Requirements to export in Costa Rica: Read us and get the information you need

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Costa Rica is distinguished as an attractive destination for tourism, however, It has enriched its business authority as international investors and institutes looking to grow. Find out here about what you need to export in Costa Rica.

What does export mean

It is what is known as selling services produced, goods or generated in one country to clients from different countries. These services were created in order to create greater satisfaction for the population of certain places..

Requirements to export in Costa Rica

  • Set costs, objectives and goals to export.
  • Make sure you have a product that is marketed nationally.
  • Have the right knowledge on the markets of interest.
  • Register with PROCOMER, also known as the Single Window of the Foreign Trade Promoter; After proceeding with the registration, you will be given a code.
  • Comply with all quality international items.
  • Have adequate knowledge regarding the prices, routes, transport operators, delivery times, and costs.
  • Acquire CO source document The same must authenticate and verify the start of all merchandise.
  • Collect the relevant export documents, such as licenses and permits for the commercialization of the products; They can request extra documents, this will depend on the products to be exported.
  • Fully understand the organization of the export procedure.

Profitability of trade in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for being an organ of the WTO, World Trade Organization, it also has several transcendent free trade agreements. Likewise, it can be estimated that it has decreed various trade agreements with Latin American countries.

All business relationships do much easier and more dynamic the processes of the countries involved.

Free trade, territories: The entities that move product within Costa Rica They have multiple inspectors who cooperate in the success of the country in international trade.

It should be noted that one of the favored with more attention It is the tax exemption of 100% of customs duties on exports.

Transaction: Items exported from Costa Rica are completely tax free; however, there are some cases of irregularity regarding the product to be exported.

Different types of companies coexist that can get rich from the governance of the free trade zone system; a clear example can be the production company that usually disrupt more than £ 6.5 million.

Excursion: As can be seen, numerous tourism companies are attached to various earnings and incentives according to the Law of Incentives for the Development of Tourism or also known as ILDT.

Products originating from Central America: The Central American Integration System has a particular meaning, and it is that specific items are free to cancel the Import Duty Fee, or also called DAI.

What are the products that are subject to the payment of export taxes

In Costa Rica, the products that are subject to payment they are bananas, coffee and live cattle.

Its regulatory foundations are:

In the banana process, it is the tribute agreed in Executive Decree 35825-MEIC-MAG-COMEX and in Laws Nº 5515 and Nº 4895.

For coffee, it is the tax justified by Law No. 2762, Article 108.

And if it is the case of live cattle (alive), would be the Tax covered by Law No. 7837, Article 7.

Requirements to register as an exporter in Costa Rica

  1. Photocopy of valid nationality card, of all individuals authorized to sign export documents.
  2. Photocopy verified by the Notary Public or Public Registry of the deed of incorporation of the company.
  3. Exporter Registration Cards, signed and filled out correctly on both sides; Corrections will not be accepted and if you are a legal person, one of these cards must be verified by a lawyer.
  4. Copy verified by the Notary Public or Public Registry of the company incorporation document.
  5. Copy of the legal identity card, it must be in force.

Requirements to renew my exporter registration in Costa Rica

In the case of natural persons, You must carry out the same procedure as when the registry was opened for the first time, both the documents to be presented and the procedure.

For legal persons, the procedure is the same to be carried out when the registry is opened, the only thing that can change is the presentation of documents. The requirements for renewal are:

  1. Photocopy of the nationality card of each of the persons who are authorized to sign the export documents.
  2. Exporter Registration Card, duly completed and signed on both sides. In this case, corrections will not be accepted either, and in the case of legal persons, it must be verified by a lawyer.
  3. This item only applies to legal persons, and is to deliver the original certificate of said person, that does not exceed 1 month of issuance; It must be issued by the Public Registry or Notary Public.

Procedure via internet

The use of the internet for the use of procedures and requirements has caused a lot of noise today, PROCOMER has found a new form of registration for exporters on its website.

This procedure can now be carried out online, so that applicants who carry out the process for the first time or are going to carry out a renewal in the same way, have a more efficient and simple way to do it.

Countries with which Costa Rica has a free trade agreement in force

Currently, Costa Rica has more than 10 free trade agreements in force with the following commercial blocks or countries:

Peru, Singapore, Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union (AACUE), European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Central America, Canada, CARICOM, Chile, China, Dominican Republic-Central America-United States (CAFTA-DR), Mexico, Panama.

Costa Rica does not have any treaties in process either, such as:

Agreement on Trade in Services (TiSA), Pacific Alliance, Agreement on Trade in Environmental Goods (EGA), FTA between Central America and the Republic of Korea.

And it has bilateral investment agreements with the following countries:

Spain, France, Netherlands, Paraguay, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Venezuela, Qatar, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Taiwan, Korea.

We hope that this information has been to your complete satisfaction, and be very useful at the time of carrying out said procedure.

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