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If you live in Ecuador and are part of the IESS, We tell you that you can make your medical appointment in case you need it. This Institute has a medical appointment program for its affiliated users. If you are interested, keep reading.

What is the IESS?

The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), It is an autonomous entity that is part of the social security system of Ecuador and is responsible for applying compulsory universal insurance, according to the Constitution of the Republic, in force since 2008.


  • Social Security

Its first function is take charge of giving security to Ecuadorian workers and citizens. If we talk about its functions, we have to mention that it provides medical coverage for all members and users of the insurance. For timely care, the Institute has hospitals in various cities of the country.

  • Mortgage and Unsecured Loans

We cannot fail to mention that the Institute grants mortgage and unsecured loans to obtain housing. The unsecured loan is so that members or retirees can get resources to solve their housing needs.

  • Retirement

The third function of the IESS is to give employees the possibility to retire after having completed the years of service established by law.

How to get the medical appointment?

The IESS has principles such as efficacy, solidarity, commitment and efficiency that make it stand above many other institutions. Every day the objective of the IESS is to provide people with the best possible service.

Due to the efficiency and effectiveness of this service, more and more people want to schedule a medical appointment, so we will explain how medical appointments work so you can enjoy this benefit.

How IESS Medical Appointments Work

Currently the IESS applies what is called «safe appointment» a system that provides the opportunity to retired users, affiliates and pensioners, receive a much more agile and timely care.

Thanks to this system, appointment schedules have increased by 20% compared to previous months. The reason is because a new schedule distribution has taken place with respect to the requester’s first issued appointment.

This process is managed by more than a thousand operators, very well distributed in many groups to cover several shifts and the strongest are the peak hours, thus providing better service.

To this end, more than 1000 operators work, located in a key way to offer better service. To make an appointment, people can enter the Institute through the Internet, by phone calls and by whatsapp.

Schedule a medical appointment online

It should be remembered that the IESS medical appointment service covers members, pensioners, their dependent spouses or partners, and dependent children under 18 years of age. This service is not enabled for peasant insurance.

The steps to follow are:

  1. You must enter the IEES website: Web page
  2. Proceed to write your ID and your password. If you still do not have a password, you can request it by clicking HERE.
  3. You will see your data on the screen: full name, identity card and type of insured.
  4. For this step you must provide your cell phone, which phone company you belong to and email.
  5. Then enter the data of the requested medical specialty. The available specialties are Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Traumatology, Psychology, Family Medicine and General Medicine.
  6. Place Province and City where you are currently located.
  7. To finish, choose the date for the reservation of your appointment. If you wish, you can choose the medical center closest to your home, select the time of the appointment and with which doctor you prefer to schedule it.
  8. For each appointment the patient is asked to arrive in advance, comply with this protocol. If you want to reschedule or delete your appointment, call 140.
  9. If you forget any details of your appointment, you can make an inquiry by clicking Here.

Steps to make an appointment by phone

If you wish to use the telephone appointment service, comply with the following:

  1. Call the IESS call center, number 1800-100-000, you can also call 140 or 161.
  2. Check the last digit of your ID. If your ID ends in 0,2,4,6,8 the shifts will be only for the days: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If it ends in 1,3,5,7,9 the shifts delivered will be for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Provide all the data that the call center operator will ask for.
  4. At this contact number you can make changes to your appointment, you will have medical assistance via telephone and you can also request general information from the IESS.

Steps to schedule your medical appointment by whatsapp.

If you are thinking of making the appointment via WhatsApp, you should know that in this modality you can only make appointments in Dentistry and General Medicine.

  1. Add the IESS number to your contacts (0967300000) so that you can write via WhatsApp.
  2. Write your full name.
  3. Write your identification number.
  4. Write in capital letters the medical specialty you want (General Medicine and Dentistry) All users of the system have up to 12 hours before to cancel the appointment scheduled at the IESS.

TO CONSIDER: If for any reason you stop attending 3 medical appointments, the system will immediately block your account on the Institute’s website.

Tips for Medical Appointments at the IESS

  • Schedule your appointment: You must go with the reference of the Health Center, IESS or prior appointment of the hospital doctor and your identity card.
  • Cancel Medical Appointment: Cancel your appointment if you do not have the opportunity to attend by calling 062 886 764 Ext. 6300. Make it at least 12 hours in advance.
  • Medical Appointment Hours: Please arrive at least 30 minutes early for your appointment.
  • Delay or Loss of your Medical Appointment: If you are late for your appointment or do not attend it, you will have to do the procedure again and bring the new reference that the system throws you.

Advantages of requesting the appointment via Internet

By making this application online you will have the following benefits:

  • You can manage your medical appointment from your home or office.
  • The online dating system is very easy to handle and is available 365 days a year from which site.
  • You have the possibility to print the details of your appointment if necessary at the time of any procedure.

How to verify IESS medical appointments?

If you made the appointment via the Internet or by phone, they are also registered in the ISSTE system. Therefore, if you need to verify the details of the appointment, you can do it through the following link: How to review my IESS medical appointment

How to justify your absence from work due to illness?

The first thing you should have is the certificate of the treating doctor by the IESS if it was by a private doctor. The document must be sealed and verified according to:

  • IESS Medical Units

Only the medical units and dispensaries annexed to the IESS are responsible for issuing this type of certificate. Beneficiaries can request without any problem the medical certificate in the place where the doctor in charge of their medical consultation reviewed it.

  • Doctor, hospital or private clinic.

The IESS is responsible for confirming if your certificate is valid, therefore it must contain the following:

Medical certificates must be issued for revalidation at the IESS with the following information:

  1. The certificate goes on a letterhead owned by the treating physician where his name, specialty and in which hospital or clinic he works are specified.
  2. Written on a computer or typewriter.
  3. Date the certificate was issued (day-month-year)
  4. Full names and surnames of the user as shown in the identity card.
  5. Detailed diagnosis with ICD10 coding.
  6. Number of days off is written in dates format. Enter the start day and the end day. For example: «It takes three (3) Sabbaths.»
  7. ID number.
  8. Stamp of the doctor showing the MSP affiliation code (names, surnames and specialization).
  9. Doctor’s email.
  10. Not certified with amendments or illegible.


  • By hospitalization It must be stated, date of admission, date of discharge, procedure performed.
  • By maternity It must be reflected, date of delivery, indication of live birth, weeks of pregnancy and sex of the baby.

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