How to recover my CCSS account

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You want to know how to recover my CCSS account? Look no further, we invite you to read this article.

Why this article and not others? The answer is simple, because here we are going to clarify all the doubts you have about your CCSS account. How will we do it? easy; We will explain what EDUS is, the EDUS dating platform, the steps you must follow how to recover my CCSS account, among other points that are important for you to know. Let’s go! start reading now.

How to recover my CCSS account

You do not know how to recover my CCSS account, either because you forgot your password or your account is blocked, Quiet! We will explain everything you have to do.

The steps to be carried out are simple, but it is super important that you do them calmly so that the procedure is faster and you do not have errors. Well then, let’s get started:

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the following link
  • Once you enter there, complete the required information, your identification number, the email you registered the first time; It is important that you have access to this email, enter the security code and then click on the button “to accept”
  • Now enter your email, since the system will send you a message with a link, you must double click there and a window will appear on the screen, there you must enter your new password and click “continue”
  • AND Ready! you have already regained access to your CCSS account.

In case you do not remember what was the email you used when you first registered; you must contact the support center at the number 905-MISALUD (905-6472583) Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Once you communicate to that number, mark option 2 and you will be attended by an operator, you must indicate that you need to replace your email, it will request the phone number that you have registered where you will receive a code which you must notify in order to perform the change of mail.

Now to finish the process of how to recover my CCSS account You must carry out the steps that we explained before and so you have access to your CCSS account again.

“CCSS registration for appointments”

Do you want to register for CCSS appointments? Do you know what requirements you need? Well, in order to register for CCSS appointments you must have a valid identity document and this may be:

  • The identity card
  • Temporary identification
  • And in the case of foreigners, only those who have CCSS identification

Once you know the requirements to make your registration, let’s start then with the step by step that you must follow. Ready?

  • First you have to enter the official portal of the CCSS
  • Once you enter the portal, the CCSS online services appear on the main page, select the option “Web Dating”.
  • The system redirects you to another window “Edus-WEB APPOINTMENTS”How are you going to register for the first time, click on the button “Check in”.

  • On the screen that appears after clicking “Check in”, select the type of identification and enter its number, then click on “Continue”
  • Before continuing with the explanation of how to register for CCSS appointments, it is important to note that in some cases a message may appear saying that your email has not been detected by the system, in this case you must go to Ebais or your hospital. zone and perform the validation of your data and add your email in your digital file.
  • Already clarified this point, can we continue? Very well! The system will show you on your screen the email that you have registered in your file, verify if it corresponds to yours, did you verify it? select it and then click “Send”.
  • To finish, you must create an 8-character password with numbers and letters, which you can easily remember.
  • and Ready! You already have your EDUS account to request your appointments at the CCSS.

How to make CCSS appointments online

Now that you are registered, getting your appointment online from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund is super simple. However, it is important to take into account the following recommendations:

  • The system only releases appointments between Monday and Thursday from 5:30 am, so I recommend that you enter a few minutes before.
  • Another recommendation that you should consider is that you do not pay much attention to the appointment time because while you choose the time that is best for you, someone else reserves that time and you stay without an appointment.

Taking into account the aforementioned considerations, now we will tell you what steps you must follow to request your appointment. Ready?

  • Enter the following link
  • To enter your account select the type of identification, then the identification number and finally your password, now click on “Enterokay”
  • Once you enter the platform, look in the upper right for the option that says “Add an appointment” Did you see it? Well click there.
  • Now select the service; in your case Medicine, and the specialty, for example: General Medicine, then select the date of your appointment.
  • When you select the date of your appointment, the system will show you on the screen the number of appointments and the time available for the date you selected, choose the one of your preference and click on the button “to accept”
  • AND Ready! You have already generated your appointment, you can download the receipt of your appointment on your phone or print it and take it with you on the day of your appointment.

If you enter the platform and only a few minutes have passed after the appointments are released and you do not see any available appointments, it may be that they did not activate the appointments on the platform that day. So you can try again the next day. So Luck!

What is EDUS

Did you know that the Costa Rican Social Security Fund or CCSS has a free application that allows all Costa Ricans who are insured to have access to their Digital Medical Health Record (EDUS) and have greater knowledge about the clinical profile information?

EDUS is the official program of the CCSS, this program is based on the creation of a database with all the clinical records of the insured throughout Costa Rica, in addition with EDUS you can access from your mobile phone the most outstanding information of your medical records.

Do you want to know the benefits that the system offers? The benefits offered by the system to those who have their medical records online are:

  • You can access your health file
  • Through the mobile application, you can request medical appointments, validate your rights, check your prescribed medications, your diagnoses, and much more
  • In addition, with the digital file, primary care assistants can more easily register your family members in your digital family file.
  • Having your information online increases the quality of care, providing you with an agile and secure service.
  • Other benefits are that thanks to the digital file you can know your health and improve your habits.

EDUS dating platform

Thanks to the EDUS application, every Costa Rican citizen who has access to the institution’s services can access their updated health information quickly and safely, they can also consult their personal data, the medications they are taking, the allergies detected, the medical diagnoses, validation of rights, consult your medical appointments among others.

Now, this application can be downloaded to your mobile phone from the Google Play or App Store stores. Have you already downloaded the application on your mobile phone? Very well! If you have already downloaded the EDUS application, then let’s find out what the benefits are

  • One of the benefits of this application you can validate your right to medical care.
  • Update your data without the need to leave your home
  • You can check all the information about your next appointments
  • With the application review the detail of your dating has never been easier; You can even cancel your appointments in case you cannot attend.
  • Do you have questions about your active or inactive diagnoses? through the application you can make your query
  • In case you have any allergies registered in your digital file, you can consult all the details about it
  • Did you know that with the application In case you are waiting for a surgery you can keep track of how many people you are?
  • With the application you can very easily change your user and have access to one of your associated relatives
  • And finally, the EDUS application allows you to contact directly the 905-MyHealth.

For more information about the EDUS application, be sure to visit the following link

EDUS platform for immediate family members

As we mentioned previously, one of the advantages of this application is that it allows you to have access to the EDUS of your direct associates. for example; husband and sons.

When you enter your EDUS account on the screen at the bottom right you have an option called “family group”, there you will see the family members who were registered by the primary care technical assistants.

Once you click on that option you can see the same information that you have, you can also request appointments through the web for your family members. If you liked this article from how to recover your CCSS account, do not stop reading us. So See you soon!

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