Certificate of honor? Procedures in Ecuador

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For the issuance of a certificate of good repute, it is necessary that whoever does it is fully aware of the behavior of the beneficiary, since that person, company or institution is responsible for the content that is embodied in said document.

Below you will find what the beneficiary and who issues the document should know when making the certificate.

What is it?

A certificate of honor or known as a reference is a document through which a company, institution or a third person certifies the good behavior of an individual in the performance of a specific activity and/or the fact of being a correct person throughout of his life, said document is issued at the request of the interested parties.

In what formats can they be presented?

The honor certificate is presented according to the need, the request or according to the requirements requested by the person, the company or the institute that wants to know the behavior or the honor of a person, however the honor certificate can be presented in a format digital that can be in a PDF or WORD document, and can also be presented physically, in a simple print of letter or legal size.

What can it be useful for?

The certificate of good repute can be useful when opting for a job or to enter a study house (it helps a lot if it is a scholarship condition) since with said certificate the interested person, the company or the institution becomes a Idea the person who will be part of your team if they so decide.

Why do they request it?

People, companies or institutions request a certificate of good repute as a reference to know from a third party whether the person mentioned in the document deserves trust, and if they are qualified to be part of the institution.

Who endorses it?

The references or certificates of good repute are endorsed by the issuer as responsible for the information specified in the document. The endorser can be a natural or legal person, a company or an institution that declares itself aware of the behavior, performance, values ​​and good customs of the citizen in question.

What information should it contain?

The certificate of good repute must be a format that describes:

  1. Title centered «certificate of good repute»
  2. The personal data of the issuer and those of the person who benefits from said certificate: full name and surname, in addition to the number of the identity document (identity card, citizenship card or passport).
  3. Knowledge time between the parties involved (who endorses and the beneficiary)
  4. The concept that describes the honor of the citizen in question.
  5. The name of the person, company or institution to whom the document is addressed.
  6. The date of issue of the certificate.
  7. Ratification.
  8. The signature and telephone number of the person who guarantees the honorability of the applicant (the telephone number or some means of contact is mandatory since it is the way to confirm the veracity of the document)


So that the interested party has references when preparing the certificate, several pages are presented below where you will get different certificate models:

For you to make an efficient certificate of good repute, follow the steps mentioned above.

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