Requirements to join the College of Public Accountants of Costa Rica: Get the information you need

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The College of Public Accountants of Costa Rica, known as one of the oldest colleges in Latin America; If you want to join this school, find out what the requirements are and much more … Keep reading!

What is a public accountant

It is that professional individual who applies the discipline of accounting within the economic environment; It is commonly run within organizations, businesses, even to help individuals with their business or personal finances.

In the same way, a public accountant extends in different areas, as are law, statistics, accounting, auditing, and finance.

Currently this profession trains a person in several areas in a single university career; this is because an accountant, You must have knowledge of tax law, civil law, labor law, sales, marketing, statistics, attention to economic crises, international standards.

You can even find professional individuals who make the decision to supplement with the part of the corporate image to achieve a comprehensive look at a company.

Functions of a P Counterpublic

  • Certify financial reports for clients, as they are:

Register the accounting books of customers, run a balance of the financial books, examine the expenses and earnings and transcribe reports about the financial status of your clients.

  • Handle financial budgets, systems and records.
  • Take some exams financial for its users.
  • Advise users on financial matters, that is, how they can improve their business, how to proceed with the reduction of costs, bad debts.
  • Proceed with the execution of tax and financial reports, taking into account the above, in order to confirm that the guidelines and applicable legislation are being taken care of.
  • Train and supervise recently graduated interns and accountants.

How to enter the Colegio de Contadores de Costa delicious

People are interested in belonging to said school of study, they must make sure they meet some academic requirements, which are:

In the case of the Medium Accounting Technician, either Professional Technician or Vocational College, Bachelor’s in Business Administration or Accounting, Diploma in Accounting, They must present and pass a professional suitability test properly established by the College.

Graduates in Business Management, with an intensity related to Accounting, Graduates in Business Administration with vigor in Accounting and Graduates in Accounting, it is not necessary to take the suitability test.

Required documentation

  • Show original and 2 copies that is legible, of the title that accredits it.
  • 1 passport-size or passport-type photograph in formal clothing, it is recommended that it be with a smooth background.
  • Manage an appointment with the Institution’s Service Platform, once the exam has been passed or they present an academic level of Bachelor’s degree, previously mentioned.
  • Present the nationality card and photocopy, that is legible on both sides.
  • Have the required attendance at the professional induction seminar, broadcast by the institute.
  • Quote the tariff previously decreed by concept of Incorporation.
  • Copy of the nationality card on both sides, of at least one person of legal age who wishes to designate as a beneficiary of DEVOAS.

Step by Step

  1. Collect the data that will be exhibited at the College.
  2. Submit the application for admission, in the Administration Section.
  3. Checking the Acceptance Departments to rectify that the data is correct.
  4. Cancellation of the amount of the document review study in the Institute’s cash register, which corresponds to 60% of an average starting salary.
  5. Review by the Admission Commission.
  6. Observation and result by the Board of Directors, by phone or email.
  7. The remainder, which will be approximately 40%, will be notified via an agreement of the Board of Directors.
  8. A Seminar on Ethics will be held for those applicants who are approved by the Board of Directors.
  9. If you are selected for the aforementioned Seminar, Your attendance must be mandatory and the date for the same will be notified via email.
  10. To carry out the incorporation procedure, it will be attached to the Achievement Test and the Ethics Seminar; then you will be informed of the date, place and time.
  11. All applicants must attend the achievement test, which is usually done after completing the Ethics Seminar.

Cost of the procedure

The processing and study cost is ¢ 133,860.00, additionally with VAT of 13%, in total it would be ¢ 151.261.80 at the time of submitting the application.

The incorporation costs will be ¢ 89,240.00, including VAT of 13%, gives a total of ¢ 100,841.20 once said incorporation is accepted.

Replacement costs, proof of use is ¢ 55,775.00, counting on VAT of 13%, with a total of ¢ 63,025.75.

The cost of replacing the Ethics Seminar would be ¢ 89,240.00, additionally with VAT of 13%, will give a total of ¢ 100,841.20.

Documents reception

The reception of documents is a set of control and verification operations that an institute must execute for the entry of new documents that are delivered by a legal or natural person.

In the calendar that will be attached below, you will be able to see the days that said documents will be accepted to start with the process of the incorporation process.


The dates that are highlighted in red are the days that the documents will be received, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

For more information, contact by the following means of communication:

Telephone: +506 2297-0045

Web page:


Purpose of the school

Promote the professional and social union of its components, and establish disciplinary jurisdiction and vigilance over members in relation to professional practice.

It watches over to defend and improve the fundamentals of its members and raise its economic improvement.

Protects their exercise as a profession, and promotes the development of Accounting Science.

We hope that this information has been to your complete satisfaction., and it works for them to carry out this procedure.

We read each other.

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