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How to recover the points of the License: What are the points of the Driver’s License, requirements to consult them and more

How to recover the points of the License: What are the points of the Driver’s License, requirements to consult them and more, this information is essential that we take it into account. In Ecuador, the competent authority, known as the National Transit Agency or ANT, assigns us a number of points in the issuance of … Read More

Procedures and Requirements for divorce in Ecuador

Divorce is the result of the decision of dissolve a marriage union. This measure is taken when there are irreconcilable differences in the couple and may depend on the will of one of the parties or it may be an agreed decision. Below we detail the procedures and requirements for divorce in Ecuador. Requirements for … Read More

Steps and Requirements to Create a Company in Ecuador

Do you have money and you don’t know what to spend it on? Do you want to undertake? Creating your own business will become a great investment in the future, who knows? Maybe you can become the next industry mogul and own a multi-million dollar hotel chain or own a very famous transnational. Above all, … Read More

How to know ID number: Requirements and step by step

At the time of emigration to another country, the regulatory documentation of that nation must begin to be processed. This is very important to keep track of the number of people in a country. Every country in the world maintains a different documentation policy for its inhabitants. However, it does not vary greatly in certain … Read More

How to know my RISE: Steps and requirements

Taxes within a country are a fundamental part of its development. In turn, it allows to exercise control within the economic agreements for the country. In turn, this system of collection and support of the state has been implemented over the years. AND manages to be one of the main methods administration and support for … Read More

Get your medical appointment at the IESS in Ecuador

If you live in Ecuador and are part of the IESS, We tell you that you can make your medical appointment in case you need it. This Institute has a medical appointment program for its affiliated users. If you are interested, keep reading. What is the IESS? The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), It … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Obtain the License in Ecuador

Did you know? Many times when arriving at our vacation destination, we make the decision to rent a vehicle or, in the case of being an Emigrant from a Country, look for a productive work alternative. However, what many people do not know is that it is strictly necessary to have an international driver’s license. … Read More

Procedures and requirements to retire

Every working citizen, after long years of responsible and constant work, wishes to enjoy his retirement as a member of Social Security. In Ecuador, you do not necessarily need to be 60 years of age to qualify for retirement. Below we will detail the requirements to retire in that country. The Ecuadorian Institute of Social … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to travel to Spain

Spain is located in southwestern Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula and is one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers. Not only for the city of Madrid, Santiago, Burgos, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, among others, and which are the most visited sites, but also for its great artistic heritage and its gastronomic wealth. … Read More

What are the requirements to obtain RUC in Ecuador

Before beginning to explain each step that you must follow and do to process the RUC in Ecuador, we would like you to first know what the RUC is and why it is necessary to obtain it. It is the Single Registry of Taxpayers is the document that identifies and individualizes taxpayers, natural or legal … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to obtain the RISE

One of the simplest options that small and new entrepreneurs have to have their documents in order in Ecuador is the RISE, which is an ideal regime when planning to start a business and do not have high income at the moment, or provision of a payroll of employees. Next we will detail the requirements … Read More

Steps and requirements to renew passport

The passport is extremely important documentation of international validity if you are a frequent traveler. Carrying it you obtain permission or legal authorization to leave or enter through the international ports or airports. Know here the Requirements for Renew passport in Ecuador. Requirements to renew passport This procedure can be done through the Virtual Consulate … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Renew Driver’s License

The driver’s license is one of the most important documents and requirements for the driver of any type of transport. When processing it, you can enjoy the benefits by obtaining the official license to drive a car. It serves as a personal identification, In the event of a car accident, the insurance will ask for … Read More