Steps and Requirements to Obtain the Passport in Colombia

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Before processing the passport, you must know the Requirements to obtain a passport in Colombia

The passport is a document that has international validity and is issued by the authorities of each country.

It allows legal entry and exit through international ports and airports, and that have different validity according to the country that issues it.

In Colombia, the passport is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in Bogotá.

However, it has different governorates that are qualified for this process.

So if you plan to travel, and the destination is outside the national territory, the passport is the most important document to achieve it.

It is important to keep in mind that if you have it before 2015, you must process it again because the conventional passport lost its validity since November 24, 2015.

Do not forget that a person cannot be the holder of more than one passport at a time.

Below we will detail the steps and requirements necessary to obtain a passport in Colombia.

Requirements to obtain the Colombian Passport

  • Request an appointment to carry out the procedure electronically.
  • Go in person to one of the offices to deliver the documents, take the photograph and register the fingerprints.
  • Original Citizenship Certificate.
  • Previous passport (if you have one).

On the other hand, if you do not have any of the requirements, you must take into consideration the following points:

In case of loss, notify the person in charge of the procedure at the office as soon as possible.

The citizen who does not have an identity card, can enter: password for the first time or rectification issued by the National Registry.

The password, or rectification issued must be accompanied by the photo and the fingerprint.

After the successful delivery of the requirements:

You will be given a receipt with which the passport payment will be made.

Payment can be made by the bank or electronic means arranged for this purpose.

Requirements to Obtain the Colombian Passport for Minors

  • Request an appointment for the procedure through the website.
  • Visit the selected office, both the representative and the minor to take photographs, record fingerprints and sign.
  • Present original and copy of the civil registration of birth.
  • Previous passport, if it has been processed.
  • The minor must be accompanied by one of their parents, or legal representative, who will have to identify themselves with their identity card.
  • The identity card must be presented in valid format (yellow with holograms).

In the event that both your parents and the legal representative are absent at the time of processing for the passport, an authorization may be made to a third party, meeting the following requirements:

  • The power of attorney must be acknowledged by the signature before a notary public.
  • If the parents or legal representative is not in the country, the authorization must be made through a special power of attorney legalized before the Colombian consul.
  • If there is no Colombian consulate in the country, the authorization must be granted by the competent authority.
  • All authorizations issued abroad must be apostilled and legalized.

To carry out the passport process it is necessary to take into account:

  • Every time the type of document changes, from civil registration to identity card and from identity card to identification card, the passport must be changed.
  • If the minor’s age is between 7 and 17 years old, an authentic copy of the civil birth registration must be consigned.
  • The civil birth registration must be issued by the notary, registrar or consul.
  • If the procedure is carried out abroad, it is not necessary to present an identity card.
  • If the father at the time of registering the child was a minor, he must provide the certificate of identification.

What are the Steps to Obtain the Passport?

  1. Enter the page of the Foreign Ministry of Colombia, complete the registration form.
  2. Choose the office that corresponds to your address.
  3. Go to the office you selected to request the appointment.
  4. Consign the documents mentioned above.

Do not forget to check if in the office you selected you can request the appointment via internet, and that you should not bring photographs to complete the passport process.

How much does it cost to get the passport?

As of January 1, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs increased passport prices due to the increase in the tax stamp, a tax that is applied to public and private documents.

In this sense, the ordinary passport has a cost of $ 165,000, divided as follows: $ 115,000 for the document at the chancery and $ 50,000 for the stamp tax.

On the other hand, the executive passport has a value of $ 255,000, broken down as follows: $ 205,000 and $ 50,000.

It is important to specify that the emergency passport maintains its cost, which is $ 161,000.

Finally, if the procedure is carried out in cities other than Bogotá, the cost varies, because the abovementioned cost is added to the departmental tax, which varies according to the government that applies.

As for the price in the consulates, that is to say outside the national territory, they are the following:

Ordinary electronic passport 140USD, and the executive 209USD

In the Euro and Cuban territory, the prices are:

103 Euros for the ordinary electronic passport and 152 Euros for the executive electronic passport.

The only electronic passports that will be issued are ordinary, executive, diplomatic and official passports.

Therefore, emergency and exempt passports will be machine readable.

Where can you get the passport?

The passport is the only official document that proves your identity and nationality to enter and leave legally to other countries in the world.

The document is issued by the authorities of a country, it is considered a universal official document.

By virtue of the above, it is mandatory to process it, and always carry it when leaving the country.

It is important to mention that to enter Colombia it is not necessary to obtain a visa.

Check here the complete list of states to process the passport in Colombia.

Check the list of Colombian Consulates here.

Passport types

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made updates regarding the presentation of the passport, a document that although it is not mandatory to carry out procedures within the country, it is essential to enter and leave the country.

In this sense, it is important to verify if your passport was issued before 2010, since the conventional passport will lose validity as of November 24, 2015.

If, on the other hand, the document was issued in 2010, the passport is machine readable, and this, like the electronic passport, will be valid until the expiration stipulated therein.

The conventional passport loses validity in November, the pages are pink, the photograph is in color and is pasted on the page.

Currently there are three types of passports issued in Colombia: machine readable, electronic and executive.

Mechanical Reading Passport

The machine-readable passport lasts for ten years, the photograph is in grayscale, and has a barcode that contains the personal data. (name, identity card, passport number).

As established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is and will be valid until the date established in the passport.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • It contains 32 pages.
  • The holder’s photograph is taken at the place where the procedure is carried out.
  • The photo is printed directly on the personal data sheet.
  • The passport will be valid until the date printed on the passport.
  • The sheet that contains the personal data has 7 layers of polycarbonate, which makes it a hard and resistant sheet.
  • Contains the title photo with hologram effect.

Electronic Passport

It is valid for ten years, the photograph is in black and white and like the previous one has a barcode with personal information.

Additionally, it has a built-in chip that contains all personal information, photos, and fingerprints.

It began to be broadcast from September 1, 2015.

Some features that will allow you to recognize it are the following:

  • The chip is not visible.
  • It is not necessary to insert the chip into a reader.
  • To protect it from environmental conditions, the chip is located between the internal and external back covers.
  • It contains encoded data that allow validation of the fingerprint.
  • The chip icon is engraved on the cover, identifying it as an electronic passport.
  • It has a barcode that contains encrypted information that can only be read by immigration control equipment.
  • Includes security strip on paper.

Executive Passport

The executive passport is issued solely and exclusively by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, located in the city of Bogotá.

In turn, there are specific governments that also process this type of passport for Colombians who need to leave the country.

Diplomats or members of the current government of Colombia are the only ones who have the power to request this type of passport.

Below we will mention some of its specifications:

  • It is the only passport that has 48 pages.
  • The acquisition cost is higher than the passport and mechanical and electronic reading.
  • It lasts for 10 years.
  • Holders of this type of passport generally do not undergo checks at international airports.

Other Types of Passport

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in turn, has the power to issue emergency passports.

Sel assigns them to those people who need to safeguard their rights such as life, health and integrity.

This passport has a maximum duration of 7 months and only has 8 pages.

Colombians, through the Diplomatic Missions, can acquire border passports in countries such as Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

This document is 28 pages long and is valid for 10 years.

Finally, the exempt passport, which is granted to Colombians to whom the laws request the cancellation of their current passport.

This passport has no pages and lasts for 30 days.

The passport holder must make the request for it to be satisfactory.

Once the request is made, you will have to pick it up personally, you will only need the identification document and the proof of payment.

It is recommended to verify that the data is printed correctly, because there can be no discrepancies between the identity document and the passport.

In this sense, remember that every time a Colombian changes the type of document they must process the passport again.

The member countries of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are obliged to change the conventional passport.

The change will be made in order to fight terrorism and organized crime.

The update must be carried out by the people who have the passport issued before 2015, the date on which it became obsolete.

It is important to keep in mind that there are currently countries requesting the machine-readable passport to stamp the visa.

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