What is Comfenalco and how to obtain the certificate in Colombia?

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Already the plans to go on vacation with the family, buy or remodel the house, complete university studies, will come true, reading the following lines about What is Comfenalco and how to obtain the certificate in Colombia? it would be easier.

What is Comfenalco?

Since 1946 there has been talk of the Compensation Funds, designed to administer family allowances, which some employers were kind enough to assume for the benefit of their employees, these subsidies were intended to improve the quality of life of the workers’ families, but it did not come true.

It was not until 1963 that the Family Subsidy system was formalized and the channeling of these resources was assigned to the Compensation Funds. In 1981, with Law 25, the funds were restructured, creating the Family Subsidy Superintendency and reformulating the family allowance system in 1982.

Well, currently the Comfenalco Family Compensation Funds are private, non-profit organizations, through economic redistribution and solidarity nature, they develop instruments with the purpose of satisfying needs in different areas, such as housing, health, education and recreation. those who make up the family.

Its duties?

  • Meet the needs of formal education.
  • Encourage training for work and non-formal education
  • Channel cash contributions to family groups to obtain their own home
  • Promote the entrepreneurship of affiliates through credits to obtain goods and services for recreation, education, health
  • Channel the creation of spaces, throughout the country, for rest, tranquility and family recreation at affordable prices.
  • Attend to the needs of Colombians in a situation of unemployment.

What services do you offer?

In general, the services provided by the Compensation Funds are related to their objective of generating quality of life for the working family, they could vary between the different locations, but all with the same purpose, among these services:

  • Education: with programs of Formal Education and Education for Employment and Human Development.
  • Training: offers courses in different areas, to generate knowledge, skills and abilities that can be converted into income from monetary resources.
  • Credits: allocation of lines of credit with preferential rates, for the undertaking of new sources of income.
  • living place: creation or channeling of instruments that allow obtaining own homes, new or used, improvement of the existing one.
  • Monetary Fee: Cash subsidy for workers with responsibility for other people.
  • Recreation: providing options for recreation at affordable prices, sports practice or other artistic activities.

Where are they located?

Compensation Funds can be found throughout the national geography, with the intention of being closer to the affiliates, knowing and living closely the needs of the communities.

For this reason, Comfenalco has agreed alliances with the public and private sectors, managing to articulate and establish plans for the development of the provision of quality services.

Covering a population that is around twenty (20) million Colombians, including workers and family members.

Having as control unit the Superintendency of Family Subsidy, which inspects and monitors the entities in charge of paying the family subsidy and collecting the contributions.

The Family Subsidy System is made up of approximately forty-three (43) Family Compensation Funds, located in the thirty-two (32) departments of the country and service locations in 992 municipalities.

How to get the certificate?

They can be required at service points or in the Registration and Contributions area of ​​each of the administrative offices, each having its own means and procedures.

Some Family Compensation Funds have web pages, and have enabled this option, among others.


The first thing is that the company for which you work must have affiliation with a family compensation fund, only in the case of being an independent worker, you must do it yourself.

The worker’s affiliation form must be completed, along with the requested documents and those of their relatives, these being:

From the Worker: Photocopy of the identity card

From the Spouse/Partner:

  1. Photocopy of the identity card
  2. Photocopy of the civil marriage registry, in case of being civilly married.
  3. Declaration in the affiliation form if they have a common-law union (cohabitants).
  4. Labor Certificate where the spouse or partner works, with salary and name of the Fund (if affiliated).

Of the Children / Stepchildren:

  1. Photocopy of the birth document.
  2. Copy of the identification document.
  3. Written statement on the affiliation form, declaring affirmatively or negatively the receipt of the family subsidy, by another Compensation Fund.
  4. Original schooling document, issued by a teaching institution, if applicable.

Of the Brothers (They must be orphans of both parents):

  • Photocopies of the birth document of the holder and relative
  • Photocopy of the identity card.
  • Photocopy of the death certificates of both parents.
  • Declaration in the affiliation form, confirming the condition of economic dependency of the brother.
  • Original schooling document, issued by a teaching institution, if applicable.

Of the Parents (who certify the economic dependency of the worker who does not receive income through any means):

  • Photocopies of the owner’s birth document
  • Photocopy of the identity card
  • Written declaration in the affiliation form, stating affirmatively or negatively the non-receipt of income and economic dependence.

Of Family Members with disabilities (there is no age limitation): Document that certifies the disability or physical disability or limited physical capacity that prevents work, issued by the corresponding body.

Upon completing the registration, the family compensation fund will issue a Card that identifies you, allowing the use of services according to your category, at no additional cost for its issuance or use.

Upon completion of the worker’s affiliation procedures with the respective fund, he and his beneficiaries or dependents can begin to make use of the programs and services offered by the family compensation fund.

Those pensioners due to old age, disability or survivors can be affiliated to the family compensation funds without the obligation to pay any amount to receive the basic services provided by these entities.

Steps to follow

Only in cases of being an independent worker or pensioner:

  1. Locate the Family Compensation Fund you want to join,
  2. Get the physical address or website
  3. Request or download the membership form
  4. Complete the requested information
  5. Attach to the completed form, the requirements detailed above

It is important to remember that the holder must first join and then the family group or beneficiaries.

For more information on the location of the Family Compensation Funds, visit ASSOCIATE.

Frequent questions

Answer 1: No, only independent workers or Pensioners can choose the Compensation Fund.

Workers under a Labor Relationship, it is the employer who carries out the procedures, taking into account the workplace.

  • Question 2: Can I only join one Family Compensation Fund?

Answer 2: Yes, the affiliation is in only one Compensation Fund.

  • Question 3: Are the affiliation forms the same in all the Compensation Funds?

Answer 3: Yes, the same format is maintained.

  • Question 4: Can I enroll my cousin, as a beneficiary in the Caja de Family Compensation?

Answer 4: It does not appear in the relatives allowed to enroll.

  • Question 5: Who should make the severance pay contribution to the Family Compensation Funds?

Answer 5: If the member maintains a Labor Relationship with a company, the person responsible for the contributions is the employer. In the case of an Independent Worker or Pensioner, the same affiliate does it.

  • Question 6: What is the term for the Family Compensation Funds to deliver the identification card?

Answer 6: It depends on the demand of each Family Compensation Fund, usually, in several they deliver it in eight (8) days.

  • Question 7: Can the monetary quota be given to pensioners?

Answer 7: No, they already receive income


Have positive access to the services and subsidies in monetary quota, housing, education, recreation and tourism, generated by the Family Subsidy, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the worker and his family group, especially those who earn low income , guaranteeing care, enjoyment and satisfaction of basic needs.

We hope we have clarified What is Comfenalco and how to obtain the certificate in Colombia?come to your employer or to the headquarters near your home and start enjoying its benefits.

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