Requirements to open a soda in Costa Rica: Find out what you need to know

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You may want to open your own restaurant so that the population can enjoy their cooking method, or just to start a business. Then I’ll we will explain what it takes so you can have it.

How to open a restaurant in Costa Rica

Like most of the achievements you have on a day-to-day basis, being able to create a restaurant in turn, it usually begins with the idea that you want to fulfill your dream. However, whether it is fulfilled will depend on the entire dedication, the effort and your patience, and it will probably not be easy.

But once you do, you can have a lot satisfaction and pride in this, perhaps at the time I get to this article. You have 1000 doubts about what you have to do to get your business gastronomic the successful way.

INEC in 2017 verified that for that moment there was a total of at least 37,467 companies related to the private sector.

That were dedicated to the production general of goods and services and only 4,325 of all those were considered.

In activities for accommodation or services of food, of which at least 35% are localized.

According to the findings made that same year, at least 75% of the citizens They said it seemed very difficult or difficult.

Be able to open some business in the country, that is why the informal sector was at least 45%.

Requirements of the Ministry of Health

In accordance with the general health laws as well as the General Regulations for Authorizations and Permissions Functioning toilets.

That are granted by the Ministry for Health, all these establishments whether commercial or industrial.

Or service must have at least permission sanitary for the operation or that authorization, so that you can apply this activity.

Anywhere you want in the national territory. It is in these regulations that the guidelines or requirements.

That have to be carried out and be fulfilled with all the persons with which you can formalize your activities in Costa Rica.

So that you can obtain your authorization or in such case the Excuse me sanitary by the institution, for your ease.

We will explain here which are the tools or the procedures necessary for this operation.

What is an operating permit and what is it for?

It is in the General Law for Health at least in Costa Rica, which is in charge of dictating that all the establishments that are going to be made.

Activities whether commercial, agricultural or the industrial ones in addition to the service that is for the public.

It is necessary that they have your permission to functioning to be officially considered legal.


So that you can carry out the management to obtain the Excuse me operation must follow the following steps:

  • He passed

You have to enter the web page that owns the Ministry for Health according to the area corresponding to production.

Click here

In addition to checking there if you have all the requirements For this, various tables are presented there so that you can carry out the verification.

Both requirements and the corresponding area, according to the document or make contacts so you can.

Find the document identified as the Limits and contacts of the Directorates of Health Governing Areas.

Which will be displayed in the addresses of each referral.

Permission for operation in the Ministry Health is divided into the following categories:

  1. Category A: Activities related with Agriculture, livestock, hunting and forestry.
  2. Category B: Fishing.
  3. Category C: For the Exploitation of mines and quarries.
  4. Category D: Hotels and restaurants.
  5. Category E: Services of the Transport, storage
  6. Category F: Industry manufacturing.
  7. Category G: In case of supplies of electricity, gas and water.
  8. Category H: Construction.
  9. Category I: Wholesale and retail trade operations, repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles, effects personal and household items.
  10. Category J: Intermediation financial
  11. Category K: For Intermediation financial to real estate, business and rental activities.
  12. Category L: Administration public and defense: compulsory affiliation social security plans.
  13. Category M: Activities Teaching.
  14. Category O: Other service activities community, social and health
  • He passed

You have to complete the documents like the form so that I can request your permission to operate.

Also the respective statement sworn to be able to issue the operating permit, regardless of the classification to which it belongs.

  • He passed

To process your documents legal, such as your affidavit or the legal identification that is requested.

You can attach it with the previous form, these can be requested directly in the Rectory or in support management.

  • He passed

You can make the respective payment that corresponds to the accounts that have been intended for that purpose.

IN particular with the document of Bill client for money deposits for operating permits.

That you may end up finding with the different addresses web, it is preferable if you have doubts about the amount you want to cancel.

Have to communicate at least with the Directorates of Health Governing Areas.

  • He passed

You must deliver the entire documentation that may correspond and that will be discussed later in the Directorate of the Health Governing Area of ​​the Ministry of Health.

As long as corresponds for your locality at least.


The requirements that are requested, are usually the following:

  • The species Fiscal with ¢ 105 in fiscal stamps and with the file of national type.
  • The photocopy of the ID identity with the individual or legal representative.
  • Perform the certification of up-to-date and original legal persons.
  • Provide the certified copy for your contract lease in the premises, so that it ends up being the leased.
  • Or in that case your certification registry in said property, so that it can be seen that it belongs to whoever requests it.
  • The current receipt, the opposite or the constancy for the policy that ends up being subscribed.
  • With the Institute National Insurance to know that it really ends up being up to date at least.


The Payments must be done at the National Bank of Costa Rica, here are the data:




BILL CURRENT: 100-01-000-213715-6

BILL CUSTOMER: 15100010012137157


BILL CURRENT: 100-02-000-617477-5

BILL CUSTOMER: 15100010026174771


COLONES: CR85015100010012137157

DOLLARS: CR76015100010026174771

However, it is preferable that you check the page official in case any data has changed.


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