Form 051 – Prenatal Card

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Nowadays having a baby requires having certain documents to be able to give birth in a clinic or hospital, one of these documents is the form 051. On this occasion, doubts about this form will be clarified.

Form 051

As the birth of a baby is due report everything that involves the newborn and the mothersince any disease that the infant has during the process of its formation, the treating doctors of the case can have a notion of what the baby may suffer.

He form 051 It is a report of the entire medical history of a pregnant woman and the conditions that formed and her baby was born.

This form 051 is issued by the Ministry of Public Health, Thus, the health centers have a record of the births that take place there. Which can be filled in a fast easy way, since the situation warrants it.

To see what the form is like, you can enter this here To download it.

What is it and what is it for?

He form 051 It is a document used by health centers in Ecuador to register all the births that occur in the same, so there is control of all these events since none is the same as the other.

It is designed so that you can record all the information related to the birth of a baby, which consists of if the mother has already had previous pregnancies, abortions, genetic and sexually transmitted diseases that may affect the babyamong other information that may be necessary.

Instructions to fill out form 051

This part will explain in detail what should go in each part of the, according to what each of the boxes requests.

He form 051 It is made up of free spaces, where only numbers or letters can be placed.

In the rectangles that appear are intended for numbers, I only know going to put a single number.

mother’s identification

Name and surname: Only the first name and the first name of the mother of the infant are placed

Address and town: It is the place where the woman lives, only the avenue or street, the number and the town are placed.

In case you do not have a fixed residence, it is recommended to place an address where you can be easily located.

Phone: The telephone number that must be placed is the address where you live. If you do not have one, it is recommended to write down one of a relative who is always in contact with the mother.

Birthdate: The mother’s date of birth is placed with the day, month and year. Each number must be in each division.

Age: In each box a number must be placed indicating the age of the mother. If it is over 35 years of age or if it is under 15 years of age, the circle on the right hand side must be marked..

ethnicity: This is to indicate the breed of the mother.

alphabet: If the mother knows how to read and write, she should only mark yes or no depending on the mother’s case

Studies: It should only be marked with a X the level of study that the mother has

Year at the highest level: It is the last academic year that the mother passed. Only the number of the last year you passed should be placed.

Civil status: The sentimental situation that the mother has or lives alone is indicated.

Place of prenatal control: You should only write down the code that corresponds to the health center, where the mother performed her prenatal control, which was assigned by the national health authorities.

Place of delivery or abortion: Likewise as the identification he identification code.

ID number: It is the number of the mother’s identity document.

Family, personal and obstetric history

Illnesses of other relatives: It is a list of all the genetic diseases that a relative of the parents may have. They only have to be marked with a X in the circle Yeah either No depending on the medical history.

Mother’s health: They are the history that the mother may have, in case she has a sexually transmitted disease that can affect the baby or if they have performed a type of surgery before becoming pregnant.

Previous deeds: It is in case the mother has become pregnant, before the current pregnancy. In the event that this is the first pregnancy, only 00 should be placed.

Vaginal or cesarean deliveries: If the woman has had previous pregnancies before this one, place how her older children were born. For the new mothers this option does not apply N/A.

Abortions: If the mother has previously had miscarriages, the number of miscarriages must be reported. If you have not had any, only 00 is placed.

If you have already had three consecutive abortions, you must mark the yellow circle with an X indicating this information.

How were babies born before this one?

In these boxes you must indicate how the mother’s oldest children were born, if they were born alive, dead, dead in the first week of life or some time later, or if they are still alive.

End of previous pregnancy: The date of birth of the last child is placed, before this pregnancy.

planned pregnancy: Select the option corresponding to the case.

Contraceptive failure prior to current pregnancy: the circles of form 051 for these cases they are identified with all the contraceptives that could fail.

current management

Previous weight: It is the weight that the mother had before becoming pregnant, this information is only placed in number in each box.

Size: It refers to what is the height of the mother, likewise only the numbers are placed.

Date of last menstruation: Only the date of the last period is recorded, to calculate approximately when the fertilization was.

Possible date of delivery: Depending on the dimensions of the baby and the date of the last period, specialists can know approximately when the future baby will be born.

Gestational age reliability: It is a question that appears in the form 051where the baby’s age is known from the ultrasound and the date of the last period.

Lifestyle: It refers to if the mother smokes, she is always close to people who do, consume some type of narcotic or if they experience some domestic or work violence. The person who fills out this part of the 051 form has to be very prudent when consulting the patient.

Antirubella: If the mother has previously been vaccinated against Rubella.

Antitenic: Likewise if you have been vaccinated against Tetanus disease.

Breast and dental exam: It should be recorded if the mother has had a dental check-up or a breast examination.

cervix: It is to know how the mother’s cervix is. It must also be specified if the check was performed by speculum, Papanicolaou or by colposcopy.

Blood type: The mother’s blood group is indicated and if she is Rh positive or negative.

Anti-D glamaglobulin: If the mother received this vaccine.

Toxoplasmosis: It is a test that is performed on pregnant women.

These and other tests should be recorded in this part of the form 051.

antenatal consultations

What is recorded in this part of the form 051prenatal consultations where the following information is specified:

  • Consultation date.
  • Mother’s weight
  • Gestational age.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Height urinary.
  • Presentation, pelvic, includes transverse and cephalic situation.
  • Fetal movements both positive and negative.
  • proteinuria: They are the proteins that can appear in a urine test, albumin or proteins are found. It must be marked if it was negative or positive depending on the case, if nothing is marked it means that the test was not carried out.
  • The alarm signs examinations and treatments, due to any alteration that the mother may suffer.
  • Technician initials.
  • Next date.

Not all of this information should be reported throughout the pregnancy, since due to the age of the fetus they are not necessary..

Maternal Perinatal Clinical History

The perinatal clinical history is the entire the medical information of both the mother and the newbornIn this document, everything that happens with the mother before, during and after childbirth is included, including the conditions in which the baby was born.

In the story there must be all the information that has been explained previously, as you could see, you have to specify how the medical life of patients both mother and baby. In addition, the delivery information must be added at the corresponding time.

What the prenatal card?

It is a document where pregnant women take control of your state, along with your treating physician on how the pregnancy is progressingtaking into account everything that the mother suffers during the nine months of gestation.

Every time the mother goes to her prenatal control consultation, she must bring her prenatal card, to record any eventuality that the specialist observes, I can even indicate the next appointment of the patient and the age of the fetus at the time of the consultation.

You already know all the information that is recorded in the 051 form, that is why the doctor always asks so many questions, because it is important to know everything related to the mother since anything can affect the baby.

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