Apply for Jep Credit Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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Apply for Jep Credit Card It turns out to be one of the fastest and most effective options when it comes to having a credit card. This, as long as you have all the necessary documentation to carry out the process.

That is why, in this article we will explain how request a Jep Credit Card. Also, we will tell you what is Jep Ecuador, what are the requirements to obtain the card, its benefits, services and more.

What is Jep in Ecuador?

Progressive Ecuadorian Youth, is a savings and credit corporation. It is known as an entity that is dedicated to social finance. This was created through a Ministerial agreement 3310 on December 31, 1971.

Likewise, it was created in the parish of Sayausí of the Cuenca canton, Azuay province of the Republic of Ecuador, with the initiative of 29 young people, venturing into sustained credit support to population segments that do not have access to credit from traditional banks.

Therefore, it is an aspect that has stimulated the acceptance and trust of the people. It currently has one million members who own the Cooperative. In turn, it occupies the first place in the ranking of Ecuadorian cooperatives and the third in the ranking of Latin America and the Caribbean.

You have at your disposal, 63 agencies in 17 provinces: Azuay, Guayas, Pichincha, Cañar, El Oro, Loja, Los Ríos, Santa Elena, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Morona Santiago, Esmeraldas and Manabí. This will bring more convenience to your customers.

Currently, Jep offers the option of apply for a Jep Credit Card, it will allow your clients to enjoy a series of benefits, advantages and services. With this card, you will be able to make purchases and then, in a certain period of time, you will be able to make the payment of the credit.

These Jep credit cards are backed by Visa and Mastercard, this will give you greater security and confidence when making the payment. request a Jep Credit Card and at the same time, you will have the certainty that it can be accepted in many shops without presenting any inconvenience.

Types of Credit Cards offered by Jep

Jep offers a wide variety of credit cards so that the customer has the opportunity to choose the one that best suits their needs. It should be noted that each one offers different services and benefits.

Next, we will let you know which are the types of cards that Jep offers, in this way, you can be more secure when carrying out the procedure for apply for a Jep Credit Card. Pay a lot of attention!


    • Classic: it will allow you to make national and international purchases. Cash advance, and you will have access to special benefits, alliances and promotions.
    • Gold: with it you will have vehicle rental insurance, you can make cash advances and purchases nationally and internationally.
    • Signature: you will have access to benefits, alliances and special promotions, you will pay only with the card terminal, and purchases will be much faster and safer.


    • Classic – Provides you benefits and services to help you shop smarter and safer, whether online or not. It gives you payment flexibility and security.
    • Gold: simplifies the purchase processes, provides peace of mind when buying, facilitates the daily routine, the objective is that you enjoy more of family moments and personal life, allowing you to save thanks to its offers and benefits.

Likewise, with any of these cards you will have the opportunity to enjoy the VIP lounges of all national airports. This will allow you the access of a companion and the cost of entering the VIP room will be charged directly to your account.

Remember that, in case of any problem with your credit card, you can contact the customer service center. Likewise, you can make the call in case you want to block your card due to theft or loss.

Requirements for the Application

To request a Jep Credit Card You must bear in mind that you need a series of requirements and documentation to be able to carry out the application process. Likewise, it is important to clarify that the documents to be submitted must be up-to-date and in good condition.

Next, we will let you know what the necessary requirements are for apply for Jep Credit Card:

  • Be a member of the Cooperativa Juventud Ecuatoriana Progresista (JEP)
  • Form made on the JEP website.
  • Citizenship card or passport (updated and in good condition)
  • Basic service return of the address, with a maximum age of 60 days. (It can be electricity, water, gas, among others)
  • Proof of income.

Proof of admission will be very important to carry out this process since it facilitates the analysis of public revenues as well as reflects the principles of fiscal transparency and accountability.

How to make the request?

The process for request a Jep Credit Card It is quite simple and fast if you have all the necessary requirements to be able to carry out the process. In this way, we must inform that you must have a good Internet connection since part of the process is done online.

That is, you must fill out an application form, this will be found on the Jep website. This will have a series of boxes that must be filled in correctly in order to avoid future inconveniences.

After completing the form, the department in charge of credit cards must channel all the information to carry out said procedure. Then one of the agents in charge will take the time to contact you to request the documents.

That is, the telephone number that you provide in the form must be completely up to date. Otherwise the agents will not be able to contact you.

Once they contact you, they will tell you to go to a nearby office to deliver all the documentation already mentioned. After that, the staff will verify that everything is correct and they will give you your card.

In order to comply with this step, you will need a contract signature since without it, they will not be able to deliver your card. Finally, once you have your card at hand, you can use it without any inconvenience.

Additional Services offered by the Cards

As we have explained previously, all credit cards have totally different benefits, services and advantages and this is done in order to give the customer a greater range of choice. This is why we will tell you what the common services of all the cards are.

  • Payments just by bringing the card to the sales terminal.
  • Emergency Cash Advance and Replacement Service: In case of loss or theft you can request a replacement for your card, you can also get a cash advance from anywhere in the world.
  • Information service for the Traveler: Provides information prior to or during the trip, about destinations, location of ATMs, exchange rates, passport, visa, among others.
  • Extended Warranty: It is a protection that doubles or extends the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to one year.
  • Visa price protection.
  • Visa purchase protection.
  • Customize your key and start using it.
  • Points accumulation program.
  • Mastercard Global Service: Provides assistance around the world.


It should be noted that there are also the services offered by JEP. This will apply to all existing JEP credit cards. Next, we will let you know in more detail what these services are.

  • Current and deferred purchases. You can make current purchases nationally and internationally in millions of affiliated establishments.
  • You can also make deferred purchases nationwide in affiliated establishments with and without interest; If you can not differ in the trade, buy in current and contact us.
  • Differ your national and international consumptions. You can request it at our different customer service points or by calling our Call Center at 413 5000.
  • Request additional cards. For your relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity and the first degree of affinity, make your request at our customer service points.
  • Cash advances at ATM. You can do them at all JEP ATMs and the Banred, Plus, Cirrus and Maestro network, nationally and internationally. Request your password from our Call Center 07 4135000.
  • Cash advances at the window. You can do them in all our Agencies nationwide by presenting your JEP Credit Visa or JEP Credit Mastercard and the identification document and abroad in Financial Institutions certified by the franchises.
  • Pay your consumptions. Through the windows of the Cooperative Agencies and through the JEPMóvil from your cell phone and JEPVirtual.
  • Locks for loss or theft. In Ecuador by calling 07 413 5000 and from other countries to the numbers specified by card type: JEP Visa Classic, JEP Visa Gold, JEP Visa Signature, JEP Mastercard Classic and JEP Mastercard Gold.
  • Personalized attention 24/7. Any requirement regarding your card can be managed through our Call Center 07 413 5000 or through our digital channels.
  • Attention schedule. In all JEP agencies nationwide from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 18:00.

Credit Cards Benefits

It is important to say that at the time of you request a Jep Credit Card it will have a series of benefits, including promotions as the case may be. Next, we will let you know what these benefits are:

  • National, international and internet purchases.
  • Cash advances.
  • JEP Rewards points accumulation program.
  • Access to special benefits, alliances and promotions.
  • Chip transactions at establishments and ATMs that have this technology.

What are you waiting for request a Jep Credit Card?

You already have all the information you need to carry out this procedure!

We hope we have helped you. Thanks for reading us.

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