How to know balance in Claro: Recharges

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For humanity, technology represents one of the focal issues for the development of a country. In turn, it forms a fundamental part to carry out the different tasks of our daily routine.

Since the invention of mobile phones we simply have not been able to separate ourselves from them. In addition, currently thanks to the powerful and fast updates in question to the technology of these They have become something indispensable for our lives.

From a call or the constant sending of messages to the streaming playback of online videos. That is why thousands of companies specialized in telecommunications have sought ways to adapt to these constant changes.

Among these companies is one that is well known in different Latin American countries called Claro. With residence in Ecuador and other nearby countries, this it has become the main one for this country.

Thanks to this, we want to offer you an innovative and practical guide so that you can consult and learn about your Claro telephone account. We will also share some very useful and interesting information and tips that you surely did not know.

How to know balance in Claro

If you need to have a balance in your account or how much balance you have simply You should know the different options that Claro offers to his clients. It is also worth mentioning that it offers a wide variety of options within these which we will tell you about below:

from the phone

If you have a smart mobile phone you can opt for the options that we will mention later. If you do not have one or if you simply want to skip these steps, you can do so by dialing a call service.

Please note that this option It will vary depending on the type of client we are, since there are currently 2 types prepaid and postpaid. If in your case you are prepaid you must mark *103#if you are postpaid you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Dial to *611 there you will choose option 1
  2. Another way is to mark the *611 choose option 3 and then option 1

From the website

likewise too You can access it by entering the official page of Claroinside you must choose the country where you reside and select the option «My Clear». There you will have to fill out a form with your data affiliated to the service.

Once inside You will have extensive and complete information about your account. Also within it you can carry out recharges and other actions available to the customer subscribed to this telephony.

From the app

Recently a mobile application has been created where you can consult all your data as well as make a balance of your account. In turn, you can download this app safely by entering the application store of your mobile phone.

This app is called «My Clear» and lies Available for both Android and Iphone devices. In this way, users subscribed to this telephony will enjoy personalized attention and according to its needs.

How to easily recharge Claro mobile phones in Ecuador

As previously mentioned, Claro offers a wide range of options and benefits for its customers. In turn, this includes the balance recharge for your Claro account.

Very good you can access the website in the section «My Clear» once inside you can recharge your balance. You can also do it through the different payment methods available within the platform.

Another very efficient option is the use of the application for mobile phones «My Clear». In addition to recharging balance you can edit your monthly rental plan and data plan as well as switch to a plan according to the needs that you maintain or require.

You can also recharge your phone dialing the call service *123# and select the recharge option from the menu offered. Once the selection has been made, you must answer the form with your filiatory data and for the payment methods.

What are the ways to contact Claro

Customer service is very important and represents one of the main pillars for the growth of this type of company. Therefore, Claro has designed and arranged different ways to contact them in case of problems.

Below we will share the different contact telephone numbers for Claro customer service:

  • Customer Support: *611
  • Change of Equipment or New Line: *622
  • Customer service from landlines and other companies: 0800-123-0611
  • Hire Clear: 0800-123-25276
  • Traveler Client: +54 11 5555 5555

It is important to mention that the aforementioned numbers They are only valid for the Republic of Ecuador. If it is another country, consult the official Claro website.

How to check my Claro number in Ecuador

If you do not remember your telephone number, which was assigned to you by Claro, we offer you the following options:

  • Check the contract granted by Claro, generally the data of the line is specified.
  • Go to an authorized Claro center and present your concern to the Claro agent.
  • Call a relative or close person and check the number from which you were contacted.


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