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Don’t know how to transfer your current property to a potential buyer? Are you not satisfied with your current domain registration company and want to change it? For this is the Domain Transfer Form, a document that allows to indicate the new owner of some property. Below we explain what it is, how to carry out the process safely and what are the taxes for carrying out said procedure.

Domain transfer form

He Domain transfer form It is a type of document necessary when you want to change the owner who manages the registration of a domain, that is, it allows the owner of the property to be changed for some specific reason.

So, we say that a person has the possibility of transferring or transferring the right of owner or owner of lots, houses, apartments or other real estate to another individual. It is important to carry out this procedure because otherwise, from a legal point of view, the owner will be the original and said object could be considered stolen property.

If you want to download the form, Click here.

What is it for

  • Register the current owner of a property.
  • Avoid legal problems regarding the possession of a property.
  • Get more competitive prices in the labor market.
  • Register domains with billing.
  • Improve the quality of support services.
  • Offer security guarantees.

How to complete it

The Domain Transfer Form consists of two pages that must be completed providing the following information:

  • Data of the taxpayer as seller/transferor: individual who owns the property and wishes to transfer it to a third party, depending on whether it is a natural or legal person, fill in the corresponding space, NOT BOTH.
  • Data of the taxpayer as the buyer/acquirer: individual who wishes to transfer the property for his possession, depending on whether he is a natural or legal person, fill in the corresponding space, NOT BOTH.
  • Address of the seller and the buyer: indicate specific information in the corresponding box.
  • Description of the real estate object of the domain transfer.
  • Domain transfer data: indicate specific amounts in the sale.
  • Declaring signatures: people who participate in the processing process.

The information is repeated on the second page. Remember to complete the form in clear handwriting, avoiding erasures and/or errors.

How to carry out the domain transfer process


  • Certified copy of the public deed.
  • Certificate of liens updated for each property.
  • Updated Property Charter or municipal appraisal for each property.
  • Payment of Municipal Taxes.
  • Plans and Corresponding Permits.
  • Declaration and payments of taxes in the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Copies of ID and voting papers.


However, it is important to note that there are some circumstances where registration transfer request may be refusedas they would be when:

  • The registration has expired.
  • The record is less than 60 days old.
  • The domain transfer confirmation email has not been confirmed by the administrative contact.
  • The reserved domain name has a debt to pay.
  • The domain is disputed.

Settlement of domain transfer taxes

The taxes that must be paid for the transfer of a domain vary depending on the case, therefore, they include:

  • Alcabala taxes: tax obligation for the transfer of the right of ownership of real estate. The payment is given by the person established in the contract, although they are usually the buyers.
  • Income taxes: tax obligation on the gain obtained from the transfer of urban property properties, in such a way that this tax must not be paid in the transfer of rural goods. Payment is always by the owners who are selling their property.
  • Tax on the speculative value of land: tax obligation that replaces utility taxes and levies extraordinary gains on the transfer of real estate. The payment is given by the person established in the contract, although they are usually the sellers.
  • Special Improvement Contribution (CEM): type of payment that the original owner of the property must make for the benefit received, this value being paid in annual installments. Payment is always by the owners who are selling their property.

Don’t know the specific amount to pay? Don’t worry! Consult the tax calculator from the website of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito and you will have the amount according to your case.


  1. Prepare a draft of the contract or a draft with the support of a lawyer.
  2. Fill out the declaration form for domain transfer tax settlement with the supervision of a lawyer, making click here
  3. Submit the minutes and the previously explained form to the Notary, documents that must be signed by the contracting parties, the lawyer and the Notary, in addition to the seal of the latter.
  4. Enter the file for the liquidation of taxes for the transfer of property in any Service Balcony of the Zonal Administrations of the Metropolitan District of Quito, with all the established requirements.
  5. Within a period of 2 days, the Tax Authority communicates by email the values ​​of the tax obligations to be paid and the payment order numbers.
  6. Cancel the taxes generated according to the information received by email.
  7. Present the payment vouchers at the Notary where the minutes and the form are, for the signing of the deed.

Perform the Domain transfer form it is easier than it seems and it is only in exceptional cases where the procedure is not carried out quickly. Through this procedure, a person has the possibility of transferring the right of owner or owner of real estate to another individual. To do it, you just have to download the form and fill it out properly, meet the requirements and follow the steps previously explained.

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