Form VEH-02 – Request for vehicle exemption, reduction or reduction

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Since citizens must pay tax for various reasons, one of them it is for driving a vehicle, which can sometimes be exonerated. But a form is needed to carry out this procedure, we see what the form VEH-02.

Form VEH-02

Of all the forms created to pay tax, this is one that exempts the taxpayer from a tax, since the tax must be paid by the shareholders of transport operators.

He form VEH-02 It is an instrument so that drivers of public transport, as well as light loads, heavy loads, mixed and tourist, do not pay tax if they belong to an association of transport operators.

This is one of many forms issued by the Internal rents servicebenefit that drivers have by paying a lower tax.

If you want to see the form you can click here

Uses of the form

This document is used by drivers who are part of a group of shareholders of transport operatorssince it is one of the necessary requirements to be able to have the exoneration of the Environmental Tax.

At the same time, it is with this document that you can find out which cars are in order with the environmental conditions in your vehicle.

instructions to fill out

What is going to be explained in this part is how to fill out this form VEH-02, explaining each of its well-specified parts so as not to have doubts while filling it out.

Place and date of presentation: The province or city must be placed, along with the date on which the procedure will be carried out.

Director of the area or province: It refers to the representative of the SRI Internal Revenue Service that is located in the province or city where the procedure is being carried out, which is led by the office of the tax administrative entity.

1 Owner and vehicle data

Names and surnames or business name: The owner of the vehicle must be identified, whether it is a person or a company.

RUC / Passport / ID: It is the number of the identification document of the owner of the vehicle.

Board / RAMV / CPN: To identify the vehicle, either the license plate number or the vehicle registration number can be placed.

2 Contact information

Email: An email where the applicant can receive any information, which is required to be sent electronically.

Conventional or cell phone: It can be any phone number, where the applicant can be reached through a phone call.

3 Activity or condition for which the benefit is requested

In this part of the form, you should only mark with a x the option for which this exemption, rebate or reduction of the tax is requested.

Only one option must be marked and if it requires extra information, it must be placed in the corresponding space.

These are the options:

  • public transport car
  • Commercial transport for school use and taxis
  • Vehicle to be used to move light loads, institutional transport, for tourism, mixed service, among other transport services.
  • Vehicle only for productive use, which are one ton or more useful load.
  • Seniors with vehicles, in this same option you must enter how many dollars your assets are worth and how much your monthly income is.
  • Disabled car owners, additionally, the percentage of their disability must be indicated.

Environmental Tax on Vehicle Pollution: This tax is only to be applied to automobiles that are considered classic, ambulances, and mobile hospitals.

Form Considerations

  1. A person who is not the owner of the vehicle can sign the document if they have a power of attorney, are their legal representative, guardian or conservator.
  2. Any taint, amend wrong information, makes the document lose validity.
  3. In cases of temporary benefits that public transport vehicles have, where the enabling document is being processed at the transit institute. You must present the final enabling document, you have up to 180 business days to deliver it, If you do not deliver it in that period, you lose the benefit.
  4. The Internal Revenue Service will analyze the application as you wish, if any document is missing you have the right to NO grant the benefit.
  5. The exemption from the Environmental Tax for the disabled and the elderly, applied until 2016.
  6. The benefit can be renewed every fiscal year if you meet the requirements, the conditions to obtain the benefit and that the owner is the same.

Authorization and signature of the person in charge

In this part of form VEH-02 the first and last name will be placed of the authorized person who is going to carry out the procedure, just with the number of the citizenship card or passport.

On the right hand side, where the signature of the person carrying out the procedure is placed, both the owner of the vehicle or the authorized person sign.

For exclusive use of the Internal Revenue Service

This part should not be filled by the applicant, but not by the SRI tax administration.

It can be seen in this part of the form VEH-02which can report any observations it sees in the process.

Validate that the applicant showed the originals of the documents that must be submitted, apart from the form.

Additionally it shows that they should put the user of the service, the agency of the Internal Revenue Service and the signature of the agent who is carrying out the process.

Finally, the type of reduction, rebate or reduction of the tax that the user requested appears.

How to apply for vehicle tax exemption?

To start processing the process of this tax exemption, you must first make the application for the portal Internal Revenue Service.

The vehicle must be registered in the SRI database and must not have any other tax exemption, rebate or reduction at the time the application is being made.


The benefits on this application are the following:

  • It will reduce 80% of the vehicle property tax and more when they are vehicles of one ton or more, which are for commercial and productive activities.
  • People who are diplomats do not pay this tax.
  • In the case of the elderly and disabled people, although they are not being exempted from the tax, but they can receive a reduction in it of up to $8,000.
  • If the vehicle transports disabled people, after a reduction, a reduction of up to 50% is added.

important note

  • The vehicles that were acquired in Ecuadorian territory, will be made the discount, exoneration or reduction once in the system of the Internal Revenue Service the data is there.
  • If the vehicle was acquired abroad for personal use, its data will be taken by the customs authorities.

Exemption is not automatic

Despite the request for tax exemption, reduction or reduction, it is made electronically, it is not automatically recorded.

According to the article of great guayaquilthe owners of the vehicles that had carried out the procedure, were surprised by the collection of the tax, at the moment of reviewing the Traffic Commission in Ecuador CTE.

The head of the South region for SRI vehicles, Mayra Zambrano Bazurtosaid that a form must be filled out and certain requirements must be met to make a claim for improper payment.

Another thing that also had problems was the errors in the cylindering of the vehicles, which are the complaints received by users of the SRI. What Zambrano mentions about this is that this is how he receives the Information from transit entities.

How to make the claim?

A letter must be made with the format that explains the tax code in its article 119, the registration and the SOAT.

Likewise, the buses must be in perfect condition, that is, they must have seat belts in good condition with their respective fire extinguisher.

After having this in order, go to the office of the Internal Revenue Service to make the claim.

This is how the explanation regarding the VEH-02 form is expressed, also showing additional information on the exoneration of the environmental tax.

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