Requirements to be mayor in Costa Rica: Find out what you should know

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Do you want to apply to practice as Mayor? In case this is so then here we will mainly explain you. What does this charge consist of, what functions you have to fulfill for the position, so we invite you to continue reading.

What is a Mayor

The mayors For the most part, they will also be known as the municipal executives, this was appointed through the councilors. And therefore he possessed a position that was characterized by their hierarchical subordination.

But as of 2002 he was awarded a character different with respect to the legitimacy granted by the ballot box. Despite all this, it begins to occur without any kind of detriment to the role that the aldermen.

Although they have begun to be displaced by the mayors. Due to the level of political relevance. That I end up granting him the citizenship in general, when they have practically no further reference. Regarding the functions it ends by emphasizing that it is in charge of carrying out the administration of the municipality.

Like serving as the head of the dependencies, which is responsible for monitoring the operation, organization and compliance. All the corresponding municipal agreements, the mayors elected will occupy their position as of the first Monday that February owns.

To be Mayor You are only required to be a practicing Costa Rican citizen, preferably from birth.

It has to belong to the respective state secular and be electorally registered with at least 2 years before the elections.

Here you can choose to be re-elected and that he will have the power to resign at any time.


Between his attributions are the following:

  • Have established the policy and all the priorities that the developing in your municipality based on the government program.
  • That you may own according to the period in which he has been chosen with the participation of the neighbors.
  • Make agreements regarding the budgets in order to approve the rates, contributions and prices charged.

  • For the services in the municipalities, as well as proposing the respective projects for the taxes of the municipality in the assembly.
  • Place the regulations for corporations in accordance with the laws.
  • Take charge of organizing through the regulation the respective provision of their services in the municipality.
  • You can celebrate the covenants to pledge assets or funds, in which case you can also authorize.
  • All the expenses that the municipality, for fixed expenses, for the acquisition of goods and services.
  • That they meet the competition of the Mayor municipal as long as it complies with the Administrative Contracting Law, No. 7494, of May 2, 1995
  • Take charge of solving the resources that you have to know.
  • Place the proposal before the Assembly Legislative of all the bills that are needed for the development of the municipality.
  • To be welcomed presented and processed, as well as to comply with the consultations about the projects to be processed.
  • Place the agreements so that they can be celebrated plebiscites, councils and referendums according to compliance.

  • Of the regulations to be prepared for the advice of the Court Elections Supreme, making the observations.
  • Regarding the form for the implementation of all inquiries in popularity with what is required in labor law.
  • Be able to approve plans with development municipal that they are prepared as long as they are based on the government program.
  • That in turn incorporates diversity or their needs and the interests of the general population that promotes equality.
  • To be able to create the respective for commissions permanent and special to be assigned functions.
  • That it can confer the respective with its distinctions honorific with what the regulation issues for the effect.
  • Communicate to court supreme when offenses are considered that may justify the removal of any of the charges
  • Dictate those measures necessary for urban planning.
  • To be able to constitute by the respective initiative according to the Mayor municipal, industries, public and commercial establishments.
  • With the societies to obtain a mixed economy.
  • Take care of authorizing all memberships in front of foreign, national, private or public entities.
  • That estimate as necessary for general profit.


Among the necessary requirements to practice as Mayor they find each other.

  • It must be a citizen in practice and in turn be a Costa Rican.
  • It has to belong to state in which you apply.
  • Be registered for at least two years of anteriority where you want to be elected for this position.

Who cannot be Mayor

Among the people who cannot be chosen as the mayors those who are disabled by means of the sentence are found. Judicial firm that does not allow him to exercise the positions publicThey may only be in charge of casting their vote.

Like the following Attorney and Deputy Attorney, of the Autonomous Institutions, The President and Vice President of the Republic. Comptroller and Sub-Comptrollers, Defender and Defender Attach, Ministers and Vice Ministers, Members of the police authority. Senior Officers Ministries, OIJ Agents, Magistrates and Officials of the Judicial Power. Employees of the TSE and Civil Registry, Presidents Executives, Executive Directors and Managers.

What is a municipal councilor

The aldermen they are actually a type of collegiate figure that has been called the Municipal Council.

This is made up of the Mayor, and his respective substitute for the Municipal government, for that reason the parallelism is made.

In front of the council and his Assembly of a legislative nature.


If you wish to aspire to occupy the position of a councilor, it is necessary that you comply with the requirements that are contemplated by means of the Municipal Code.

Specifically, it is in article number 22 that the following are indicated requirements:

  • Must be Costa Rican and in turn a citizen who is in exercise.
  • To be able to belong in turn with him state where you want to exercise.
  • At the time of the elections there must be compliment already coming of age.
  • Have to meet registered in turn as a voter in the corresponding canton.
  • Have your address established in the area Wherever you want to hold office, this is of great importance.

Duties of an alderman

Among the duties that must be fulfilled by aldermen are the following:

  • Go to sessions corresponding
  • Carry out voting on the matters that are need, mostly this must be positive or negative.
  • You cannot abandon sessions without having permission from the president of the municipality.
  • And else homework that are expressed through internal codes.

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