Apply for Banco Pichincha Credit Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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Apply for Banco Pichincha Credit Card It is of great interest to many Ecuadorian citizens because it is an economic instrument that allows you to access purchases and services that you wish to obtain. Clearly, it offers you the possibility of having the support of a financial institution, that is, the bank that grants you the credit card.

Of course, get a Banco Pichincha credit card it is a great opportunity since it offers different benefits to its users. If you want to know how to get it, You are in the right place!In this article we will explain what requirements you need to apply, what types of card they offer and much more.

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What is the Banco Pinchincha Credit Card?

The Pichincha bank credit card, allows you to make purchases of any kind, safely and easily in a wide network of shops at national and international level without the need to carry physical money. Clearly, these purchases are divided into monthly installments through the Bank, in this case, the user or cardholder can select the payment term according to their convenience.

In short, Banco Pichincha credit cards they are a way to access everything you want. If you look at it, it offers a variety of cards and with each one of them respective benefits available to the user. For example, it offers the possibility of making the purchases you need with the opportunity to make the payment up to 36 months after the purchase is made.

Let’s say, it’s a pretty flexible method. In addition to this, credit cards are a source of benefits thanks to the incentive program that Banco Pichincha offers to the users of its cards.

Types of Credit Card of Banco Pichincha

If you want to find a way to access a line of credit, Banco Pichincha is surely your best option. Obviously, it is a financial institution that is responsible for offering the best to its users in the economic sector. Through the credit cards of the bank in question, you can make your purchases and payments for services with the flexibility that credit offers you.

Credit cards issued by Banco Pichincha can be Visa or Mastercard. Independently, each one of them offers a series of national and international characteristics and functionalities.

Now, to simplify the information a bit, we will mention some of the credit cards offered by Banco Pichincha. As we well know, the financial institution offers variety in terms of credit cards.

Therefore, the cards Visa of Banco Pichincha are the following:

  • Visa Infinite LATAM Pass.
  • Infinite Pichincha Miles Visa.
  • Platinum LATAM Pass.
  • Platinum Pichincha Miles Visa.
  • Visa Signature Pichincha Miles.
  • Gold Pichincha Miles.
  • Gold LATAM Pass.
  • Pichincha Miles Premium Visa.
  • Visa Signature LATAM Pass.

While, credit cards Mastercard offered by Banco Pichincha, are the following:

  • Mastercard Black Pichincha Miles.
  • Mastercard Black LATAM Pass.
  • Platinum Latam Pass.
  • Mastercard Gold Pichincha Miles.
  • Platinum Pichincha Miles.
  • Mastercard Gold LATAM Pass.
  • Premium Pichincha Miles.

Requirements for the Application

Although it is true, there are a series of essential requirements to be able to obtain a credit card and access the benefits that it brings.

  • First of all, you must have your ID.
  • Carry the income certificate stamped and signed by the company where you work.
  • Proof of monthly income. In case it is to have an employer dependency relationship, it is necessary that you present this last pay slip or the last three in case your income is variable.
  • Possess the Role of payments.
  • Be of age.
  • Proofs that support the applicant’s monetary income. In this way, the bank ensures that the applicant has the possibilities of facing the payments that are generated by the use of the credit card.
  • Photocopy of the identity card or DNI.
  • Basic services worksheet. For example, water, electricity or telephone.
  • Application form for the Banco Pichincha credit card.

Once you manage the process, you can get the credit card and you will be ready to make purchases and payments from different institutions.

How to Apply for the Card?

To apply for the Banco Pichincha credit card is not complicated at all. Actually, it is a procedure that you can do in two different ways. While it is true, the incorporation of new digital tools, has made it possible to streamline the process of managing the procedures.

In this sense, you can make the request in person at the agencies of the financial institution that is closest to me, or you can do it online, that is, online. However, the modality in which you decide to make your request, the process still feels quite simple.

Once you meet all the Necessary requirements and complete your application, you will have access to your line of credit. Clearly, by having the credit card you will be able to enjoy shopping opportunities and you will be able to cancel your purchases in flexible periods.


As mentioned above, we already know that Banco Pichincha credit cards offer a wide variety of benefits available to the user. However, these benefits usually depend on the type of card requested by the citizen.

Remember that the requested cards can be MasterCard or Visa. Based on this, it will have different characteristics and benefits. Because the variety is so much, we will only mention the benefits corresponding to two types of cards.

In this case, we will mention the benefits of a Mastercard and another Visa.

Mastercard Black Pichincha Miles

The credit card Mastercard Black Pichincha Miles It is international and you can enjoy a welcome bonus of 10,000 miles. Also, for the consumption of your first month of 1,000 USD you receive an additional 10,000.

In the same way, the user can enjoy the following benefits when obtaining the Mastercard Black Pichincha Miles:

  1. Accumulate miles for your consumption and exchange them for trips or catalog products. It is important to mention that, during the first year, the rewards program has no additional cost.
  2. Accumulate miles for your consumption and exchange them for trips and catalog products. For the first year, the rewards program is free.
  3. Request additional cards.
  4. Receive benefits and promotions in stores.
  5. Make purchases online.
  6. Access assistance and insurance abroad.
Visa Gold LATAM Pass

The Visa Gold LATAM Pass It is one of the credit cards most requested by those who need to access a line of credit. Of course, if you want to know more about the benefits that Visa offers, you can enter the following link. Just do click here.

In this way, the benefits offered by said card are the following:

  1. Earn LATAM Pass miles for your purchases and exchange them for trips and catalog products. For the first year, the rewards program is free.
  2. Access assistance and insurance abroad.
  3. Make cash advances through ATMs, web banking or call center.
  4. Request additional cards.
  5. Get exclusive benefits from the Supermaxi and Fybeca chain.
  6. Receive benefits and special prices at certain establishments.
  7. Make purchases online.

Insurance and Assistance offered by Banco Pinchincha Credit Cards

In the previous subtitle we explain in detail what benefits the bank offers its users depending on the type of card they decide to obtain or request. In this case, the same conditions apply to the insurance and assistance offered the credit cards.

Insurance and assistance of the Mastercard Black Pichincha Miles Card

  • Traveler Assistance Service.
  • Mastercard Black Concierge: immediate personal assistance and privileged access to exclusive services and experiences.
  • Free Boingo Wi-Fi – Connect to over a million internet networks around the world.
  • Mastercard Global Services: assistance in the event of theft or loss of the card, replacement services and emergency cash advance.
  • Priceless Cities: exclusive packages and inspiring experiences.
  • Purchase protection: provides refunds for theft and / or accidental damage of an item purchased with your card.
  • Extended Warranty – Doubles or extends the original warranty for up to one year.
  • Protection against robberies and robberies at ATMs.
  • Master Auto Insurance: Decline Collision Insurance (CDW / LDW).
  • MasterAssist Black: coverage for return to the country of residence for medical reasons and hospital expenses abroad.
  • Travel inconvenience insurance: flight / transportation delay or cancellation.
  • Luggage delay or loss insurance.

Insurance and Assistance of the Visa Gold LATAM Pass Card

  • Vehicle rental insurance, declining collision insurance (CDW / LDW).
  • Emergency cash disbursement in case of card loss.
  • Information service for the traveler Visa.
  • Card replacement service abroad.
  • Extended Warranty – Doubles or extends the original warranty for up to one year.
  • Purchase protection for items that were stolen or accidentally damaged.
  • Price protection: money back when you find an item purchased at a lower price.
  • Visa customer service center.

Thanks for reading! We hope to have provided useful information about how apply for the Banco Pichincha Credit Card.

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