Requirements for a residence card in Costa Rica: Find out what you should know

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The residence card is known as a functional identity document for the registration of foreigners. If you want more information regarding this topic, don’t stop reading us!

Requirements for Residency in Costa Rica as an Investor

In LANG & ASOCIADOS they will be able to make a request that you will need for this procedure; proceed with the request once all the information and documentation they need is obtained.

Subsequently, that same institution will present it in compact form to the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners. Please note that an application will be needed for each family member.

In the event that the owner of the property is a company, the relationship with the applicant can be justified by means of his ownership of the shares of said company.

Applicant must provide proof that they own real estate in Costa Rica for a value of US $ 200,000.00 or higher. In order to prove the value of such property, the applicant must also grant a municipal certification proving a value of at least US $ 200,000.00.

If the procedures are not your total domain of the applicant, The value of the property will be prorated accordingly with the percentage of the share ownership.

You must obtain a criminal record certification with a completely clean record; This applies to both the main applicant and all dependents that have been included in the application, who are over 12 years of age.

It must be issued by a legal authority of the country where the applicant has lived during the last 3 years of the application.. Said request must specify that he has no criminal record in the country where said requirement was made.

In case the certification is from the United States of America, it must be a Federal Criminal Record document issued by the FBI.

This document will be valid for 6 months after the date of issue.; It must also be authenticated by the Consulate of Costa Rica or it must be apostilled in the country of issue.

You will also need a birth document of the applicant and his dependents if you have them; it must be issued by the authorities properly at the place of birth.

This document will remain valid only for 6 months, after the date of its issuance., and must be apostilled in the country of issue or must be authenticated by the Consulate of Costa Rica.

Likewise, 6 small-size photographs or passport are needed, it is advisable to take the photos from the front and with a white background.

Photocopy of the complete passport, since it is requested for both the applicant and his dependents. It is mandatory that all pages be appreciated, even those that are blank.

Applicants must compulsorily register with a Consulate of their country of origin in Costa Rica; taking into account that each Consulate has specific requirements for this registration, which tend to change over time.

It is recommended that you contact the Consulate directly so that they give you the current instructions.

This requirement is not requested for those applicants whose country of origin does not have a Consulate in Costa Rica.

This requirement would then be replaced by a document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, where the applicant’s situation is explained.

Requirements for a Residence in Costa Rica for an Executive of a Recognized Company

To apply for the residency of a recognized company executive in Costa Rica, you will have to collect the following requirements:

  • The curriculum Vitae in the corresponding language, (Spanish).
  • Written document where the fingerprint is verified before the Costa Rican Police. This document is essential for the residence application to be approved.
  • Six photographs small size or passport.
  • Registration with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, (CCSS)
  • Document from verification of payment in the Migration account.
  • Employment contract with the local company, it must be registered with Migration.
  • Photocopy of the complete passport, all pages must be appreciated, Specifically, the last stamp of entry to the country must be current and legible.
  • Documentation of no criminal record, correctly apostilled in your country of origin or authenticated by the Consulate of Costa Rica.

The advantages of this residency is that they are provided for a period of 2 years, that can be extendable.

At the time of making the application for said residence as an executive of a recognized company, the process is faster and easier compared to that of an executive from an unrecognized company.

Also that the registered company can proceed with the hiring of the number of people you want since it has no restriction whatsoever.

And the decision time regarding this procedure is 30 business days.

Requirements for Permanent Residence

This residence is obtained after having a temporary residence for more than 3 years or by having a relationship with a Costa Rican. It is the only one that can allow you to work being free of condition; The requirements that you will need to collect are the following:

  • Affiliation form
  • Letter where it can be appreciated the reasons for applying for permanent residence.
  • Receipt of payment of US $ 50.00.
  • 2 small size photos.
  • Payment document of ¢ 125 and ¢ 2.50.
  • Proof of consular registration.
  • Voucher fingerprint registration.
  • Photocopy of the complete passport.
  • Birth document of the foreign person.
  • Show medical opinion, in case of having Costa Rican siblings or older children with disabilities.
  • Certification document verified by the Civil Registry, If that’s the case.
  • Criminal Record.

Requirements for Religious Residence

  • Original passport valid.
  • Form application correctly filled out.
  • Original international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.
  • Copy of all pages of the passport, even the white pages.
  • Request letter explaining the reasons why you you want to opt for residency as a religious.
  • Document where the certification is found of judicial records for immigration purposes.
  • Certification verified by the Directorate of Worship.
  • Written document of the religious congregation to which the applicant belongs.
  • 1 photograph of 5 × 5 with white background, front, that meets the security requirements of photography.
  • Proof of financial means for their subsistence.

We hope that this information has been to your complete satisfaction and is very useful to you. at the time of carrying out said procedure.

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