Requirements to be a Police: Read us and find out

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You may have wanted to be part of the police forces to defend your country or other motives that will drive you. If this is so then here you will get all the information necessary for you to meet this goal.

What do I need to be a police officer

All those who wish to be cops they need to pass tests that are physical, medical and psychological.

Since according to the Ministry for Public Security there are statistics that show that more and more people want be a policeman.

According to the information that has been issued by spokespersons for Security Post, there are at least 3 steps to follow.

In case you really want to form a part with the police force, this is contemplated with the physical, psychological aspects.

To to guarantee that he is the most suitable person for this position.

What is preferred is that they are either men or women They may have an average age of 18 to 30 years.

In good condition physical however, older people who have passed all the requirements can enter.

As in the moment they can get to exercise as officers, they can start to have various benefits.

As well as they can be agreements university, medical services, both for those who belong to the family nucleus and to the official.

In the Web page can get more information or at the institution directly.

The requirements basic for their income are the following:

  • Your age whether you are male or woman It is preferable that they are between 18 and 30 years old-
  • With respect to height it is preferred that it is at least 1.60 for women and 1.70 for men.
  • The level of studies is preference and to have the bachelor of secondary education or at least the 9th year approved.
  • Among the documents that you have to present is the copy ID card on both sides, at least 2 passport size photos.
  • In addition to his record clinical, as well as criminal or judicial records.

Then you have to know that you must also submit the following tests, which may vary:

  • The proof medical
  • Your proof psychological
  • By last the physical test.

Will also be evaluated regarding his life and customs that he possesses:

Here it will be on the part of the Recruitment and Selection Department who will be doing the respective thing for your investigation correspondent.

To have the objective of studying you in a integral, thus demonstrating if you are the right one for the position.

Requirements to be a Municipal Police Costa Rica

In case you want be a policeman municipal has to enter the following page,, there you can also see the requirements.

And the instructions that are necessary so that you can apply, but you must be attentive to the offers and request your appointment.

These are usually a maximum of 44 appointments that are made on days corresponding from 8 in the morning.

The corresponding day for the appointment You must arrive and present yourself with the following:

  • Your offer for the service with legible handwriting.

Between the requirements that must be met are:

  • Be a citizen of Costa Rica
  • Be between 18 and 35 years of age preferably
  • If it is a man the height minimum is 1.65 mt
  • In case of being a woman, the stature minimal is 1.55 mt
  • Possess an index of mass found between 34 and 18.

That they have not fired him with anteriority in any police force, if you have already practiced in one, you must also present.

its constancy Recent and original with the time that I work and because it stops working there.

If you work in another public sector position, you must also show the constancy recent and original with the time that I work and because it stops working there.

You have to submit your record doctors issued by the hospital of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS)

In the job offer you are going to present You have to place absolutely all previous jobs in addition to the current one if you have it.

Placing data such as the company, employer data, telephone, when you enter and leave, in addition to the reason for the end of work.

Have no court case to be find in process or still pending.

With respect to evaluation psychological type can only present it 3 times, with a separation of 1 year, then two before one last time.

If you don’t qualify then You will no longer be able to opt for this charge.

It is offered in this position the following:

The salary for the time of your entry it will be only ¢ 438,487.60 including in this way the prison risk.

Your security risk or surveillance, availability or deductions by law.

Requirements to be a Tourist Police in Costa Rica

The policeman Tourism also plays a role with a high importance because it is who is in charge of the security in the hotels.

Also in ports and airports, serving as best as possible all the incidents that may occur.

Among the most common as they usually are the Stole luggage or theft incidents while waiting to travel.

As those of greater weight such as homicides that may occur there, in addition to working in conjunction with migration.

In order to perform the arrests in necessary cases and ensure that everything is carried out legally.

People who are interested in be a policeman Tourist must present the following documents:

  • Place the offer of the services, with a fairly recent passport-size photograph.
  • Present the valid ID for check age and nationality.
  • It is necessary that you have at least the ninth year already approved, but it is also valid that you have a career in the moment.
  • To have valid your type B1 driver’s license
  • Approve courses Excel and Word.

It will also go through physical tests, psychological and medical, if deemed necessary, interviews will even be conducted with neighbors and relatives.

To be able to assess that you are the person indicated for the position that has been applied for, avoiding possible inconveniences.


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