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Procedures and Requirements to enter the marina

Being in the Navy is an honor to prove that you have the ability to defend and protect the marine requisitions of the nation where you reside. To be able to enter the Ecuadorian navy, you have to follow requirements to enter the navy which will be explained in detail below Requirements and Documents to … Read More

Requirements to import from China to Ecuador

Many people do not dare to start the import process with Chinese products because they do not know the steps to follow. Since we contact a supplier, until we have the merchandise in our hands, the procedure can be extensive and specific, this will depend on factors such as customs, our same supplier, etc. Requirements … Read More

How to know which school my child has: Steps to follow

Education is one of the fundamental pillars for the integral professional development of a person. This will help you to train as a thinking and critical being in the face of the different situations that arise in your day-to-day life. That is why education is seen worldwide as one of the fundamental issues for the … Read More

How to know CNT number: Steps to follow

While it is true that technology over the years It has evolved in unimaginable ways. From sending a simple text message, the special effects of a movie to a personal assistant inside your smartphone. Currently this technology It becomes very essential for the human being., due to the fact that it manages to make life … Read More

How to know my RUC: Query and steps to follow

The good administration and organization of a country It is essential for it to develop efficiently. Likewise, there must be adequate policies within for the proper functioning of the nation’s economy. One of the measures implemented in almost all countries worldwide are tax policies or tax rates. Thanks to this measure have been able to … Read More

How to know Date of Birth: Civil Registry

As characteristic of the human being and of each nation, every day new people die and are born. This is a fundamental part of a city or nation for the formation of new generations. Birth rates worldwide are usually very varied since they are subject to the capacity of the geographical space. turn too It … Read More

How to know balance in Claro: Recharges

For humanity, technology represents one of the focal issues for the development of a country. In turn, it forms a fundamental part to carry out the different tasks of our daily routine. Since the invention of mobile phones we simply have not been able to separate ourselves from them. In addition, currently thanks to the … Read More

Learn how to process the Single Vehicle Certificate

Every car needs an identification document along with its owner, in order to effectively register the owner and the information of the car in question, which is why the Unique Vehicle Certificate is necessary. The objective of this document is to frequently monitor the Land Transport Commission, as well as road safety at the national … Read More

Learn how to obtain the Work Certificate in Ecuador

Work certificates or labor certificates are part of the requirements to opt for a new job, to expedite banking procedures and for other legal uses. If you wish to request or carry out a work certificate, below you will find the information you want to know for it. What is the work certificate? The work … Read More

How to know if I am affiliated with the IESS: Step-by-step procedure

The well-being of citizens should be the main objective of world governments. Likewise, creating or generating plans or government entities specialized in this aspect is usually one of the answers to this objective. In many countries, what is called social security is implemented. These are in charge of treating and administering certain capital of the … Read More

Obtain your property registration in Ecuador

If you are a citizen of Ecuador or have recently moved there, you need to obtain a property registration certificate, a document that is issued to prove ownership or ownership of some property. How can you get it? and why is it so important? We will understand it below. Requirements for the property registration certificate … Read More

Certificate of not belonging to the armed forces in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Ministry of National Defense developed an online system tool for obtaining the certificate of not belonging to the armed forcesfor the convenience of users, said platform is available to all persons who need to apply for the certificate or modify certain data contained therein. Requirements for the certificate of not belonging to the … Read More

Obtain your certificate of No labor impediment in Ecuador

When opting for a position or a job position in a public company in Ecuador or a state institution, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, one of which is the certificate of no legal labor impediment. Requirements for the certificate of non-impediment to work The requirements to opt for the certificate of … Read More

Certificate of honor? Procedures in Ecuador

For the issuance of a certificate of good repute, it is necessary that whoever does it is fully aware of the behavior of the beneficiary, since that person, company or institution is responsible for the content that is embodied in said document. Below you will find what the beneficiary and who issues the document should … Read More

Lien Certificate – Property Domain in Ecuador

To know the history, restrictions or judicial conditions of a property, it is necessary to carry out the lien process and dominate the same. He Property registration in Ecuador issues certificates of free encumbrance to properties requested by the applicant, if the requirements and the following steps are met to complete the process. Requirements for … Read More