How to know where to vote: Get the necessary information

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You ask yourself How do you know where to vote? Here you can get all the necessary information for it. If you want to know more about How to know where to vote, keep reading!

What is the Supreme Electoral Tribunal or TSE

It can be said that the TSE or rather the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, was in charge of constituting one of the main invocations.

These innovations are related to each of the institutes of the Political Constitution of 1949.

Regarding the historical situation, it can be said that many people respect the polls, which later would cause a warlike conflict.

The constituents, for their part, decided to adopt by designing each of the electoral bodies to the maximum, which had guarantees of their independence.

The model of these electoral organizations constituted one of the milestones based on Latin American public law, especially in practical terms.

That is why the TSE, tried to acquire one of the conditions of the 4 powers of the State, trying to acquire the legislative, executive and judicial power.


It should be noted that thanks to the electoral code of 1953, it was decided to complete some of the constitutional engineering works, which were granted by the TSE.

Thanks to the TSE, it was decided to alternate some of the tools to be able to organize, direct, complete and control for more than 5 decades.

This was some of the codes that over the years were reformulated on several occasions, to make it more significant in 1966.

NOTE: This was one of the codes that in turn tried to cover at least half of the documents that were articulated.

Thanks to the electoral code of 2009, Many people were able to notice the significant advances, found in the inclusions of extensive chapters on electoral justice at that time.

In addition, some rules were implemented, where people tried to internally democratize each of the political parties, with respect to parity.

One of the alternatives was basically to establish norms that were related to gender equality and the creation of the Electoral Registry.

The training institute and Estudios en Democracia, better known as IFED, was in charge of entering some of the structures of the TSE.

On the other hand, the authorization of the vote of the against roots by people from abroad, were significant, for that moment.

What are the functions of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal

It can be said that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, or rather the TSE, is one of the entities with the highest electoral authority.

This can occur both in the administrative body and in the judiciary, since they are its main facets in the electoral field.

Thanks to art. 208 found in the Constitution of El Salvador, it can be verified that it establishes the body of the TSE, with a member of 5 magistrates.

These magistrates must be people who in turn can become owners, or even must be equal with respect to the number of alternates.

They must be elected for one of the periods established by the Legislative Assembly. It should be noted that generally magistrates must stay for 5 years.

Likewise, it establishes that some of them, (at least 3), must be selected or elected, for each of the shortlists proposed based on the three political parties.

These same parties must have been obtained with the highest number of votes possible, in relation to the last presidential election.

The other two remaining magistrates must be elected to one of the proposals of the Supreme Court of Justice and therefore must not have any partisan preference.


Each of the magistrates, who are proposed by the Supreme Court of Justice, must correctly comply with each of the requirements of the Constitution.

The same constitution may establish that for them, other rules are used, in relation to the Chambers of Second Instance.

There are some compliance standards that generally must be established in art 208, or better known as the Constitution of El Salvador.

The electoral code itself must have some of the conformities that are established in the functions of the Supreme Court of Elections.

Some of them are the following:

  1. Possessing any type of administrative function or activity that may consist of planning, organizing and executing each of the electoral processes.
    1. These electoral processes can be carried out in El Salvador, through each one of the elections of the elected positions.
    2. Some of the popular charges may be as follows:
      1. President and Vice President of the Republic of Costa Rica.
      2. Each of the Deputies who belong to the Legislative Assembly.
      3. Have Deputies who are in the Parliament of Central America.
      4. Mayors and Municipal Councilors.
  2. Agree with each of the judicial functions that may be related to some of the competent bodies or entities.
    1. Some of these entities may be related to electoral justice if necessary.
    2. In cases where lawsuits are found, the same citizens who are faced with any violation of electoral rights.
    3. Likewise, each of the citizens can settle the conflicts that may arise in the political parties.

What is the automatic Voter Registration procedure

It can be said that one of the most outstanding characteristics that the electoral system may have, may be some of the daily purges with respect to the electoral registry.

These Masses must obey some of the procedures automatically, regarding electoral registrations and exclusions.

Likewise, the existence of some of the identification documents, can become electoral in a civil way, in the same way it can be said that people to carry out the registration must use the identity card.

It should be noted that this is one of the documents where people can issue some of the civil records by the Supreme Elections Court.

Similarly, it can be said that the centralization of the registry is based on civil and electoral events that can facilitate automatic registration processes.

As in political participation, the same people can take for granted that citizens can carry out some of the procedures to document themselves on the basis of citizen and voter.

Automatic process

The automatic registration process, in terms of elections, can become indoctrinated as one of the most important electoral registers.

Where some of the databases can be represented by different processes, in a conscious way to each of the positive requirements.

The legal grounds can be defined as one of the exclusions, or better known as negative requirements. Likewise, the electoral roll can be drawn up.

Although for this people must come to be considered as one of the lists of citizens most qualified to vote.

It should be noted that each of the people who are going to register in the electoral registry in Costa Rica, must administer each one of the centralizations by the civil registry.

Likewise, through each of the electoral departments, the same citizens may be the ones in charge of issuing all each of the electoral identification documents.

On the other hand, each of the electoral lists or electoral rolls can be placed, through decisions based on the area with branches before the TSE.

Some people define the automatic process, as some of the automatic processes based on entry and exclusion by the electoral registry.

In addition to this, it can be said that circumstances may occur where people are required to have an optimal level of citizen identification, as long as it is of Costa Rica.

This is where each One of the persons may have for each one of the fulfillment of the requirements for said voter.

This is also one of the key factors that can be explained in an extraordinary way, for each of the voter registers.

NOTE: For this, each of the terms of integrity and consistency can be taken into account.

How to know where to vote

How do you know where to vote? Do not worry this coming February 2020, the elections will be held with approximately 13 presidential candidates.

Each of them expects at least one vote, but perhaps many of the people find themselves at a loss with the fact that How do you know where to vote?

To make this process much simpler, this is one of the presidential processes where people expect to vote through the Supreme Court of Elections (TSE).

It should be noted that those who want to vote in a voting goal, can go to one of the digital platforms, preferably by doing click here

This is where the user can enter their ID number to perform each of the mathematical operations to find the verification number.

Once the person has their verification number, they can enter the same page mentioned at the top, and click on the CONSULT option.

Here the name and surname will appear, along with the province where the person should go.

Thanks for reading!

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