Form 115 – Advance Income Tax

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Normally, the income tax advance can be paid. In Ecuador, a form must be filled out in order to carry out this procedure. Let’s see what it takes to be able to handle the form 115.

Form 115

According to Resolution NAC-DGERCGC12-00231 A document was approved specifying the payment of the income tax advance, the same was issued by the General Director of the Internal Revenue Service SRI. This document is named form 115

He form 115 It is a necessary document to be able to process the income tax advance.

This document is designed in a way that taxpayers can use it even to pay fines, since it is to pay an advance of the tax, it can be used according to what the taxpayer requires.

To give you an idea of ​​what form 115 is like, you can enter here

How to fill in the form?

The first thing you should know about how to fill out the form is to know what you are requesting. As the content of the form is displayed, the information in each box will be explained.

Form Identification

101 The month: In this part, the month of when the tax advance must be paid is placed. The payment of this tax must be paid when the tax administration, which in this case would be the Internal Revenue Service.

The payment of taxes must be made within the established time periods, so that they can be presented together with the income tax return in the fiscal period that is in progress..

102 Year: The fiscal year is placed, where the tax advance must be paid

104 Form number that replaces: There may be occasions in which the value of the tax is greater than the value indicated to the taxpayer, at the time the document is present and he has already filled out the form, he must create another form with the new amount to be owed. pay.

Identification of the passive subject

201 RUC: The number of the Single Taxpayer Registry.

202 Names and surnames or business name: It is the name of the taxpayer, which must be complete, or the name of the company that pays the tax.

203 to 206 Address: It refers to the address where the taxpayer resides, each of these boxes are identified so that the person who is filling out the form can specify the address of the taxpayer.

Identification of the tax obligation

301 Document number: This part will only be filled out by the Internal Revenue Service agent, it is the number of the payment that is being made with this document, so the tax advance system keeps track of the payments that have been made.

Income tax advance payment

303 Income tax advance payment to be paid: You must place the value of the tax to be paid with the form 115which is indicated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Details of the tax for the exit of the currencies

311 to 319 Column of the year: It is the column where the periods where the tax credit for the tax on the departure of foreign currency is recorded.

331-339 Balance of the tax credit to be used: It is where the balance of the credit for the currency outflow tax is recorded, which must coincide with the tax periods in the year column.

It is recommended that the values ​​to be recorded are not the same as credits that have been previously granted, such as the income tax credit or the advance of the same tax.

351 to 359 Credit used in the payment of this fee: In this part, only the amount of credit that was used in a period for which it is being paid is recorded. This value cannot exceed the advance fee that must be paid, nor the value of a credit that is available in the fiscal period.

371-379 Credit balance to be used in the next period: Only the balance of the tax credit that can be used in future income taxes or advance payments should be reflected due to the deference of the previous columns.

399 Total: The total available credit is placed.

890 Informative Prior Payment: In the event that the form be replaced by the change in value of the tax, the value of the payment for which the document is being replaced must be placed in this box.

Payment allocation detail

897 to 899 Payment concept: They are the value of the interest, that of the income tax advance and the fine in the case that it has one.

The value of the advance is granted by the Internal Revenue Service, indicating with a percentage how much must be paid

Amount to pay and method of payment

902 Total advance fee to pay: The value of this quota must be subtracted from the balance of the credit that the taxpayer has, if he wishes to apply it.

903 Interest for late payment: It is the interest that is calculated based on the value of the income tax advance, which is generated from the moment it is generated, from the moment in which payment of this advance is requested to pay the income tax. .

904 Fine plus surcharge: It is the fine that the taxpayer must pay, in case he has a breach of laws.

905 to 907 Payment by: They are the forms of payment that the taxpayer has so that he can fulfill his duty

Credit notes

908, 910 and 912 Card numbers: These boxes must be filled in with the precautionary registration number with which the tax payment will be made.

909, 911 and 913 The card value: It is the registered value for the payment of the advance, it cannot exceed the value to be paid of the advance itself.

Detail of dematerialized credit notes

915 Dematerialized credit: Only the value of the available balance of the dematerialized credit notes must be entered for this type of tax.

compensation details

916 and 918 Resolution number: It is the number with which the resolution is authorized for the compensation to become effective.

917 and 919 Resolution value: Once the compensation resolution is approved, it is assigned a value that must be placed in this box.

Signature of those responsible

198 and 199 Signature of the accountant and legal representative: These are the boxes designated for the accountant and the legal representative to sign the form 115 and put your number RUCyour name and last name.

Use of the form

The use of form 115 It is for all those people who must pay income tax, whether natural persons or legal entities, who must follow these rules:

  • Natural persons who are not obliged to have an accountingalso those companies that are dedicated to obtaining hydrocarbons and related minerals, must determine the advance based on 50% of the income tax of the previous periodminus the withholdings they have obtained in the current period.
  • For those who must have an accounting for everything that the business manages, the tax must be determined taking into account:
    • Total costs and deductible expenses 0.2%
    • total assets 0.2%
    • Total active 0.4%
    • Total taxable income 0.4%

These are the demands of SRI to be able to pay the income tax

installments to pay

The installments to pay the income tax must be two, which must be 50% of the value of the income tax for each part of the payment.

These fees must be paid according to the ninth number of the RUC or ID of citizenship. One of these installments must be paid in July and the other part in Septemberon the day that corresponds to the taxpayer.

People who have to manage their business with accounting can pay the tax in up to three parts.where the third must be canceled in the month of March or April.

Aspects to consider

There is a credit that taxpayers can have, which is known as ISD currency output tax, where only the company that imports raw materials, inputs and valuable goods is entitled. All this in order for importing companies to consider themselves members of the production process.

The credit of ISD currency output tax is used to reduce the payment of income tax.

Those who have credit rights ISD You can pay the tax in three parts as follows, only if the ISD has already been paid:

  1. If he ISD has been withheld between January 1 and July 30 of the current year.
  2. When the withholding ISD between the first of July and the thirty-first of August.
  3. In the event that the credit ISD has not been used in the last two installments can be used in the third.

With all the information that has just been shown, it is already known what the end of the form 115 and who should use it, so when you see this document you already know what to do with it.

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