing Military Service is mandatory in Colombia. You have many institutes to choose from. This service seeks that the people who are doing it know how to act in the event of a national emergency.

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Not only that, they see it as a contribution to the country. Also as a benefit of being part of the state security forces and bodies. In addition, thus being able to protect the country and everything that it represents.


You must enroll in the Military Service once you reach the age of majority, that is, 18 years old. Even if you do not plan to provide the Service, you must register.

In Colombia it is mandatory.

You can be a civilian soldier, belong to the navy, serve Military Service in various institutes. In this case, in the Air Force.

Requirements to enter the Air Force

What requirements do I need to join the Air Force? What are the requirements to be in the military?

Being in the military is not just wearing a uniform and that’s it. It involves certain responsibilities, commitments and sacrifices.

If you are willing to face whatever they ask of you, follow these instructions:

  • You must be Colombian or prove Colombian nationality.
  • Being single and not living with a partner.
  • Be over 18 years old and under 30 years old.
  • Have the National Military Service card
  • Carry out the pre-registration for the Administrative Course: www.incorporació

Address: Professionals, Officials Administrative Body, link «Pre-registration».

Necessary documentation

  • Have the certificates of:
  1. Disciplinary history.
  2. Parents’ income or proof of payment for the last two months, for employees.
  3. Comptroller.
  4. Swimming.
  5. Grades from sixth to eleventh grade.
  • Do you copy:
  1. A color enlarged to 150% of the identity document of one of the parents.
  2. Identity card of the color applicant expanded to 150%.
  3. Diploma and certificate of bachelor’s degree.
  4. Valid passport.
  5. ICFES results report.
  6. Birth certificate.
  7. Application for admission.

How is the process to enter?

The process to enter is simple. You must follow a series of steps that we explain below so that you can do it.

  • You must complete the pre-registration process, entering the website.
  • Then, fill out the pre-registration form. When you’re done, save it so that the system will generate a PDF file for you that will be sent to your email.
  • Download and print the application form.
  • In the Registration, present the canceled payment receipt and the identity document in the recruitment area of ​​the corresponding Colombian national army.
  • Selection tests have 5 days to deliver the documentation.


An applicant may register only once for the same process.

In the event that an applicant registered more than once in the same selection process is detected, he or she will be withdrawn from the same to guarantee the observance of the principles of equality and transparency.

Don’t cheat or insist. Sign up only once.

Where to go to be part of the Air Force?

To be part of the military Air Force you should know that:

The tasks of Recruitment of the National Army of Colombia are managed in the Headquarters of Recruitment.

What is the Head of Recruitment? What does?

Its mission regarding Recruitment and Summons of Potential Reserves is to satisfy the needs and expectations of all Colombians and thus be able to define their military situation.

Benefits of entering the Air Force

In past statements, the first technician Sergio Iván Gutierrez Rodríguez said that “young people interested in being part of the Air Force will have many benefits. Among them the subsidy for all their basic needs, such as food, changing rooms, lodging, public services; medical, psychological, spiritual care, sports scenarios and an economic bonus ”.

In other words, being part of the Air Force has many benefits. As was well explained, one of them is the monthly economic bonus. Last year, it increased from $ 90,000 to $ 210,000.

Likewise, young people who decide to join the ranks of the FAC receive training as a Security Operator, Monitoring and Control of Facilities, Canine Guide Operator, Electronic Security Means Operator, Loss Control Operator, Personnel Protection Operator and Aeronautical Firefighter Operator.

Likewise, when the service is rendered, the citizen will obtain his military reservist card. Also the conduct card. Technical certification in the performance area. A pension and severance bonus as well as an economic bonus for discharge, equivalent to a current monthly minimum wage.

That is, you will receive job and financial stability, both you and your family.

You will be able to receive health services permanently and comprehensively.

Housing solution and pension scheme.

Receive training in Colombia or abroad in addition to receiving comprehensive training in technical, tactical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual areas.

Also receive supplementary education.

Are women accepted into the Air Force?

Are you a woman and are you interested in being part of it? This point is for you:

Yes. Women are accepted.

Today there is a lot of taboo subject. It is said that women cannot do men’s jobs. However, this is not so.

The participation of women in the Army and their right to engage in combat means equal rights.

There is a study that explains that women are a good investment in these military affairs.

Why do you think they would equally benefit from a more egalitarian policy towards women?

In general, women can be smarter, according to the study. That is, they get higher test scores, have more years of schooling, and learn faster.

Also, it is claimed that they are easier to manage, are more polite, obedient and humble towards their supervisors.

That is why entering the Air Force is for either sex. However, just as men must follow certain requirements, women too.

Shouldn’t they be the same?

No. The physical requirements to enter the Air Force are often different based on your gender, but so far, the minimum height was the same for both. However, a proposal by Ciudadanos wants to reduce this requirement to access the officer scale from 160 to 155 centimeters.

There is a first phase. In it, a contest is held in which the general, academic and military merits are valued according to the scale established by the call.

Afterwards, a multiple choice test is carried out in which several types of factors are measured: verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, abstract reasoning.

The second phase It is carried out in case the first one is negative. Here, you will have to take a physical test.

Women must pass the same four tests as men: long jump without running, sit-ups, push-ups and progressive runs 20 meters round trip.

Also, both men and women should have medical examinations. Among those are:

  1. Panorex dental.
  2. Electroencephalogram (men and women)
  3. Pelvic ultrasound (women only)


These must be carried out at the applicant’s expense and expense at a recognized medical institute or center in his city and must be delivered on the day he is summoned to the medical examinations.

How long does the training last?

During a 4-year career, the military will learn about military science.

But not only that. Thinking about the applicant’s education, they also give the opportunity to specialize in some complementary careers such as:

  • Logistics Administration
  • Right
  • Military Physical Education
  • Civil Engineering in agreement with the Nueva Granada Military University
  • International relations

So, if you are interested in this topic and want to be part of the FAC, inform yourself well about the subject. About your next registrations and collect the Requirements to enter the Air Force Colombian.

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