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There are several forms that are necessary to carry out a specific procedure, of all of them only for now we will talk about the form RUC 01-B so you have an idea of ​​how it should be filled. Don’t stop reading!

Form RUC 01-B

Even though there is a form 01-A, which is used to register and update the general information of large companies. He form RUC 01-B is to attach the Unique Taxpayer Registry RUC of the branches that a company can open.

The RUC 01-B form is only for the registration of additional establishments that a company acquired to expand the business.

This document must be submitted together with form 01-A when updating the company’s RUCsince it specifies the information of the additional premises that the company that is going to carry out the procedure may have.

You can purchase the form in PDF format by entering here

Use of the form

The users of this document are all public and private companies that participate in the Ecuadorian economyis also used by the following organizations:

  • Superintendency of Companies, Banks, Popular and Solidarity Economy.
  • For-profit corporations and independent estates
  • Non-profit non-governmental organizations and societies.
  • Missions.
  • International organizations.

Although all the branches that a company may have must be registered, It will only have a single RUC number for all branches.

It does not matter the number of premises that the company or association has, it will always be identified with the last three numbers of the RUC (001).to establish the number of branches in the Unique Taxpayer Registry RUC.

Form content

As already mentioned in the article, the 01-B form is only to register and update the branches that an expanding company may have. This is what will appear on the form:

  • Identification of the company
  • Establishment data

These two terms will be explained in detail later.

Who can sign the form?

Of course, those who must sign the form are the people who They are carrying out the process, but since there are several organizations that must register the branches, each one has its way of calling high-ranking people. These are responsible for each company:

He legal representative in public and private companieswhich must be accredited to his appointment, at the same time he can have a contract or a public deed of incorporation mention them as legal representative.

Of the public organizations and entities the person in charge is the managing Director either delegate of the public body. It is also called legal representative

In the case of international organizations and missions the one who must sign is the legal representative or the head of missions.

If the procedure No The legal representative or head of mission must do it personally, it must be done a person with an authorization signed by the person who must sign the form.

At the same time, the original identity card or citizenship card and a color photocopy must be attached, Ecuadorians must present only the original voting certificate.

How to fill out the form?

Fill the form 01-B It is very easy, but as always a doubt could arise when filling it out. This part of the article will explain in detail what should go in each box

The numbers that will appear within some boxes are the number of the box, where the information that is being explained should be placed.

TO Identification of the company

1 RUC: It is the general number of the Single Taxpayer Registry, which is granted by the entity of SRI Internal Revenue Service.

2 Business name or name: It is the name of the company, which coincides with the one that appears in the banks, in the superintendency, in the deeds and all the documents with which the company was established.

B. Establishment data

3 Tradename: For those companies that differentiate each location with a different name, they must put it in this box. Private companies must place it compulsorily if they have it.

4 Closing / Opening / Update and establishment number: In the closing, opening and updating boxes, it must be marked with a x the reason why it is used form 01-Bsince the document is valid for any of the functions mentioned above.

In the case of establishment number the number to place is 001because he himself was decided SRI Internal Revenue Serviceto identify the number of establishments that a company has, regardless of the number of branches it has.

5 to 20 Address of the establishment: All these boxes are identified with the information requested SRIso you can easily specify the address of the establishment.

21 to 27 Establishment account data: They are the boxes for the telephone number, post office box, fax number and email.

Economic activity data

In this part of form It must be said when the activity begins or ends, at the same time the type of activity that is going to be carried out in the establishment is indicated.

28 to 33 Description of the economic activity: These boxes explain in a few words what the economic activity consists of, which is going to be carried out in the establishment.

3. 4 Start date: In each box, the day, month and year must be entered when the economic activity began.

35 Cessation: If for some reason the economic activity cannot continue in the same establishment, in this box you must enter the day, month and year of when the activity stopped.

36 Restart of economic activities: In the case of carrying out the economic activity in the same establishment, the day, month and year must also be entered when the economic activity is restarted.

37 Date of presentation: It is the box to know when the modification regarding the establishments of a company was made, in a few words it is the day in which the procedure is carried out, the day, month and year must be entered.

This is how you should fill out the form 01-BIt does not require much data, but rather specific information. You can also close, open, and update up to three establishments on a single form, which somewhat reduces the paperwork that large companies usually have.

What is Single Taxpayer Registry?

Just mentioning the word taxpayer, you already have an idea that it has to do with taxes, but what is really the Single Taxpayer Registry?

It is an instrument used to record and identify all the people who must pay tribute, in this way the Tax Administration takes its accounts of how many tax payments it must receive on the corresponding dates.

At the same time the Single Taxpayer Registry is administered by the entity of SRI Internal Revenue Servicewhich is It is in charge of registering all persons, whether legal or natural, who are in charge of carrying out an economic activity in Ecuador, either for a set period of time or permanently.

How do you update and register the RUC?

When an inscription or an update of the establishments of a company, only the following should be carried out depending on the procedure to be carried out.

If the procedure to be processed is an inscriptionthe form must be filled out completely, that is, all the boxes that were previously explained must be filled out completely, except those of simple selection such as the date of cessation and the date of restart.

In the case of updates just need to fill the boxes of the information that you are going to modify and these must be filled out in their entirety.

It looks easy to fill out this form, right? it can be said that you are ready to register or update your business premises in Ecuador, you just have to take into account that all the data coincide with the information in the other documents of the establishment.

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