Apply for a Produbanco Credit Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Additional Services and MORE

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Apply for a Produbanco Credit Card It turns out to be an extremely quick and easy process if you have all the requirements and the necessary documentation. It should be noted that having a Produbanco credit card will bring you many benefits and you will be able to enjoy different services.

That is why, in this article we will explain everything you need to be able to request a Produbanco Credit Card, we will explain what is Produbanco, what are the benefits of the credit card, what are the requirements and much more.

What is Produbanco?

Produbanco is a financial institution and is one of the most important in Ecuador. This institution has managed to enhance the values ​​of solidity and integrity in clients and collaborators. This entity has a quality customer service.

This has characterized it becoming a strong and transparent entity. In 1978 they began operations serving the corporate sector. However, from the first decade on, the business segments and geographic coverage in Ecuador expanded.

Their solid and recognized trajectory during 40 years in the market have made them worthy of various local and international recognitions, this allows us to rectify that it is one of the most prestigious banks in the country.

Produbanco, is a leader in banking innovation in Ecuador. Likewise, it has a wide portfolio of products, focused on the quality of services for its clients. Therefore, it will always be a good option to have a Produbanco product.

It is currently located in the third largest bank in the entire country, of the 22 that exist and are present in the Ecuadorian financial system. It has 101 agencies nationwide and more than 3,100 workers.

Produbanco offers a number of products and among them are credit cards. We know that this product is extremely valuable, since it will allow us to request a type of loan from the bank to be able to make purchases and service payments.

Produbanco has a trained customer service center to provide you with a clear answer and a solution to your doubts, inconveniences or complaints. This way, you can communicate with staff The 24 hours of the day.

Types of Produbanco Credit Cards

Produbanco offers a wide variety of products for its clients to be in charge of choosing which one best suits their needs. It should be noted that each product offers different benefits and services. Next, we will let you know which are the types of card that Produbanco offers.


    • Classic
    • Gold.
    • Classic Supermaxi.
    • Supermaxi Gold.
    • Black Supermaxi.
    • Platinum.
    • Supermaxi Platinum.
    • Black.


    • Classic
    • Gold.
    • Platinum.
    • Signature.
    • Infinite.
    • SMEs.
    • Visa gift.
    • Platinum Ibera.
    • Infinite Ibera.
    • Platinum ConnectMiles.
    • Infinite ConnectMiles.

As we can see, there are different types of credit cards. Likewise, it is important to emphasize that these are backed by Visa or Mastercard, this will allow you to make purchases at any store.

These credit cards are ideal for those who want to start a credit history, this will provide flexibility in payments and security. Likewise, most of these cards will return a percentage of all consumption, both national and international.

It is important to note that there is a special credit card for travel lovers, with it, you will be able to significantly improve your experience with credit cards. Since these are focused for frequent travelers.

In this way, they will be able to make destinations such as: Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Using this card, you will have much more benefits with the airlines in charge. Therefore, that request a Produbanco Credit Card it will always be a good option.

In case you have any doubt or inconvenience, regarding your credit card, do not forget that you can contact the customer service center so that the staff in charge can help you.

Requirements to Make the Request

To request a Produbanco Credit Card you must meet a number of requirements, otherwise you will not be able to start the application process. It is very important to note that the requirements will vary depending on the type of card you choose.

  • Minimum age 21 years (this will vary depending on the type of card to choose, the minimum age can vary between 21 and 25 years).
  • Identity card (current and in good condition).
  • Form State of Personal Situation.
  • Card application.
  • Minimum income USD $ 1000. (This can also vary depending on the type of card, others require a slightly higher minimum income).
  • Minimum equity USD $ 2500 (this will also vary).
It should be noted that in heritage, furniture, fixtures, vehicles and real estate, among others, will be considered.

Both forms must be downloaded to proceed to fill it out. Both will have totally different information and must be filled in correctly and without any type of error as this can influence the application process.

Once you complete the form, it must be printed and must be attached together with the other requirements requested in order to request a Produbanco Credit Card. After having all the documentation ready, you will proceed to go to a national agency to open the account.

If you have any questions, complaints or problems, do not hesitate to contact the customer service center so that authorized personnel can help you. In the same way, you can go to the nearest office to have any questions answered.

How to make the request?

We can say that carrying out the process to request a Produbanco Credit Card It is extremely easy and simple if you have all the necessary requirements. In this way, we will not waste time when we start the process.

Next, we will let you know what are the steps to be able to request a Produbanco Credit Card Pay a lot of attention!

  1. You must download, complete and print the Personal Status Status form.
  2. Download, complete and print the application to open the account.
  3. After you have both forms on hand, you will be in charge of looking up the other requirements.
  4. Once you have all the requested documents, you will go to the agency closest to your home in order to carry out the request.
  5. You must wait a turn for staff to serve you.
  6. It will ask for all the documentation and check if everything is in perfect order.
  7. After verifying everything, you will proceed to the opening of your account.
  8. Finally, they will give you your credit card.

Actually the process is quite simple to carry out since the staff is in the capacity of being able to carry out the management quickly. But, it is important to emphasize again, that you must present all the requirements and that this should not have any errors.

Likewise, it should not be submitted without the request to open an account since in said form, there will be all the information necessary to carry out the procedure. will not be able request a Produbanco Credit Card if you do not make the prior request.

In case you have any questions regarding the forms to fill out, you can contact the customer service center so they can help you. Remember to carefully read the boxes that you must complete so that there are no errors.

Additional Services of Produbanco Credit Cards

It should be noted that thanks to the variety of credit cards that Produbanco offers, there are also a large number of services that it offers. Next, we will let you know a little more about the services it provides apply for Credit Card Produbanco:

  • Wedding plan (ideal solution for the bride and groom gift).
  • Transfers and checks.
  • Goods and vehicle sales.
  • Euros.
  • Record.
  • Use of ATMs.

It should be noted that this bank has different agencies located throughout the country, this allows providing a certain comfort to all customers who belong to Produbanco. Likewise, there is also a wide range of agencies servipago and pagoágil. Here are some of them.

Servipago Agencies

  • Millers.
  • Pan American.
  • Homeland.
  • Joy Square.
  • Press.
  • Quitumbe.
  • Guamaní.
  • Queen Victoria.
  • Sangolquí.
  • Solanda.
  • Tumbaco.
  • Servipagos Express Rumiñahui.
  • Riobamba.
  • Express Santo Domingo.
  • Ambato.
  • Cayambe.
  • Totoracocha.
  • Great Akí Duran.

Agile payment

  • Groceries.
  • Alo easy.
  • Alvimol.
  • Delbank Bank.
  • Gina Bazaar.
  • Amaguaña cabins.
  • Mena cabins.
  • Caldas net.
  • Diaz Automotive Center.
  • Zero water.

Why Apply for Produbanco Credit Cards?

The fact of power request a Produbanco Credit Card It will allow you to enjoy a series of benefits, advantages and services and yet, at this time you must be wondering Why should you request it? Here, we have the answer for you!

  • You receive affiliate prices and discounts at the Supermaxi and Megamaxi chains.
  • Access to 900,000 ATMs on the CIRRUS or MAESTRO NETWORK.
  • You can make cash advances when and where you need it.
  • Accepted in more than 30 million affiliated establishments.
  • It differs its national and international consumptions.
  • You can choose the cutoff date for your statement, it can be the 15th or the 30th of each month.
  • Total or minimum payment (revolving credit)
  • Access to VIP lounges at Quito and Guayaquil airports at no cost.
  • Access to VIP lounges at international airports through Mastercard Airport Experience. Each entry has a cost of $ 27 for owner and guests.
  • An exclusive product for clients who wish to access a “Total Service” program, which provides special treatment and exclusive benefits.
  • Quota customization for purchases in the country, abroad and Internet.
  • Priority Pass card for access to VIP lounges at international airports.

Visa Gift

  • You simply have to choose the amount and whoever receives it will be able to choose their gift at any establishment affiliated with VISA in Ecuador.
  • It can be purchased immediately.
  • Amounts available at your choice.
  • Valid for purchases only in Ecuador and in current credit.
  • VISA Gift Card is not rechargeable
  • Once its full quota has been used, the plastic has no commercial value.
  • It is valid for 3 years from its purchase.
  • Available for purchase in all PRODUBANCO Boxes nationwide.

What are you waiting for request a Produbanco Credit Card?

You already have all the necessary information to start the process!

We wish you good luck …

We hope we have clarified all your doubts, thank you for reading us.

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