Form RUC 01-A – Updating and Registration of your Single Taxpayer Registry

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Each country has several types of registry where citizens must complete a procedure to be able to appear in it. In Ecuador there is one called Single Taxpayer Registry RUC Discover here what you need to process the form RUC 01-A!

Form RUC 01-A

This form it is necessary for natural and legal persons can register in the Single Taxpayer Registry RUCwhich must be done by people who are required to pay tax, especially if they are carrying out an economic activity within a country.

It is important to know that Every person must make this registration if an economic activity is carried out in Ecuador, it does not matter if a foreign person or a native of this country.

He RUC It is an identification system for natural persons and business associations that must pay a tax.

If you want to see the form with more you can enter here

What is it for?

With this Single Registry for taxpayers, it is avoided that they pay taxes, they have to wait long hours in the entities in charge of this process.

In this way, the tax collection process is faster, which allows tax activities to be completed in record time. In addition, taxpayers do not waste their valuable time on obligations to the State.

Form content

What contains the form 01-A is more than everything the information of the company or the legal representative and all those who are involved in the economic activity. Additionally, the registry must specify the economic activities carried out by the taxpayer.

These are the data in the form:

  • Identification of the company or person who has business.
  • Place where the company or the person who performs the economic activity can be located.
  • Origin of the company.
  • Data with which the company was formed.
  • Data of the legal representative.
  • Identification of shareholders.
  • Description of the main economic activity.
  • Information on other types of economic activity carried out in the company.
  • Additional company information

It is advisable have all the documents with which the company or association was formed, for any information that is needed at the time of filling out the form.

How to fill in the data?

Even though that him form 01-A It is written in Spanish, there are certain data that can be confusing for some people. But that does not matter! This part will explain what should go in each box.

The RUC 01-a form can be filled out physically, by a typewriter or in print in a LEGIBLE manner.

This is what should be placed in each box:

Each number on the left is the number of the box where the explained information will go

Identification of the company or person who has business

1 The RUC: If it is only an update, this box must be filled out.

2 Business name: It is the name that has the company, this must coincide with what appears in the documents, with which the company was established.

3 Tradename: It is the name given to the business or company, when they are private companies. It is mandatory for the taxpayer to place it.

Location of commercial activity

4 Address of the tribute: It is the location where the economic activity takes place, the same must be specified and with reference points.

28 and 29 Province and Canton: This part of the business location should be fixed location that the company should always have, even if it opens another new branch.

Origin of the company

30, 31 and 32 Constitution / Merger / Division: Only one should be placed X in the corresponding box, depending on how the company originated.

33 to 38 Company name and RUC: In the event that the company is a spin-off or a merger, these data must be placed on the companies that participate in the merger or spin-off.

Data with which the company was formed

39 Date when the company was formed: The day, month and year when the company was officially formed must be placed, this date must coincide with the one that appears in the commercial registry, in the superintendencies and in the banks.

40 Kind of society: Here you must place what type of society, in which the members of the society agreed at the time it was formed.

41 Super Cias file number: This number should only be placed if the company is under the superintendence of companies.

42 Regulation organism: The regulatory body that must be placed is that it appears in the deed of constitution, in the law, in the official registry, among other documents of great importance.

43 Subscribed capital:The capital to which the company is currently subscribed.

44 The commercial registration number: It is the number of the commercial registry with which the company was registered.

45 and 46 Patrimony and employer number:This is simple is the number that the company’s assets and the employer number must have.

47 and 48 The RUC and the name of the accountant: As every company has an accountant, only the full name and RUC number that the accountant must have must be placed.

Data of the legal representative

49 and 50 name alreadysurnames / CI, RUC or passport: The box must be filled in with the full name and the number of any of the identification documents that the legal representative has.

51 and 52 Nationality and position held: Only the nationality of the legal representative and what is their participation in the company should be placed.

53 Type of visa: If the legal representative is a foreigner, he must place the visa that he has in force at that time.

54 Date of appointment: The day, month and year when the company made the decision to choose the person as legal representative must be placed.

55 to 66 Address of the legal representative: This information to be placed well specified and even the media contact should be placed.

Identification of shareholders

In the boxes from 67 to 74 all the data of the shareholders that identify the shareholders must be placed. Which are the ones that will be mentioned below:

  • The number of the identification document they possess (Passport, citizenship card or RUC).
  • He type of visa in case you are a foreigner.
  • Names and surnames wave Denomination.
  • The Nationality.
  • Home (The country or the city)
  • Percentage that the company has

Information on other types of economic activity carried out in the company

This information must be entered between the boxes 75 and 80 with the following data:

  • The type of economic activity.
  • Additional contributors participating in the activity.
  • The address of the establishment (Country or City only).

If you want to know about the classification of economic activities you can enter here

Description of the main economic activity

Only economic assets that generate more income for society should be placed, It does not matter if this activity is not carried out in a localityother than the fixed address of the company.

In the event that the fixed address is the only location of the company, only a form RUC 01-A

The box 81 the one designated for this information

Additional company information

These are the last squares of the form RUC 01-Atwo of these boxes are about the products that the Special Consumption Tax (ICE)

82 Product of assets encumbered with ICE: If the company produces some of these products, it must mark with a X in the box of Yeah or in the box No if you produce any of these products.

83 Import of products with the ICE tax: In the event that the company imports products with the tax ICE it must also be marked with a X in the box of Yeah or in the box No if you produce any of these products.

84 Date of presentation: It is the last box and it is for the day, month and year of when the form RUC 01-A

Finally, this document must be signed by the legal representative in the corresponding part

This is the way to fill in each box of the form RUC 01-Ait is simple, it does not ask for anything that does not have a society and it has several forms to fill it out.

RUC data update

The updates of the RUC can be done on the portal Internal rents service (SRI) entering by here appears again the form RUC 01-A, to be filled with the new company data


Introduce copies of the documents that support the modifications that will be made to the Single Taxpayer Registryso as not to have problems with the update.


After you have filled the form RUC 01-A and have copies of the information that was modified, you should go to any office of the Internal rents service (SRI) so that the update is validated.

You see that it is nothing special to fill out the RUC 01-A form, follow these steps to process the RUC without any inconvenience

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