Requirements to insure my partner Costa Rica: Find out what you need to know

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Can an individual insure his partner? The answer is yes. Find out here about the requirements, forms and other details to carry out this procedure and you can insure your partner.

What is voluntary insurance

It is that type of insurance that the contracting of is not mandatory, this means that any individual can take out the insurance if they wish., and there is no legal rule that can compel a person to do so.

How I can abandon my Voluntary Insurance

Said insurance is inalienable, it can only be suspended if some exceptions happen, which are:

When the individual becomes a salaried and independent worker, It may also be the case of being absent from the country for 3 months or more.

Likewise, you can write a letter of request to request suspension of insurance and explaining the reasons why such suspension will be made. The letter must be addressed to the Head of the Voluntary Insurance Area.

What are the benefits of being voluntarily insured

People who have voluntary insurance, At the time of paying the fees, they will have the right to benefits granted by said health insurance, which are:

Have access to medical services, at the EBAIS headquarters, in hospitals and clinics in the country. You can also get a pension for old age or disability, and then to protect their beneficiaries in the event of their death.

You will even receive financial help for the purchase of orthopedic devices, transfers, glasses, funeral expenses and prosthetics. And in an emergency, you can use the services throughout the country.

Requirements to insure my partner Costa Rica

Identification papers of the applicant, according to age, nationality, in good condition and current:

  • Verification of the summons to be documented
  • DIMEX document in good condition and current.
  • In case of being a foreigner:
  • Regular passport with valid visa
  • DIMEX document valid.
  • Proof of payment in favor of the Government of Costa Rica.
  • Renewal resolution of the status granted.
  • Proof of appointment to be documented.
  • Retirement or pension award resolution, in case of possessing it
  • Employer’s order of sealed by unemployment, provisional or unemployment, current.
  • Lease contract, proof of transfer of the corresponding payment from the previous month, bank deposit or receipt, If that’s the case.
  • Receipt of private or public service for the last month, such as cable TV, electricity or telephone.

In the case of Costa Ricans:

  • Present the identity card in good condition and must be current.
  • Identification card of the minor, between 15 and 18 years of age not fulfilled.
  • Proof of insurance payment, valid.
  • Award resolution retirement or pension.
  • Lease contract, proof of transfer of the corresponding payment from the previous month, bank deposit or receipt, If that’s the case.

Whatever your case, you must additionally present:

  • Certificate of marital status, which is current and which has not exceeded one month of being issued.
  • For people who are not attached, they must refer to their place of residence and established order.

Take into account that

Foreign individuals who are approved for said procedure, will be given a valid health card

Required forms

The forms what you will need are:


Registration Form

Sworn declaration

Requirements according to link

Legal basis

Its legal basis is the Health Insurance Regulations and other applicable regulations; it emphasizes Article Two of the Assignment and Family Benefit Manual.

Processing time

This procedure does not contain a specific term, it is only necessary to register it and make the agreed time compatible; according to what is explained in article 12 of the Health Insurance Regulations.


In the same way, it does not have a validity, it is only registered and computed, the time as specified in Art. 12 of the Health Insurance Regulations.

Will be this way until conditions changeYou can consult chapter VI of the Family Benefit and Affiliation Manual.

CCSS cannot demand a period of coexistence to ensure

After having analyzed an appeal filed by a woman to whom the CCSS He was completely denied insurance for not having the time limit (3 years) of living with his partner, CCSS magistrates cannot demand a specific period for a person to obtain the family or insurance benefit.

Chamber VI demanded to solve the request for the insurance in favor of the woman, for them it is not reasonable to demand a specific time, as this can be a great risk of death and homelessness for many women in Costa Rica.

Women also have the right to health care. Said Chamber also gave the CCSS 6 months to create a new plan that could reduce the waiting lists for said procedure.

For many important entities, the aforementioned situation is a violation of a woman’s right to insurance and health care; They explain that many requirements are unreasonable and disproportionate to them.

Same-sex couples can already be insured

For the first time in history, thanks to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund more than one million nine hundred thousand people will be able to have a free union and will be able to be insured.

This institution trained multiple officials for the new Family Assignment and Benefit manual. It can be seen that in 103 health areas the procedures and requirements were instilled in order for this procedure to be effective.

The diversity movement is very satisfied that this has been achieved, little by little the stereotypes regarding this movement are being broken.

From what you can see, this procedure is complicated, but it will be worth it, for your safety and peace of mind. We hope this information is useful to you when making this benefit, meets all the requirements to insure my partner Costa Rica and enjoy the benefits.

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