How to recover my CCSS account: EDUS platform for immediate family members

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In this article we will be giving you information about how you can recover my CCSS account and other data of interest, so that you can carry out this procedure without major inconvenience.

How to recover my CCSS account

If the account of a Username has been locked out for any reason, for example if the user was unable to change the password during the limit of weather specified, you can unlock it without resetting password of the user.

This prevents you from having to explicitly indicate the new password to the user. Instead, the user simply connects using the old password.

To unblock an account Username:

  • Look for the account of Username you want to unlock by following the instructions described in «Searching for Tickets Using the Self-Service Console».
  • Select the account you want to unblock.
  • Please select To unlock. The Unlock User window will appear.
  • The Unlock User window prompts you to confirm the unlocking of a user account. Click Yes to to unlock the user account or No to return to the Users page.


If a bill from the domain administrator, the Oracle Internet Directory superuser can unlock it by modifying the password of the domain administrator account with Oracle Directory Manager.

For information on how use Oracle Directory Manager, see the Oracle Internet Directory Administrator’s Guide.

«CCSS registration for appointments»

Before you can get web appointments from the CCSS we must register on the website, it is important to mention that, in order to check in you

You must have your valid identity document at hand at the time of registration, the documents admitted by the CCSS are:

  • Identity card
  • Temporary identification
  • Foreigners with ID CCSS

Step 1: The first thing to do do es, enter the official website of EDUS citations website of the CCSS

Step 2: Click on the section that says “Check in”Just below the login form, as shown in the following image.

Step 3: Select the type of ID to use, then enter the identification or identification number as appropriate.

Step 4: Click continue.

Note: By clicking on continue a warning appears in red with the following message:

Estimated User the system has not detected any mail associated with the information provided. Please go to the health facility where you are registered to include the email that is required for to complete the self-registration of Appointment Web.

If you skip said message, you must go to the Ebais or hospital in your area, ask the guard where this «data validation» once you arrive at the place, tell the secretariat that you need to add an email to your proceedings digital.

Step 5: The system It will show you an email, if it is yours, select the email and click SEND. An email will come to your email electronic, in that email you will see a link to finish the registration EDUS. If the email is wrong, you need to go to your Ebais or hospital to have it updated.

To select mail

Step 6: Proceed to create a password, try to make it a password that you can easily remember. The password must be 8 characters, for example: MRPK1989.

Ready. You now have your CCSS EDUS account ready and you can proceed to make web appointments.

What is EDUS

EDUS is the official application of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund that will allow you to have access from your smart device to relevant information from your Unique Digital Health Record (EDUS).

Unique Digital Health Record

Created by the Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies

EDUS, a comprehensive approach to your quality of life. The future is now, the future is EDUS.

Health area

You can use this application to consult your file if the Health Area to which you are attached has implemented EDUS.


If you have already registered in the system of Medical Appointments, you can access with the same account.


Over time we will offer more and top services through the App


Consult your data personal, pending and previous medical appointments, as well as, request or cancel your appointments and that of your dependents in the assigned health establishment, validation of rights, prescribed medications, diagnostics and allergies, among other data


You can verify your rights to attention still without carrying proof of entitlement (employer order) or insured card

What is required to be able to use the App?

A required bill that can be created directly in the App through the Register button found on the home screen or, carry out the same process on the Online Appointment Request page available on the web Institutional (

EDUS dating platform

One of the main Advantages of the Unique Digital Health Record is that doctors can consult in real time the clinical information of the patient for safer and more accurate care. In addition, it standardizes the medical care service in the country

In theory, the Unique Digital Health Record (EDUS) is a set of applications and services that allows managing and automating the clinical care provided in the different health centers of the country.

In practice, the EDUS is a tool that comes to facilitate and standardize all medical care in Costa Rica.

Through this software, developed by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), the different health professionals can have full access to the patient file in real time, says Dr. Eduardo Rodríguez, user leader of the System Integrated Health Record.

For this, the professional log into the system according to your profile, regardless of the time or clinic you are in. This allows doctors have access to all the history and thus proceed in a more secure way.

It is important highlight that all visits to the file are marked in a log; as well as that the information found within the EDUS it is completely safe and confidential to use exclusive of health professionals.

An attention complete

There are three specific times when professionals in health can have access to EDUS:

1. With a scheduled outpatient appointment.

2. When the person go to an emergency service.

3. If the person is hospitalized.

We hope that this information has been of great interest to you so that you can recover my CCSS account, thanks for the time taken in reading.

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