Apply for Banco Internacional Credit Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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To the Apply for International Bank Credit Card in Ecuador you will have access to a series of benefits anchored to it. This is usually a fairly efficient and simple process for you to get your card. That is why, we recommend that you read each section with great detail and attention. Since, this information can be of great use to you in the future.

As we already said, we have written a series of sections to explain how Apply for International Bank Credit Card. One of the first things we will mention is what exactly these credit cards are. Then we will explain the types that exist. Also, its requirements, process that you must follow, benefits, among others.

We invite you to continue reading each of these sections so that you find out more!

What are the International Bank Credit Cards?

As we have indicated in the previous part of the article, in the introduction, here we will tell you what credit cards are. These will be belonging to the International Bank and are available to all citizens who wish to obtain it. Ecuador is no exception.

The truth is that before explaining how Apply for International Bank Credit Card we must tell you what it is. She will be serving you as a support instrument regarding the accreditations of each of the affiliated users. Through it, you will be offered a series of quite varied benefits that are aimed at satisfying each of your purchases.

What is related to supports offered that it gives you the same is that it has the availability of access your assets. Included here are services that have a certain financing. Each of these is part of the trust that the Banco Internacional entity offers you as a customer. In this way they will be contributing to the progress of Ecuadorians.

Among some of the cards of credit that are offered to you in the International Bank we have the Visa. In all the versions that it has and in which it can be found. The Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Corporate.

Another type of card offered is the Mastercard, also in all its presentations. We have the Standard MasterCard, the Gold MasterCard, the Platinum MasterCard, the Black MasterCard and the Corporate MasterCard. We will be talking about this point later.

In each of the classifications you have the option to save, defer payments and have the benefit of accumulating miles. The latter are going to be turning into various prizes and enjoying other benefits in terms of franchise promotions.


In the previous part of this article we already gave you due mention of what is related to the types of credit cards that the International Bank has. Here we are going to be in charge of expanding you a little more on this point so that you know what is going on with each one of them.

The truth is that before Apply for International Bank Credit Card You must be clear about this point so that you know which one you are going to choose. Which of them is the one that meets each of your needs and the various ways to do it. Join us in this reading and find out more about this point.

In a first point we have that there are credit cards Visa or MasterCard, each of them has a wide range of divisions that you can take a look at. Apart from these cards there are other types such as debit cards, gift cards and among others that this entity has for you as an affiliate.

We have corporate cards, as for credit cards. The Gold, Platinum, Black, Signature and the classics of each of them. Each one at your fingertips and with all the benefits for efficient use. For more information you can do click here.

Requirements for the Application

Now that you know everything about this document, now we are going to tell you what corresponds to the requirements for Apply for International Bank Credit Card. It is very important that you pay close attention to what is going on in this section because the collection of these will make the success of your process possible.

It should be mentioned that these requirements may vary depending on the type of person who is going to request it. Since if it is a legal person there are some requirements and if it is a natural person there are others. Next, we are going to leave you here the corresponding list for each of these groups.

Requirements requested for legal persons

  • As a first requirement, what is going to be requested is the application form respective of the bank.
  • Another thing that is asked is the RUC, you must have this same one to make a copy of your single taxpayer registry, and then present it.
  • You also have to bring a copy of your identity card, this must be current and in good condition.
  • If you do not have your identity card, you must bring a copy of your passport. Also current and in good condition.
  • For those cases in which the passport be foreign you must also carry it.
  • Another copy that you must present is the one related to the copy of your voting ballot of the owners.
  • Also of the naming of what is the legal representative, the deed of incorporation and the capital increase.
  • You will have to present the certificate by means of which you make sure that the person who is requesting the procedure is fulfilling with the tax obligations that it touches him. Also the legal functions.
  • Regarding the certifications we have that of special taxpayer. This is related to internal income services.
  • Regarding the basic services such as electricity, water and others, you must deliver the invoice, a copy of it.
  • What is the tax declaration of the income that corresponds to you. Set to the declaration of VAT (value added tax).
  • And, finally, you will also have a signed contract.

Requirements requested for Natural persons

  • For natural persons, the first requirement is that they must have the application form credit card.
  • You must also have a copy of your RUC (single registry of taxpayers).
  • In the same way, what is the copy of your identity card, which must be in good condition and current.
  • Another copy that you will present is in relation to the invoice of payments of your basic services.
  • Attached to all this you must bring the declaration of the income tax.
  • Another of the requested copies is that of a operating permit that is given by the ministry of health.
  • And to finish we have a copy of an employment contract.

How to make the request?

Once you have already collected each of the requirements that we have mentioned depending on your case, you will go on to follow a series of steps. To the Apply for International Bank Credit Card You will only have to follow an extremely simple and easy to execute procedure.

This procedure that we are talking about is the following:

  1. You must first make sure you have a good Internet connection that is stable, this to be able to advance with what comes next.
  2. Then you go to select the search engine web that is of your preference and best utility.
  3. Place in the search bar the Web page from the International Bank, or you can simply do click here.
  4. Once inside the portal you will go to the section where it says «Our Cards». Doing this you will display several options where you are going to select your card.
  5. Choose the card you want to get as an applicant. You will only have to enter your personal data, which will be requested on the page.
  6. Then you will indicate whether or not you are a customer of the bank and mark the option that says «Products and Services of Interest».
  7. To close this process you must click on «I accept the policy and privacy ”. This will show the security code.
  8. Press where it says «Send» and enter the code and voila.


The moment you go to apply for the Banco Internacional credit card, you have immediate access to a series of benefits that are offered to you. Among them we have the accumulation of intermillas, which we will talk about in the next section.

Also, you can use this card for your business nationally and also internationally. You are offered the establishment of insurance to protect your activities.

Intermillas Rewards Plan

As we have mentioned in the previous section, the Intermilla Plan is related to the accumulation of certain benefits. You are given the possibility of redeeming them through the website. The relationship that this has is that for every dollar that is consumed by the affiliate.

Another thing that is considered at this point is that it is related to the values ​​of each of the purchases and not to interest. Also, you can send them and, in the same way, you can receive it. You should only have this plan active in your services.

We hope this information has been very useful to you, we are reading later!

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